Which Golf Carts Have Aluminum Frames

Which Golf Carts Have Aluminum Frames

 What you have in your mind for golf carts? For me, a golf cart is a way by which you can move around a golf court with your equipment. Just start your engine, check your equipment, take some cigars to your pouch, play your favorite song and start to press the paddle. That’s all I think about a golf cart. A golf cart is a small car that is used to carry golfers around the course during the game. It carries player`s equipment and helps them to cover the whole area of the field. A golf cart has lots of special facilities for golfers. So today in our article we are going to learn about which golf cart has aluminum frames. And all this information is gathered by our expert team.

What is Golf Cart

A golf cart is a vehicle that is running by electricity or gas. This cart help golfer in the course. A golf cart is a small car with a capacity of taking 6 people in maximum. But there are many types of golf cars considering their seat capacity. A golf cart can take 2/4/6 people. A golf cart is very easy to use if you follow the instructions. As like first you need to know about the cart. A golf cart is made of four-stroke engines.

And for that, you cannot boost the speed up to 30kph per hour. You need to maintain this speed because otherwise, you will face problems in the cart. As we were saying before a golf cart can take some people together. A small golf cart can take two people together. There are two more sizes available for carts. One is middle-size carts and another is big-size carts. If you need to take 8 or people together you need to rent two or more carts. For renting a cart you need to follow some instructions.

First of all, you need to contact the company. Ask them about the availability of the cart. After that, you can choose your favorite cart. You need to show some documents to rent the car. There are many ways to rent a car. Firstly you can rent a cart from the website or you can rent the cart face to face. You can rent a golf cart according to your need. You can rent it for one hour. For that, you need to pay 15-16$ per hour. You can also rent the car for the whole day. For that, you need to pay almost 55-60$ dollars. But this amount is only for 2 persons. If you rent a cart for four persons, you need to pay 65$-70$. And for 6 persons you need to pay 110$-130$. Or you can rent the cart for a month. A golf cart is 8 feet long and 6 feet high.

That’s mean this thing is not so big. But if you`re searching for a bigger size cart then you should search for four or six-seat carts. But you have to follow certain rules to rent this cart. First of all, if you rented a two-person car but both of them have a different time for the game then only one member can use the cart. Others should walk or share the cart with others to reach their destination. Now golf carts not only used at golf carts, but people also started to use them in their homes.

You can buy or rent the golf cart to your home. If you rent the car for the month you will get some benefits from the company. People started to use it to pass their time. They started to go swimming pool with it or going for hunting something. But you cannot use this cart outside the road. You don’t need any license to drive it but you cannot drive it on the main road. There is a shed on a golf cart, which helps the golfer to save themselves from rain.

Now we are going to talk about why aluminum frames are used for making golf carts in our next article.

 Which Golf Cart Use Aluminum Frame 

There are various kinds of frames used to make a golf cart. Like iron-made frames, steel-made frames, or aluminum frames. All of them are useful and long sustainable. But today we are going to talk about Aluminum frames. There is only one company which made Aluminum frames and that is “CLUB CAR”. It is one of the leading companies in this industry and it has good sustainability to stay in the market. Aluminum frames are very useful because they can take a heavy load and also they are very light in weight. And for that, they can easily keep the engine stable. It has great battery life. And for that, you can drive to surfaces that are not so good.


  • Durability is good.
  • Can survive for a long time
  • It can take more pressure than another frame
  • Thin in weights
  • Price is reasonable
  • Best for coastal beaches


  • Damage in collusion
  • Easy to repair
Golf Cart Use Aluminum Frame

 What is Club Car Golf Cart

Club car golf cart is an American-based golf cart brand which is established in 1958. They produced different kinds of golf carts which are made of Aluminum frames. They produced the first-ever open road permitted golf cart. This is a great invention for them. They also made many innovations in the golf cart industry. They also launched self transportation series which contains various features. Features are like they introduced 2 persons, 4 persons, 6 persons personal vehicle.

List of “CLUB CAR” Golf cart: Club car golf cart has produced a lot of cart till now. And all of them get enough success in their sector. CLUB CAR is called the leading golf cart producer in the world. Now we are going to learn about some “club car” lists. Here they are:

  • CLUB CAR NEW: Club car new is a brand new golf cart which is introduced in 2016. It becomes a fan favorite in recent times. It will cost 9800$-12000$. It has great flexibility and has enough sustainability to stay almost 20 years in the market. Club car new is very fan favorite and useful to golfers.

