Which is better gas or electric golf cart?

Which is Better Gas or Electric Golf Cart?

Gas and electric are two different types of carts for golf games. All the functions are the same in both. But one of them is better than the other one for sure. To know which type of golf cart is better, this topic can be very helpful. Let’s start without doing any further delay.

Before knowing about the better one, you should have detailed information about these two types of the cart.

Which is Better Gas or Electric Golf Cart?

This cart has the operating source of the engine. A common and useful combustion type engine has been used in the gas golf cart. They are available in two different variants. One is the four cycle type engine and the other one is a two cycle type engine. Two cycle type engine is not very much available like the four cycle one. The fuel source of this cart is typical automobile gas which is available at the filling stations.

Electric Golf Cart

An electric golf cart is very common almost in all golf courses. They are called eco-friendly carts too. As the main energy source of the electric golf cart is a battery, batteries don't create any kind of smoke or emissions at all. They suit the golf course or the other areas perfectly. Most of the electric golf cart contains 4 or 6 batteries. Rechargeable batteries of the golf cart are perfect to use for a long time.

As it is the topic of a better golf cart, finding out the better one is dependent on some terms. Let us talk about some of the essential terms which are common in the golf carts:

Performance: Performance is an essential term for golf carts. Sometimes, the golf carts have to face some bulky roads with passengers. In that time, if the golf cart is not powerful enough, it will not able to overcome the roads. That is why power and performance is very important

Durability: There is no golf course where the golf carts are getting purchased after some days. The Authority of the golf course buys the golf carts for a very long time. If the golf carts don’t contain good quality material, they will not last long. So, durability is another needed issue

Low Fuel efficiency: Some of them may think this term useless. But some such users have a big awareness about the fuel limitation. As both of these golf carts run on gas and batteries, they are enough to fuel savers. Nobody will like to frequently charge up the batteries or going to the filling stations.

Maintenance cost: It is good if the golf cart requires few costs to maintain. There are such types of golf carts that don't need any kind of cost in them. Those types of golf carts are mainly required for the courses.

As we have discussed some of the essential terms which are important to follow for a golf cart. Let's discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both golf carts. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Battery.

Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf Cart

Advantages of Electric Golf Cart

  • Pollution concern:They don’t make any kind of emissions or smokes at all
  • Anti-sound proof:Contains less noise while driving because the batteries
  • A good friend of the environment: Very much eco-friendly because they don't cause any harm to the environment
  • Zero maintenance: Lower maintenance cost required for this type of cart. So no tension of getting them to repair at all
  • Easy charging process: Batteries can be easily changed by using the electric board and charging wire

Disadvantages of Electric cart

There are some disadvantages of these electric cars too.

  • Purchasing issue: An electric golf cart is a little bit expensive compare to the other golf carts. This is because of the batteries.
  • Less power in uphill: Though it's not a big deal, the electric golf carts can't generate enough power and speed in uphill. That is because of the weight of the batteries
  • Lower durability rate: As the golf cart runs through batteries, the batteries may die after some years. The general life of the batteries for moderate use is 5-6 years. After that time, the batteries have to change or replace

Advantages of Gas Golf Cart

Here some of the advantages of gas golf cart have been given

  • Powerful engine: As the golf cart runs through the four cycle engine. It is powerful enough to operate or use. The maximum speed of a gas golf cart can reach 50 kilometers per hour
  • Quick responsive breaking: They have better breaking compare to the other type of golf carts
  • Fast refueling system: As they run through regular automobile gas, they are available and found in the filling stations. Refueling takes less than 5 minutes in these types of carts.
  • Durable enough: They are known best for durability. There are a lot of golf carts that get damaged after using for short times. That is because of the poor material and the engine performance. But the gas golf cart stays usable for a long time without any kind of problem.
  • Low fuel requirement: Gas is the main required power source of this golf cart. This golf cart can run for a long time even in a low level of gas. Whenever it is low, just go and fill it up

Disadvantages of Gas Golf Cart

  • Extra noise and pollution: For performance, the gas golf cart has four cycle gas engine that runs through automobile gas. But the engine makes a good level of noise and emission as it is run through gas
  • Speed: A little bit slower in case of the speed. It can generate the maximum speed of 35 kilometers only which is lower than the other golf carts
  • Good fuel costing: If a gas golf cart will be used for 5 years continuously, it will be more expensive compare to the electric cart. And the major cost will be the fuel that has to use for the cart.

So these are the advantage and disadvantages of the gas golf cart.

Now, judging and selecting which one is better is a quite difficult task. Both of them contain good features with good performance ability and both of them have some disadvantages too. The fact of choosing the best one is dependent on the given terms.

Pricing: As both of the golf carts have almost the same performance. They can be differentiated judging on the price. A gas golf cart is a little bit cheaper than the electric one. That is because; electric golf carts contain almost 4 or 6 batteries in them which are a little bit expensive. In this sector, the gas golf cart wins.

Durability: Durability is dependent on maintenance. But the fact is, gas golf carts live longer than electric ones. That is because the gas golf cart contains no technical issue. All the functions are connected in a straight line and ways. But the electric golf carts sometimes have many kinds of technical instruments in them. If one of those lines gets damaged, the golf cart may have to repair. Besides, the electric golf cart has to maintain more than the gas cart.

Power: Power is not a big issue for golf carts. But sometimes, it means a lot. There are some bulky or rough areas in golf courses from where the golf carts have to go. A gas golf cart may have good power but it can't provide it initially like the electric one. Because the batteries of an electric cart provide instant power to the wheels. But they are not very effective uphill. A gas power golf cart is the real performer for both uphill and downhill roads.

Better fuel feedback: Gas and battery is the fuel system of these two type carts. In terms of long lasting with low price, the gas golf cart is perfect. Though it has to refill after some time, they don't cost as like as the batteries. Because batteries can't run for more than 5 years. After that, they have to change which costs a lot. That is why a gas golf cart is good enough as fuel and as the performance than the electric one.

Pollution and safety concern: In this case, the electric golf cart wins. As it runs through batteries, there is the least chance of getting any kind of mechanical or battery related incidents. Besides, electric golf carts are called eco-friendly carts. That is because; they don't create any kind of smoke or emissions at all. But the gas golf carts create both noise and smoke which can easily pollute the environment.

Fast refueling capacity: This one is a hard term to follow. Both the carts need to refuel after some time. Electric golf carts get refilled by using the electric connection and the gas golf carts require filling stations to fill the gas. As the electric carts need to charge up, sometimes the charging ports may not available in some areas which can cause a good issue. If there is a technical issue with the electricity board, low voltage, load shedding, etc, it will become tough to charge up the cart. Where the gas golf cart doesn’t have any kind of issue.  The filling stations are available everywhere. But it will be a matter of concern if the fuel gets finished before reaching the filling station.

So judging on all the terms and objects which are related with both electric and gas golf cart we have known that gas golf cart is the best one. Because it has better performance rate (except making pollutions) than the electric one. It is cheap, powerful, durable, and easy to maintain. Buying the golf cart is now dependent on the user. If they want to expense more, they will go for the electric one. But those who are wise enough will go for the gas cart with a lower price and the same performance

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