What to Do With Old Golf Balls?

Golf ball is one of the most important objects for playing golf. Most of us already know that golf is a game of wealthy persons. Reusing golf balls is an excellent idea for you. It can help anyone economically and give a wonderful chance to protect our environment from pollution. Normally, golf balls are costlier than other types of balls. They are weak and brittle. Hence, it is very tough to keep them in proper condition. If you are unaware of "What to do with old golf balls ?" then; this article will help you make the proper decision.

What to do with old golf balls

There is numerous way to reuse an old golf ball. Golf balls are not made of metal. They are mainly made of rubber and plastic. So, it is not possible to recycle them. Generally, there are two parts of a golf ball-cover and core. Golf balls don't have enough energy to tolerate the traditional recycling process. That's why some organizations refuse to collect golf balls for recycling. However, some people can help you to refurbish and refinish the process of golf balls. For example, you can sell them or use them for practising purposes. Moreover, we can donate them or use them to make different crafts at home.

Earn Money by Selling Used Golf Balls

First of all, look for a reliable website online that provides resale services. Most of these companies will come to your house to collect your used golf balls. So, it is better to find a shop located near your residence.

Secondly, choose an organization wisely; based on its acceptance rate & service quality. Most of these companies will only come to your house; if you have many new golf balls. Some companies will accept a few hundred & some will not accept less than 5000 balls. If you don't have enough balls, you can take them from your friends. Each company will pay a different rate for used golf balls.

Thirdly, contact the service provider over the phone or send an email. Provide your details with your contact address. Don't forget to mention the approximate number of golf balls; you want to sell. Normally the company will accept your proposal if you have the minimum number of balls they require.

If you meet the minimum requirements, the company will contact you. Normally, they suggest keeping all the balls in a box & pack them properly. They will send a person to collect the box from your home. Now, gather all the balls you have & put all of them in a box. You don't need to clean anything yourself.

Finally, the money will be credited to your account or, you will get a check; once the company receives the box of the used golf balls. If you want to know Best Red Golf Ball.

Used Golf Balls for Training Purpose

Try to find some local golf courses that take used golf balls for training purposes. People will be able to practice their different techniques & shots using these balls. Here, the quality of the ball doesn't matter a lot as it is not a real game. Some golf course will pay a little bit for these balls. You can choose these options if you don't have a lot of used golf balls.

Give in Your Used Golf Balls to Local Clubs & NGO's

If you don't intend to earn money by selling your golf balls, then you can donate your used balls to any high school golf club, sporting club, non-profit organization, etc. You can find such types of the organization by searching online.

old golf balls

old golf balls

Innovative Craft Projects with Used Golf Balls

Are you still confused and don't know what to do with old golf balls? Golf balls can be very handy for making beautiful products. Golf balls have identical sizes and shapes. So, you can express your creativity by using golf balls.

  1. Make Snowmen celebrate Christmas: Apply a tiny dab of glue to 1 golf ball with a hot glue gun for a fun holiday decoration. Then, holding a 2nd golf ball where we used glue to add them together. A third golf ball as desired. To accessorize, use a permanent marker to draw on their faces and glue on fabric strips or paper bits.
  • Use as a Massager: You can use old golf balls as your massager after sterilizing them properly. Although it sounds quite peculiar, it is possible.
  • Make Different Shapes of Insects for Decoration: This is another project to do yourself if you have used golf balls on hand. We can make different toys for insects, spiders etc., by transforming the materials. You can make attractive decorations for your garden and flowerbeds with some paints and tiny wires.
  • Weight for Table Cloths: Powerful wind swept away the table cloth when you were out on a picnic with your friends, leaving you frustrated and upset. Here's a fresh idea: tie the fabric with the balls at four different angles. We try it by putting balls in the four corners and a few more in the middle and waiting to see what happens. The result never fails to please us: the light table cloth remains perfectly still.
  • Filler for Vases: You can also use your old golf balls to fill your vases instead of peas, coloured gems, seashells, pinecones, and other objects. You can utilize the mixture of white and multiple coloured golf balls to create an amazing vase filler.
  • Create a Unique Sun Decoration: You can make beautiful sun decorations by using old golf balls. Just drill a few holes in the golf balls and paint them according to your preference. You can use some colourful ribbons to make them more attractive.


If you have further queries in your mind about "What to do with old golf balls?" then you can read a little bit more about this topic.

  • How long unused golf balls remain good to use?

If you store golf balls in 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, the balls can last for up to 10 years. So, keep your golf balls in acool and dry place. However, a golf ball can degrade over time. Normal indoor condition is fine for storage.

  • Will you lose distance if you use old golf balls?

It mainly depends on the situation of the ball. Normally the range is 5-25 yards depending on the impairment of the ball. Normally a few years old golf ball will perform like a new one if you can store them properly.

  • Does water damage golf balls?

Yes, golf balls soak water, and the performance will decrease significantly. Lake balls drop 5-10 yards in driving distance after only one week in the water. According to the studies after 3 months, a ball will loose distance upto 20-30 yards. If you want to know Best Noodle Golf Ball 

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea of "What to do with old golf balls." Like any other sporting object, a golf ball has many applications when it is old and out of use; the only choice is to develop creative ways to use them to harm the environment. You may also opt to donate them to individuals and groups in exchange for a reward.

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