Onwards 2 passengers: Onward 2 passengers is a newly launched golf cart which is produced in 2017. It is very comfortable to use. It has a 360-degree seat. And also it has enough space to keep all instruments with you. It has self-compensating steering and hydraulic suspension. It has self

Adjusting wheel. Let`s make a chart for knowing this cart.






 260 amp dc motor controller

380 amp dc motor controller

410 amp ac motor controller

430 CC kohler, overhead valve


3.3 hp

Peak 13 hp

22.4 hp

29 hp

14 hp


E.R.I.C automatic 48 volt

E.R.I.C automatic 48 volt

49v -670 w


Maximum Speed

19 kph

19 kph

19 kph

19 kph

Fuel capacity

8 gal

Onward lifted 4 passengers: Onward lifted 4 passengers is another version of club car which is made in recent years. Some consumers of this car said it is the best creation club car`s. At least when you consider suspension and manufacturing, you have to admit it. It has more stability than any other golf cart. It has sports drive self-compensating double steering which helps this car unstoppable. 

You can move steering very easily and with comfort. Independent hydraulic suspension. It rare suspensions based on jounce bumpers. Brakes are self-adjusting mechanical drums. It has 22*10 tires which are tubeless. The length of this product is 114, its weight is 491 ½ and its height is 80 ½. The wheel base is 67 ½ inches. Total vehicle weight 1125 lb. It has an Alumni core frame which is ladder style box beam. Let`s see a chart to understand the power description of this cart:






250 amp dc motor controller

385 amp dc motor controller

375 amp dc motor controller

429 cc kohler , overhead valve


3.3 hp

22.5 hp


14.5 hp





13 volt


E.R.I.C automatic, 48v

E.R.I.C Automatic, 48v

HF lion 48v and 650w

Speed range





Fuel capacity

6 gal

Onward lithium HP LION: It is one of the best carts of Club cars. It is established in 2015. It has a newly added door system and comfortable seats make it a perfect combination of style and heritage. You will feel that you are riding a golf cart in 1970 with a cigar in your hand and listening to your favorite songs on the radio. It has boxes for keeping beer bottles and other things in the cart. Their seats are very comfortable and you will feel great driving it

  • Villagers 2+2 LSV: Villagers 2+2 LSV is one of the environment friendly and zero emissions cart. It is the first-ever public permitted cart in the world. It doesn’t require any kind of fuel. You can recharge when you need. It has self-made steering and adjustable rack. It has dual hydraulic front suspension and rear suspension. It has 4 wheel drum break. It has an intact resistant ABS body with 18*8.5 tires. The length of the vehicles is 11o.1 inches and the width is 50.8 inches. Its frame is an aluminum i-beam. It has 48v volt dc which reduced reverse speed. And also it has 5hp and 14 hp horsepower. It contains a 48-volt dc battery. It has 350 amp dc controllers which are better for this kind of cart. And it has an average of 20-30kph sped per hour.

There are more products available for this brand. But these are the best cart above all.
Why Should we Use “CLUB CAR”: Club car is a world-famous car Manufacturers company. They manufacture cars, golf carts, and many things. In the golf cart section, they introduce many innovations like the first-ever public permitted golf cart. They produced car ignite, fashion, charisma. You will feel better using their car. Yes there are some problems with their maintainer's system and it is hard to compete with it but you can disagree with that they have the better carts than all other company. They are cheaper, have better sustainability, lots of durabilities.

These things made this brand unstoppable. So we will suggest to our customers that they can use “CLUB CAR“ if they want a combination between class and performance. It has both of them. This company held the best position for a long time. They will provide you high-quality stock motors which will help this cart to get great performance. They have smooth suspensions. And if you can maintain it, you can use it for at least 20 years.

Final Thoughts

After reading the full article, our customer will understand why are suggesting them to choose ‘CLUB CAR” golf cart instead of others. We give all the information and comparison in this article so that they can easily understand that. We also realize that golf carts use aluminum frames them. So, in the end, we can say that a Club car is the best option for everyone to choose. And you need to read the full article to know why?

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