Which Titleist Driver is for game improvement D2 or D3

Which Titleist Driver is for Game Improvement D2 or D3

Titleist driver is the big name for the modern golf community. A golfer needs to play the shots more accurately with their golf club. There is a lot of high quality golf club though they want more precise shots with that. So, in this case, Titleist drivers can help a lot to take a shot at more speed with high accuracy.

There are a lot of types of the driver but always here Titleist drives come to the first list. The 9 series of Titleist drivers are the best always. In the below, we will describe some types of Titleist drivers so that people can understand about which Titleist driver is for game development, D2 or D3. We try to explain about all types of drivers with their benefits too.

Let’s start the journey to know more about the Titleist drivers including D2 and D3 types.

What is Titleist Drivers D2 or D3

Basically, Titleist drivers are used for increasing the shot's accuracy with more speed. The 9 series of Titleist drivers are used vastly by professional golfers. The D2 type of drivers can help to improve more skill levels of the golfers. This driver is designed mainly to get more forgiveness while taking shots with longer distances. Sometimes D2 drivers produce more spin than D3 drivers.

On the other hand, D3 drivers can create a little shot with less spin on the green. Using a high quality driver on the golf club is a great way to improve the shot quality. Professional golfers usually use the 9 series drivers such as 913 D2 or D3 drivers, 917 D2 or D3 drivers, 915 D2 or D3 drivers, etc.

These are so favorite to all the professional golfers. Most of the time they use these Titleist drivers on any big tournaments to improve the shots. We are going to explain more about some types of high quality Titleist drivers.

Comparing the Titleist 913 D2 Driver and the 913 D3 Driver

If a golfer is a mid irons handicapper player, then they can play well by his golf types of equipment including the golf club also. Though they are enough skillful to play accurate shots with excellent performance, sometimes it can be a tough choice to get the right golf club for playing. They can choose the drivers of 913 D2 for harder playing or sometimes they can choose the D3 drivers for easier playing.

Choosing the drivers is absolutely the personal opinion for any golfers. They can choose both of them when it comes to Titleist. Both 913 D2 or D3 drivers are almost equal because of their quality and performance. Golfers mainly need to play with these at different times for a variety of shots. In the next section, we will try to clear the thinking of the main differences between the 913 D2 drivers and 913 D3 drivers. We put a table box including the all major differences of these.

913 D2 Driver

913 D3 Driver

Club Head Volume

First of all, people can notice the major difference between these is their club head.

The 913 D2 offers a larger size 460cc club head which has a big clubface for playing more accurate shots. There have enough large spots to hit the ball perfectly than the other drivers.

It gives so much forgiveness while taking the shots with this driver.

On the other hand, 913 D3 drivers have slightly less club head of 425cc. This is much smaller than the D2 drivers.

Though it will not give enough forgiveness golfers can play better and hit tighter.

Different Shafts

 This is perfect for playing with more swing of the club because of having less weight than the D3 drivers. So professional golfers usually use this D2 driver shaft which weighing in from 45 to 51 grams.

This is really good for swinging the club more perfectly.

Usually, the shaft of a golf club helps to swing the ball more accurately. But there are some problems too to choose the right shafts.

All club manufacturers suggest using shafts according to their drivers. Titleist 913 D3 has few stock options to use shaft for this driver. But, their weight is heavier from 64 to 74 grams. It is so tough to play well for swinging the club perfectly with heavyweights.

Lofts Quality

To improve the game golfer can add loft into their club. The 913 D2 drivers offer a wider range loft than the d3 drivers.

The base lofts of D2 are ranging from 7.5 to 12.5 degrees. This is great for lofting with this driver.

This D3 driver is not so good for offering lofts degrees. It's average ranging degrees is from 7.5 to 10.5 degrees.

There is a bad sign also for the lefties, unfortunately, there is no 7.5-degree loft available for them.

Titleist Drivers D2 or D3

Titleist Drivers D2 or D3

What are the differences between Titleuist 917 D2 and D3 Drivers

In modern times, the Titleist 9 series driver has become more and more popular than any other driver on the market. Manufacturers try to produce a lot of type drivers which allow improving the performance of the game. The Titleist is always on the top list for professional golfers. The 917 D2 and D3 drivers are also famous for their quality and performance. They created a lot of high quality D2 and D3 drivers. Still, now, they try to produce more high quality drivers of the 9 series drivers.

Titleist 917 D2 Drivers

This is great for offering more forgiveness to the club. Having an amazing liquid 460 cc club head that can allow so forgiveness is a great feature of it. Sometimes, professional golfers need so many shaft options including also some p[premium shafts for customizing the drivers. So, they can have this feature also in these 917 D2 drivers. It offers more premium shafts options.

Using this 917 D2 driver golfer can get an ultra-soft feel and this also offers a quite pleasant sound while playing. The golfer can get more speed while playing with the 917 D2 drivers club. It can speed up to golf balls because of installing Active Recoil Channel 2.0

  • Super Adjustability: This can be adjusted with any type of club. Professional golfers use this mainly its super adjustability so that they can use it any kind of high quality club.
  • Distance: 917 D2 drivers can provide a lot of distance additionally one or two miles per hour. The golfer can send the ball at a longer distance with high speed. This is one of the longer drivers available on the market.
  • Forgiveness: This is the best and most forgiving driver among all Titleist drivers. It offers more forgiveness because of high spin rate with a radial top speed.

Titleist 917 D3 Drivers

Using this D3 driver, the golfer cannot get more workability than the D2 driver. It offers a small size club head with 440 cc which cannot allow making a higher speed shot. It produces a lower spin rate so that the ball cannot go more long distances than the D2 drivers. It has also some premium shafts options like other D2 drivers.

  • Distance: Though it has a low spin rate it can offer more ball speed which exceptional than others.
  • Forgiveness: It allows forgiveness but not more than 917 D2 drivers. The golfer can play with this driver as well as they can get a soft feel with little forgiveness.

Final Words

At the end of the article, golfers always love to play with Titleist drivers. It can be played by most professional golfers especially on big tournaments such as PGA tours etc. So, anybody can play with these drivers but keep in mind to choose the 9 series D2 or D3 drivers of the Titleist. It is perfect for them though there are no huge differences between D2 and D3 drivers. In the above, we put the major differences between these so that people can select the perfect one for them and they can also able to understand about which Titleist driver is for game development, D2 or D3.

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