Golf Cart Backfire

Why Does my Golf Cart Backfire?

The reason for having backfire from the golf cart is the default throttle plate or the carburetor problem. When the microswitches from the engine engage the ignition, the throttle plate doesn't get enough force for getting closed properly. As a result, it makes backfire through the exhaust. This one is a common reason for backfire. Here is some detailed information about the backfire issue given below.

Why does my golf cart backfire?

Reasons behind backfire problem

As the most common reason for backfire has been described below, some other possible reasons have been also listed.

1.Backfire problem from throttle plate or cable

2.Backfire problem from carburetor issue

3.Backfire problem for low graded or mixed up fuel

4.Backfire problem for muffler and

5.Backfire problem from piston and valves

Throttle plate and cable problem

In terms of the backfire problem, the throttle plate and cable issue is the most common one. This problem can be identified very easily. As the microswitch active by the ignition, the throttle plates don’t get closed perfectly. That is why there is a backfire in the cart. For solving this problem, the microswitch must have to work before the accelerator cable got moved. This actually happened when the throttle cable loses the adjustment for not repairing a long time.

Backfire problem for carburetor issue

As they are gasoline golf carts, they contain the carburetor. Basically, a carburetor works as the fuel supplier of a transport. If there is a mistuning issue in the carburetor, there is a chance of making backfire. Though the throttle plate stays inside of the carburetor and runs together, sometimes there is no issue or disturbance from the throttle plate but the carburetor.

Backfire problem for fuel

Having backfires from the fueling problem is a common issue. Some of the golf carts contain bad or low graded fuels. The reason is fueling stations. Besides, mixing up different variants of fuel is another reason for creating backfires. Balancing the air ratio according to the fuel ratio is very important for avoiding backfiring. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Lift Kit.

Muffler or exhaust Backfire problem

Sometimes, there is a problem with the exhaust too. Using the cart for a long time with the muffler, the emission made from gasoline gather at the partition of the muffler for a long time. As a result, there is backfiring into the cart. This may not create a major internal issue, but the backfire may turn into an engine problem after few times

Backfire problem for Piston and valve

Most of the time, when the golf cart becomes older and has no maintenance for a long time, it can be another reason for creating backfires. And if it is, these backfires are obvious for the golf cart. Buildup carbon of the piston is heated up and turns red while there is no activation of the spark plugs for use. In that case, there is a backfire in the exhaust.

Backfire solutions

As the problems have been explained above, now it's time for the solutions. Some of the solutions require longer processes and a few difficulties, but some are enough easy. But in the end, all of the problems will be solved.

Solution of throttle plate issue

As the first problem has been described as the throttle plate, adjusting the throttle plate along with the throttle cable will solve the problem. Let's follow the processes:

For a better throttle plate balance and function, the throttle cable has to work well. Therefore, remove the front seat and pull and open the throttle cable compartment. Some of the models have a throttle cable at the dashboard side connected with the throttle lever connected with a secured screw. Use the screwdriver or the nut adjuster and tighten up the screw. If the cable is loose, tighten up properly and close the throttle plates perfectly so that there will be no further backfires from the throttle plate and cables.  If you want to know Best Golf Cart Bag.

Solution for carburetor issue

Solving the carburetor problem may not an easy work to do. Some of the essential tools and proper expertise hands are needed for this operation.

First of all, remove the carburetor from the golf cart by using necessary tools and kits

Now remove the carburetor from the golf cart and open it up. If there is any kind of fueling leakage on the outer side of the carburetor, there is a tendency of getting backfire from the carburetor. There are some major parts inside of the carburetor. The carburetor piston and the pump are the main ones. Clean up the total carburetor among the piston and the pump by using petrol or kerosene. Adjust the carburetor back to the cart. Thus the backfire problem from the carburetor can be solved.

Solution for low graded and mixed fuel issue

This is a little bit related to the carburetor issue. As the carburetor supplies the oil into the engine and piston chamber, the carburetor also has to open up for solving the issue. Cleaning up the carburetor along with the tuning and removing all the fuel is the solution to this backfiring problem.

Solution of a muffler problem

Sometimes, the muffler or exhaust of the golf cart gets jammed because of the carbon. Carbon is basically called the fuel emission that gets stored into the partitions of the muffler for a long time. As a result, there is a backfire problem with the muffler. Solving this problem is quite easy. Just remove the muffler from the golf cart and heat up in the fire or heavy sunlight. As the fire generates enough heat, half an hour is enough for heating the muffler. When the procedure is done, cool down the muffler and remove all the ashes by facing the muffler downwards. That is how; backfire problem of the exhaust can be solved.

Solution of piston and valve issue

This solution requires a lot of activities. In case there is any kind of problem with the piston and the valve, they have to replace it too. But if there is carbon build up into the piston and valve that is not very risky to solve. Most of the old carts have to face these problems.

  • First of all, turn off the cart and remove the head side of the engine and get to the piston.
  • Check the topside and the sidelines of the piston for excessive carbon build up.
  • Use the scraping tool in the buildup carbon with a gentle hand so that the piston and the lines don’t get damaged.
  • After removing the carbon, gently clean up the lines with a soft fabric or brush so that there should be no carbons.
  • Now fix up the head of the piston with the screws and the golf cart is ready to go with zero backfiring problems.

So these are the solutions to the backfiring problems. These problems can create major damage and harm in the golf cart if they don't get observed for a long time. There will be no more backfires in the golf cart if these solutions get followed properly.

Backfire problems are common. But don't stay with the problem thinking of the auto cure. Once the backfire is visible, solve the problem ASAP. Otherwise, it can create another problem, or even worse than it.

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