What kind of paint to use in a golf cart

What Kind of Paint to Use in a Golf Cart?

Different types of paints are possible to use in a golf cart. Lacquer, enamel, vinyl, glossy are some of the common types of paint. But the best one for a golf cart is urethane paint and acrylic paint. In this topic, all the related terms about golf cart paint will be described.

What Kind of Paint to Use in a Golf Cart & Golf Cart Color ?

There is no limitation of colors for a golf cart. As these types of vehicles get used in golf courses or private properties, they don’t require major rules and terms to follow. Therefore, color is not any kind of barrier for them. But the golf carts are mostly available in two types of colors. One is white and the other one is beige. They are some other colors also available according to the choice of the golf course authority.

Golf Cart Paint

The most important thing about the paint of a golf cart is color quality. If the color is not good enough, there is a chance of getting fade and discolor. Acrylic and urethane paint is best for using in a golf cart. Though there is a lot of color variant available for a golf cart, thinking all the terms, acrylic is the best one. A golf cart is made from plastic. Plastic has less ability to absorb heavy colors. Vinyl, lacquer, enamel are that type of color, which may create a good vision on the golf cart, but it will not last long.

This color can get fade even in high sunlight. But acrylic and urethane paint can adhere better in the plastic compare to other paints. Besides, it can absorb the color and paint easily. Where other paints can’t create good detailing or better surface in the body of the cart, acrylic paint can easily provide a smoother surface along with perfect adhere. Urethane paint also similar to acrylic paint in terms of efficiency and quality.

As the perfect paint has been listed above, now let’s check the procedure of using acrylic paint in the golf cart.

Golf Cart Paint

Golf Cart Paint

Painting Procedures

Painting a golf cart is not an easy work. For getting perfect paint, the most important thing needed is better paint quality, time, and experience. There are some essential tools and items which are needed to use and follow to get a good painting.

1.First of all, clean up the golf cart. As the cart will be painted, cleaning up is very important. Use high quality foam soap or gel soap for cleaning the cart. If there any kind of dirt remains in the cart, it can damage the paint. Clean the cart using soap and dry off properly with towels. When the cart is properly cleaned, it will look new and ready for painting.

2. The next step is to remove the parts which are not needed to paint. The paint gets applied to the body of the cart and in the top. So there are some other parts of a cart like a windshield, rims, handles, steering, etc. As some of the parts are not possible to remove before painting, cover them up using any kind of hard paper, tape or fabric. This operation let the parts of a golf cart clean and free from painting. Sometimes, some materials get used for covering the parts of the cart. Those items may damage the parts. So make sure that tape or fabric that gets used for covering the parts of the cart has enough soft parts and edges.

3. After covering the essential areas, now it’s time for sanding the golf cart. Painting is not possible without sanding. Some of the users may ask, if the cart gets washed perfectly, so why sanding? But the answer is very simple. As the golf cart will be painted, some stains or objects may remain in the body of the cart from the previous. Sanding the body not only let the stains clear, but also helps to provide a smoother surface and makes it clean. Best advantage of using sandpaper is, it will let the paint easily adjust with the cart. Rubbing the surface and the body with medium pressure and in circular motion is the proper procedure of sanding. Best size of sandpaper for using in the golf cart is 150-420 grit. After sanding, use a thin brush or clean for removing the sanding dust.

4. After sanding, apply paint coating. This thing let the paint of the cart perfect and free from getting faded. Smoother adhere and better paint finish will come because of the paint coat. After applying the coating perfectly, a minimum of 30 minutes is needed for drying it up.

5. Now, it’s time for painting the cart. There are two types of painting methods available for the golf cart. First one is, using paintbrushes. It is the most common technique of painting. In this method, paintbrushes get used and applied using hands. Though it’s an easy process, experienced hands are needed most. But the second method is very easy and effective as painting. And that is, using a paint sprayer. This thing runs by using an air compressor. It is an expensive method to follow for painting compare to the others. But paint sprayers provide the best painting and quality in the golf cart. If you want to know golf cart cover.

Applying the Paint

Fill up the paint sprayer with color and it’s ready to paint. Apply the color from the upper side of the cart with a steady hand. The first step of painting is called the base color. Therefore, apply the color in a minimum quantity that is called touch up. Keep the sprayer 30-35 cm in distance from the surface. Slightly overlap those areas that are left to paint. Horizontal sweeping is the best way for painting. In this way, apply two or three layers of paint in the cart and let it dry.

Apply the paint again in the same way until the color gets properly visible. When the paint is done with the perfect color, let it dry for a minimum of 8 to 12 hours.

Place for Drying

Painting is not only an important thing for the cart. If is not dried perfectly, the color may get damaged or fade. A dustproof garage or room with proper lighting and enough ventilation is the best place for drying and applying the color in the cart. Enough airflow or heat is also important. Otherwise, the color may not dry perfectly.

As the paint is successfully done, now it’s time for other terms. Remove all the tapes from the cart and wipe the places using wet clothes. Let the cart place in a well-ventilated area for drying properly. Place the cart into a cloth so that the place doesn’t get dirty if there is a leakage of the paint. Keep the cart in that place minimum for 24 hours for proper drying.

After all the procedures are followed perfectly, the golf cart with the new color is ready to roll. These processes may take a long time to proceed. But once it is done, the golf cart will get a new look

Use proper paint for the golf cart and make it look new. The paint is not only perfect for the looks but also covers up several damages and stains and lasts long.

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