What to wear to top golf

What to Wear to Top Golf?

People like to visit TopGolf with family members or with their friends to have fun. But they seem to always face a question. All those people who are visiting TopGolffor the first time seem to have a common question in mind. The question is what to TopGolf. If you are also one of them then hear me out you are worrying without any reason. There is no specific dress that one needs to wear to go to TopGolf. One can go in the TopGolf wearing any comfortable clothes.

However, one has to make sure they will look perfect on their outfits and they will be able to perform well there also. For both reasons, one has to wear comfortable clothes. Today we will discuss about how one will be both comfortable and will be able to perform well in there.

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What Men Should Wear on TopGolf?

Men should wear comfortable clothes. While going with comfortable clothes one has to make sure that the clothing he is wearing is also stylish. But one thing a must consider is the weather. Men must wear clothes depending on the weather. For the summer season, a man should wear loose fitting clothes like short sleeve T-shirt, or short sleeve shirt, or a lightweight full sleeve T-shirt. One can use jeans in summer. The best thing would be to wear shorts with a half sleeve t-shirt.

But if a person wears pants the person needs to ensure that the pant he is using is loose and comfortable. Also, it would not be a good idea to wear a tight full sleeve shirt or T-shirt. Because tight shirts or t-shirts will obstruct the person’s movements while hitting the ball. For footwear, a person can use sneakers, casual shoes. It would look nice if a person wears basketball shoes. Also, one can wear flip flops, sandals, or regular shoes. In simple words, one can wear those types of shoes that give the person comfort. But as the place is like a party center then is not it obvious to look cool and stylish?

On the other hand, in winter men should wear clothes that will keep them warm. A man can wear full sleeve t-shirt or use a jacket over half sleeve. Wearing shorts in winter would not be a good idea. So it would be wise to wear jeans. Also, wearing sandals or flip flops would not be wise. Wear sneakers or basketball shoes. Also, it will look nice if one wears boots with their outfits.

Both in winter or summer, men can wear a cap. Cap makes the outfit more golf appealing. Make sure that you are comfortable with your outfits and you will be able to swing the club with ease.

What Men Should Wear on TopGolf

What Men Should Wear on TopGolf

What should Women Wear on Top Golf?

It can be seen that more than men women think too much about what they should wear on TopGolf. They also can be found often asking their friends or family members about this question. The same thing goes for women. Women also can wear any comfortable outfits that they like. In summer women can wear lightweight clothes. Women can wear shorts, skirts with a t-shirt, jeans, tops with leggings, also can wear a nice dress.

I think women have more options than men. Women can wear sneakers, flip flops, sandals, boots, high heels, slingbacks, and many more. Also, they can wear a shirt over a nice short sleeve t-shirt. Women can add jewelry to add more style to their outfits. They can wear earrings, necklaces, and other gorgeous things.

In the winter, women can wear long sleeve tops. They can also take a sweater or jacket. They can wear high heel boots in the winter which will increase their style. Also, women should not wear shorts. Women can jeans with sneakers or boots in the winter. In the winter women can also wear hoodies also. However, they have heaters. So one does not have to worry about getting cold. The temperature will be comfortable. But it would be wise to bring some clothes that will keep you warm on the TopGolf.

After reading the above part I hope you have understood that there are no restrictions on the outfits. Both men and women can wear anything that will make them feel comfortable and that would not obstruct their club movements. One can wear party type or occasion type outfits while going to the TopGolf. After all of that, one must think about the weather while choosing the outfit. If you want to What do Women Wear to the Golf?

Is there any Rules on Outfits at Top Golf

This is a common question that we can get from a person who is going to the TopGolf for the very first time. There are no rules on the outfits. One can wear anything that is comfortable to them. But there is a rule on the footwear. One cannot play barefoot on there. The person has to at least wear any type of shoes.

Both males and females can wear sneakers, boots, sandals, flip flops, etc. So while going to visit the TopGolftake a pair of shoes.

What to wear to TopGolf Date?

One can wear anything that makes the person look great. In summer, men can wear nice shorts with a golf t-shirt or any other nice t-shirt for their date. Also, one can wear a jeans with a t-shirt or half sleeve shirt. For footwear, men can use loafer, or sneakers, or even casual shoes. Also, men can add a cap to have a perfect golf look. For winter men should wear a jacket with jeans and a nice pair of boots or sneakers or basketball shoes.

On the other hand, women can wear a cute and stylish top or t-shirt with jeans or with nice shorts in the summer. For footwear, they can choose slingbacks, high heels sandals. In the winter, women can wear full sleeve t-shirt. Also, can take a sweater or jacket. They can wear boots or sneakers.

These are just my thoughts. Look for that outfit that will make you more gorgeous and which will make your partner give compliments on your outfit.

How much does it Cost to Play at Top Golf?

Playing at TopGolf is not that expensive. It can be said the cost is at midrange. Basically, TopGolf offers 102 golf bays over 3 levels. All the bays follows the first come first serve method. The cost will rise throughout the day. Here is the cost chart:


Cost per hour

From 9 am to noon

27 dollars

From noon to 5 pm

37 dollars

From 5 pm to close time

47 dollars

From 9 pm to noon

13.50 dollars

On Tuesday from 9 am to noon

13.50 dollars

From noon to 5 pm on Tuesday

23.50 dollars

On Friday and Saturday from 5 pm to close

49 dollars

The above discussed costs on the table are not approximate. The cost can be changed.

Final words

This article contains the detail about the outfits one can choose to go to TopGolf. Here we have discussed about the outfit for both men and women. We have discussed about what one should wear for summer and what one should wear for winter. Also, we have discussed about the cost of playing in the TopGolf briefly. This article can be a big help for those persons who are going to the TopGolf for the first time.

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