Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Usually, Kirkland golf balls are the objects that use to golfs, and golf is the costly sports all of the time, its not easy to take the golfs to be cheap, It is difficult to buy the golf pieces of equipment at a reasonable price, It is very costly by its types of equipment and organizes to play, The top priority of golfers is, they are searching their playing equipment which is the best quality product that efficient to buy and budget-friendly.

Kirkland brand balls in the market are available and easy to buy because they are direct to the consumer, buyers can easily reach the product, and kirkland balls are the high-quality golf equipment that is efficient from other quality brands, and that is an option for budget seekers, and new golfers.

So, Who makes kirkland golf balls? Most of the people ask the question to know about this efficient product related to golfs. Kirkland balls have a specific manufacturer who makes quality golf balls for the golfers, which are very appreciated to them. And the production and supply to consumer and their appreciation for kirkland balls are increasing day by day.

Who makes kirkland golf balls?

Kirkland balls are the budget-friendly object to the golfers, that is efficient to buy, the product becomes appreciated to them for its built quality and efficient price, the manufacturer of kirkland balls is the big brand Costco, Costco is the wholesaler and most reputable brands in the market, They have a strong market with members since 2016 as they introducing them as a manufacturer of golf balls, and they have taken the world market by storm,

by making those golf balls they made a huge positive response in the market, they made the kirkland balls which have a quality to emulation with others brands, it ensures the high-quality performance, and kirkland balls are easy to compare with other balls for its quality, it is very difficult to enter in contest or competition of golf balls in the market, Mainly the costco produced the kirkland golf balls but there is another company in south Korea that made those balls in first production level. They produced the first wave of those balls. Then Costco continued its production as the original manufacturer of kirkland balls.

How Much a Kirkland Golf Ball Will Cost?

The original Kirkland signature golf ball series will cost $15 for Dozen.

By their production, the cost of buying Kirkland golf balls will be measured by company production cost to produce by each. By measuring the whole costs the producer gives an exact value for it to buy.

What are the Materials Used to Construct Kirkland Golf Balls?

Kirkland golf ball is manufactured by the Costco brand, which needs some raw material to complete the process to produce a perfect golf ball.

A Kirkland golf ball is produced by some materials they are,

Core: A Kirkland Signature golf ball is produced by 3 piece material, which contains the core, every ball have a different core inside the cover, and some internal layer and the internal layers are also different by features, and three-piece balls contain a liquid core, most of the questions are about liquid core, the confusions about liquid core, some of the people think the liquid core in hazardous and harmful, no the liquid core is safe, but nowadays many golf ball brands use less liquid cores for a ball. Usually they use the synthetic core for balls, which made from rubber, which may include some metal objects like titanium, tungsten. Some golf balls use plastic material to include the core strong with acrylate.

Inner Layer: The inner layer is covering objects that cover the whole core by rubber or plastic, producing the golf balls at present cores are usually wrapped by using the synthetic rubber or plastic objects, the Kirkland signature three piece ball cores are tightly covered by a rubber or elastic.

Size and weight: By following the terms and conditions, A minimum size of a golf ball must be 1.68 inches, and it requires no maximum size by its regulation, but using larger balls will be erratic to putting them green.

A golf ball must be weighted at 1.62 ounces or less. And it requires no minimum weight. According to the USGA regulations.

How Much a Kirkland Golf Ball Will Cost

How Much a Kirkland Golf Ball Will Cost

Revolution of Kirkland balls

Kirkland golf balls are released with their first signature balls in 2016. They are the first models of kirkland signature golf balls that usually called K-sig are ridiculously sold at the low price of $30 or for two Dozen and $15 for each. The original 4 piece ball, which is probably made for a major manufacturer That is sold in the online market several times and the rare Costco, were they available for private, the first production of kirkland golf balls made by Nassau golf. Co by south Korea. The four-piece ball was a 360 dimple pattern. Dimples are playing a vital role in those golf ball features. Increasing dimples to ball models can help the ball to fly further distance. The more dimple patterns in a golf ball it helps the ball to get more aerodynamic. Faster the speed of a ball, And four-piece ball has a feature that performs medium to high spin around the greens, according to the USGA's conforming ball list.

Then Kirkland produced a new wave of production in 2018 that hits the market with the two models of the golf ball, three pieces, and four pieces ball. At this time, two Dozen balls were available at a similar price, there was a model called performance plus ball, which is a three-piece golf ball with similar pattern with other four-piece ball and it's covered by urethane foam, it was a soft rubber ball because it was produced by low condensation exceptionally flexible rubber core.

In 2018, Costco produced another series of kirkland ball, which come out with a new model that includes four pieces of ball that are different from the same as the original. It had a pattern that contains 338 dimples.

There is another company which is the second manufacturing partner for costco golf balls, that is, SM Global LLC, an American subsidiary of a Korean company is the second manufacturer of kirkland golf ball to produce these balls.

Reviews of Kirkland Balls

Kirkland balls come into two models and they are three-piece and four pieces. Kirkland golf balls three pieces are high-quality golf balls at an efficient price. Those models are available in the market, and the customer can get it online or a golf shop, The review of kirkland balls are submitted by many official golfers, many professional golfers, and many official sites are published thousands of information and review about kirkland balls. There is some kirkland ball review:

  • A Kirkland signature golf ball,
  • Can purchase at a low price, efficient to buy
  • Best value for money
  • Shows more turning ability than other golf balls
  • Contains an average of approximately 7-8 yards of 3mph ball speed.
  • It performs an average of 10 yards on a single shot behind in the distance. Including swing speeds, handicaps, etc
  • Kirkland 3 piece ball is comparatively stacked up nearly by different ways.
  • In the higher spin ability, Kirkland golf ball accurately performs best results in less distance.
  • The premium feels we want from a costly product. This golf ball doesn't contain this premium feel like other golf balls available in the market.

Kirkland Ball Manufacture Policy

The four-piece original kirkland signature golf balls were rubbed didn't provide quality greenside spin, then the manufacturer decides to change the balls, then it was more difficult to measure and identify the first actual K-sig three-piece and four pieces model, a difference from the original golf ball and the last series of production balls is softer golf ball than original they were making it for faster swing speed, and slower, less model for players and the greenside spin depends on ball ingredients, weights, design, patterns, how many layers or pieces it contains, in the present, k-sigs signature balls are available in the market.

They are sold in online markets. But they are not the original kirkland series. Those may not able to perform as like as original kirkland as the golfer's expectation. By getting some reports and issues costco are refunding full purchase costs to with an email apology to customers for their lacking in quality like swing operation. Perfectly covering issues, cut the cover of new balls, dysfunctional layer issue, Costco is refunding as compensation the full purchase cost to their customers.


Kirkland balls are efficient and on the budget object for golfers. It has widely appreciated because it can buy on low costs by getting better quality balls. Who make the Kirkland golf balls? The Kirkland golf balls are made by its manufacturer to perform the best when it is used by the golfers who are interested in buying these balls to get benefit from it.

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