Why am I topping the golf ball

Why am I Topping the Golf Ball?

If you ask me what is the most embarrassing shot in the golf ball I would like to tell you that it is the topping. It is a common mistake among the new golfers and also can be happened with a professional in the middle of a tour. There are many reasons why it is happening with you.

Why am I Topping the Golf Ball?

So what is topping? Topping is the leading edge of the golf club hitting the equator of the golf ball or even hitting above the equator. This causes the ball to go straight or roll over a long distance. The reason may be your stance, or the length of the club, loss of balance, and many more. Today we will talk about the reasons why you are topping the golf ball. So read thing along and see what is the reason with you and recover it.

Reasons for Topping the Golf Ball

Here are the common mistakes that cause the ball topping.

  • Bad stance

The key to a perfect hit is the stance. With a good stance, a player will get the desired shot. A proper stance means keeping the leg flexed not bending it too much, bending forward from the hips, push the hands towards the ground by simply handing them from the shoulder. But sometimes it seems that some newbie golfers bend too much from their knees. This pushes their hands very close to the ground which causes them to hit the ground before hitting the ball and then they take the club upwards. For this reason, the clubhead hits the equator or above the equator.

Therefore the first thing one should fix is their stance.

  • Standing Far from the ball

The 2nd mistake we are going to talk about which is causing the topping is the ball is located too much forward according to your stance. Basically, with a properly positioned golf ball and proper stance when a golfer hits the golf ball the club creates a circle around the body of the golfers. There is a low point of this circle. The properly positioned golf ball will be positioned at the low point of the circle which will produce a pretty nice strike.

Now if the golfer stands behind the golf ball while having the ball in the middle of the lead foot then this will definitely cause the ball topping. Because when the golfer starts creating the circle, the bottom of the circle or the low point of the circle will reach before hitting the ball. After the club reaches the bottom of the circle the club starts working upwards which leads the clubhead to the equator or above and ends up causing topping.

So make sure that you are standing in the right place and the ball is not too forward from you.

  • Short club

The 3rd thing that can be causing you topping the golf ball is the length of the golf club. Golf is a game of accuracy. That means all the equipment you have must be accurate. A short golf club will force a player to reach the ball. Also, the bottom of the circle would not reach the right point of the ball. A short club will create the bottom of the circle on the surface of the golf ball which will make the ball topping. Therefore make sure you have the right length golf club.

  • Too much lateral movement in the backswing

Probably a golfer knows what is too much lateral movements in the backswing mean. But if you do not know about this then do not worry after reading this you will get it clearly and you will know if the topping is causing this.

Suppose, you have to stand in the right position and have the golf ball exactly where it should be. This will indicate that the low point or the bottom of the circle will hit the golf ball in the right point which will produce a perfect shot. However, the problem is if you have too much lateral movement in the backswing while hitting the ball and place too much weight on the trial side and while hitting the ball you keep the weight on the backside this will affect the position of the ball. This will move the ball further forward which is the same as standing far from the ball. Ultimately you will end up creating the bottom of the circle before the golf ball which will then lift the club upward and will make the club hit the equator.

That means one must ensure while hitting the ball they should not put too much weight on the trail leg. Or simply while hitting the ball put the weight in the lead leg.

  • Fear of hitting the ground

Some golfers have this problem and end up topping the ball. Sometimes it seems that a golfer who hits too much fat or heavy shots losses their confidence. They fear that they will also end up hitting the ground. That's why while hitting the ball they pull up their club a little bit which results in the clubhead hitting the Callaway Golf Balls equator or above.

This problem is related to the proper stance. That means if the player leans too much down from the knee or bends a lot from the hips this will cause the player to hit fat shots. To recover this problem one should make the stance right and keep the club in the right position. Right position means do not pull the club in while hitting the ball.

  • Loss of balance

This can be a great problem. While everything is set up you have the ball in the right position, you have to stand in the right position. But suppose, while hitting the ball you have lost the balance of the club or the balance of your position. This will ruin everything. This will cause end up hitting the ball at the wrong point and cause topping. Therefore one must make sure to hold the right balance till hitting the ball correctly.

  • Arm flex

Arm flex means pulling the arms close to the body while hitting the ball. Many beginners seem to have this problem. They seem to pull the arms into their body while hitting the ball which will end up not creating the proper arc and hitting the ball on the top of the surface or the equator.

To recover this problem one has to make sure to squeeze the elbows together through the impact. Squeezing the hands down means pushing the hands down to the shirt and keeps them pushing throughout a little bit far.

Why am I Topping the Golf Ball

Why am I Topping the Golf Ball

What Causes Topping the Golf Ball?

The main cause of topping the golf ball is not creating the proper arc around the body at the time of hitting the golf ball. Not creating the arc properly means that the bottom of the circle which should hit the ball ends up hitting the ground before hitting the ball. Another problem is pulling the hands into the body. It will cause hitting the ball surface and create topping.

How do I Stop Topping the Golf Ball?

To know how to stop topping the golf ball one should follow the reasons for topping the golf ball above in this article. However, to stop topping one should make sure to create the right arch and make the low point of the arc in the bottom of the golf ball. This can be done with the proper stance and with the proper movements of the hands while hitting.

Final Words

This article is about what causes a golfer topping the golf ball. Here we have tried to highlight the reasons for this problem. We have also described how one will be able to recover this problem along with the reason.

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