What Size Golf Grips

What Size Golf Grips Do The Pros Use?

The golf game was first invented in the 15th century. Scotland is the country that has created the game. From that time till now, golf game has been played with the same instruments and same rules. There are some essential instruments for playing the game. The club, the ball, the tee, and the hole. They are the main instrument of this game. The place may vary to the game depending on the level of the game. If it is an international tournament, it is clear that the proper grass field is needed. So these are the main things about the golf game. There is something more essential thing for the game. The performance of the player is almost dependent on it. It is the grip.

Golf Grips Do The Pros Use

The club that is used to hit the ball, contains the grip at the top part of it. The grip is for better handling and hitting the ball perfectly. It is generally made of high-quality rubber or synthetic rubber material. It is a great thing to keep the proper performance of a player. Because all the players don’t have the same sized palm or fingers. Their gripping is not also the same. So the golfer uses the grips according to their comfortable gripping and position.

There are two sizes of grips available for the players.

The Standard Size and The Middle Size

  • The measurement of the standard size is from 7 inches to 8 ¾ inches
  • And for the middle size is from 8 ¼ inches to 9 ¼ inches
  • So now, let’s talk about the size of the grips that the pro golfers use

Though both of the sizes are the most popular among all golfers, there are some specific sizes that some of the golfers use.

The pro golfers use the standard size. The measurement of the standard size is started from 7 inches and finishes at 8 ¾ inches. Here are some of the best quality grips which come in this size have been described below:

Golf Pride 13 Align Tour Velvet Golf Grips: This one is one of the most popular grips in markets. The pro golf players have the first choice for this grip. It is made of high-quality synthetic rubber which provides a better gripping to the total club. The non-slippery surface gives a maximum level of comfort, playability, and confidence. The art rubber-blend compound is perfect to stay adjusted with the club no matter how many times the golfer swing it

SAPLIZE golf grips: Another demanded grip for the pro golfers. It is available in the standard size which is more favorable for the golfers. It is made of high-quality rubber. The rubber has some advanced features. It is highly stable to move, abrasion-resistant, anti-slip quality, and better shock-absorbing ability. It is very suitable to use at any kind of weather.

Champkey Golf Grips: Another great choice for professional players. The Champkey Golf Grips are available in both normal and standard size. The pro players can use their suitable standard size for better games. The upper side of this grip contains cotton threads which help to give the player very good stability and control to the club. The micro-texture quality of the grip helps to provide more control and stability with the mixture of the cotton thread of the upper part. The lower part of the grip is made of very responsive material. It will help to absorb the pressure of the ball whenever the player will hit it.

WINN standard grip: This is a pure factory-made standard grip which is another best choice for golfers. Because it is only available in the standard size. This grip is made of very high-quality rubber on the whole body. The lower part of the grip contains synthetic rubber which helps the player to control the impact of the hit.  The standard size of the grip is used for national or international games by professional players.

Golf Pride Multi Compound Golf Grip: This golf grip is available in all sizes for players. But the pro players have a huge demand for the standard size. Because this is one of the best and perfect grips for the players. The body of this grip is made from synthetic rubber. The company has used the larger lower hand in the grip for the best control and stability. The soft micro-texture of this grip help to increase the traction and control. Whenever the player will hit the ball with the club, they will not feel any major impact from the club.

WINN Dritac golf grip: This grip is also available in a standard size. The rubber-made grip gives the player better control and confidence whenever they hit the ball. The winndry polymer of the grip can ensure it to use in any kind of weather or situation. The grip also provides the non-slip performance with a very comfortable handling

Golf Pride Tour velvet 360 Golf Grip: Another demanded golf grip from Golf Pride. The standard size for the pros is available in this grip. It is very well affordable and long-lasting among all grips. The high-quality padded grip gives you very good control and stability to the club. The best part of this grip is, it can be used at any club and suitable for any season.

What Size Golf Grips Do The Pros Use

Grip Styles

There are many types of grips. They are different in style, material, quality, and size. The majority of these grips are made of rubber and cording. The rubber-type grip is perfect for smoothness and absorbing the impacts from any angle. The corded grips are made of the mixture of threads and synthetic rubber. It helps to create better flexibility and comfort to the player’s hand

Why Oversized Golf Grips Can Improve Your Game?

Oversized golf grips are mainly for those players, who have big hands. If the golfer with big hands, uses the oversized golf grips, it will help to improve their gamer performance. Because it can decrease your pressure on the grip, reduce your possible pains of the palm and provide you the perfect stability.

What is the Difference Between Midsize and Standard Size Grip?

There is not much difference between the standard grip and the midsize grip. The midsize grip is a little bigger than the standard one. It is for those users who have enough big hands. But if we compare between both of them, the standard size is the best choice for the pro players and the others.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oversized Golf Grip

There is no disadvantage of using the oversized golf grip. But it has so many advantages to use.

  • First of all, it is very comfortable to use and best for the pro players
  • Second, it helps to give the straight shots
  • The club keeps in the proper control and lastly,
  • It will make the player more relaxed

Problems of Using Smaller Grips

If the player uses the smaller grips instead of using the standard or the middle one, their performance will become very poor and low. Here are some of the reasons.

  • The smaller grip will not able to keep the player better and perfect comfort
  • Straight and long shots may not possible if the player uses the short grip
  • The shorter grips can be the reason for palm pains as they are difficult to hold
  • It may get slipped very easily from the hand because the player will not get the perfect control

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