What is wedge flex

What is Wedge Flex? (Everything To Know)

In the popular game golf, wedges refer to the subset of iron golf clubs. Wedges are designed for special situations like short-distance short. Also, the flex in golf clubs means the ability of a golf club shaft to bend the highest possible force in the golf swing.

The term wedge flex means, the type of shaft on the wedge that is normally heavier and slightly stiffer than a regular iron flex club. In a word, wedge flex term terms in golf sport can be explained as not quite stiff.

There is some term for flex in a golf club, those are extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior, and ladies. It is important to know about his topic because it has a great impact on the game. If one can’t wisely choose it can lose the game.

What is Wedge Flex

Having a golf club that is heavier than a regular iron golf club is confirmed as a wedge flex. The golf industry has many different types of flex for golf clubs. Among them, wedge flex is a very known and popular type.

Before going any further about golf carts the one who hasn’t any knowledge about golf club flex should know the details.

Let’s start with the types of flex golf club shafts have.

  • Extra Stiff: This type of flex is made for the long hitters. This is good for high-level players. If someone’s swing speed is more than 100mph they should find an extra stiff flex though they are hard to find. The fact needs to remember that if one swing speed is less than 100 mpg and one chooses an extra stiff flex can lose control over the shot.
  • Stiff: The golf club shaft having stiff flex can shoot fast and long. But one having a swing speed between 90 to 100 can choose this type. Having swing speed out of this range shouldn’t choose a golf club shaft having stiff flex. Having a jerk swing and the mid-low handicap can choose this.
  • Regular Flex: This type of flex is very popular. Most of the experienced and pro-level players choose regular flex in their golf club shafts. Having swing speed around 80 to 95 can choose this regular flex. Having forgiveness feature the regular flex is very popular People who have a slower swing speed normally choose this type. Golf club shafts having senior flex are good for the golfer who has a swing speed of 70 to 85 mph.
  • Ladies: Female golfers normally create slower swing speed. But some may have higher swing speed. This lady's flex is specially designed for the female golfer having less than 75mph swing speed. This type is the softest flex compared to the other golf club shaft flex. The female golfer who has a higher swing speed should choose another type.

Reason for Adding Wedge Flex in the Golf Club Shaft

Normally, golf erased wedge flex on their golf club shaft to make it heavier than a regular iron flex shot. Having a heavier shaft golfer can feel it and can create as much as spin needed for their proper wedge shot. Another reason for adding wedge flex on the shaft is to optimize the wedge shot. For some players, wedge flex can positively change the game but not for everyone.

Why Does One Use Wedge Flex to Make The Shaft Heavy

Golfers playing with different shafts can easily know the difference between a wedge shaft and another shaft. Normally, wedge shafts are heavier. Mainly, the wedge shaft is heavier because the golfer wants more speed. Having wedge flex wedge shafts are capable of high-speed swing.

If someone is not taking a large swing, they will need a bi force and power to have a shorter swing to have the best shot. Without a heavy club shaft, one may end up hitting a thin shot when the club starts slowing down. Another importance of heavier shafts is playing in obstacles. Golfer not going to have smooth shots on grass. They may have shot on sand or rough areas. In a difficult situation like this, a heavy golf shaft having wedge flex will work like magic. This shaft will give a little extra push to get the ball out of the obstacle.

What Flex is a wedge flex

Flex in wedge and stiff is quite similar. One can say wedge flex is stiff. But there are some variations. Some of the edges are lighter, having less stiff flex. Contrary, having many stiff wedge flexes is heavier. Generally, per shift have a 5gm weight between stiffness levels.

Dynamic gold wedge flex

Created by the brand true temper Dynamic gold is a type of shaft having wedge flex. This model shaft also has variations. The difference is in weight and stiffness. Companies are creating shafts depending on the golfer's choice, performance. The heavier shaft of this model is X100 and the lighter and more flexible shaft is R300. Dynamic gold wedge flex shafts made by a true tamper company are very popular among professional golfers.

Wedge Flex

Wedge Flex

What does Ping Wedge Flex mean in the golf club shaft

Having ping Z-Z115 ping wedges flex are created by Nippon. Mainly, they were created for lower balance points and lower ball flight with better control. The company continually modifies to achieve higher spinning, more forgiveness, a lighter weight that offers features for multiple golfers matching their skills.

This wedge flex has multi-material constructions that combine steelheads that increase the MOI and position the center of gravity to have lower launching and higher spin.

Cost of wedge shaft having wedge flex

Normally, wedge shaft shave the same price as iron. However, the price can vary from brand to brand and model to model. Having a wedge flex a wedge shaft can cost around 20$ to 45$. But it may cost more than 200$ if one customized the shaft. The price can go lower or higher according to the customer's choice.

Wedge flex in full shots

Wedge shaft and wedge flex can vary according to the lofts. One with a pitching wedge may need thicker wall wedge flex to make it heavier for a full shot. Instead of choosing firmer and easier to control one should choose thicker and heavier flex which is wedge flex for a long and full shot. With a higher lofted pitch, it is possible to generate a higher flight and more spin.

Difference between R300 and S300

Having wedge flex there is some difference between R300 and S300. For R300, the lowermost step is much longer on the R shaft. But the S trajectory is much higher than the R trajectory. The S300 is good for amateurs and pros, unlike the R300. In addition, the S300 weighs more than the R300. One who wants weight can choose an S300.

Possibilities of matching wedge shaft with the iron shaft

Having fast swing speed, golfers may find wedge flex too weak for them and may have face difficulties hitting the ball. Having slower speed in swing, the golfer may face difficulties with a steel wedge flex.

One can choose an iron shaft having mid swing speed. However, with a higher and lower than the general range of swing speed one should customize the shaft with wedge flex.

When one needs a specialized wedge shaft

One may need a specialized wedge shaft in their game instead of using the same shaft. Using iron flex in the wedge may slow the game and minimize the accuracy. When someone is making their approach shot they will always want the best shot with maximum accuracy. That time one will need a specialized shaft like a wedge flex shaft.

Wedge flexes are different from the traditional flexes. This flex preserved the swing level. Wedge flex is responsible for a more methodical shot in an active game with high spin and high accuracy.

Do pros use wedge flex

As we mentioned earlier, the skill of a golfer while choosing flex in the shaft isn't the only concern. So, it’s hard to say directly, does a pro golfer use wedge flex or not. Wedge flex is heavier and slightly stiffer. The golfer who has high-speed spin and wants more power can choose wedge flex whether they are pro or not. Sometimes, a pro golfer who isn’t comfortable with wedge flex does choose wedge flex in obstacle shots like shot in sands. As wedge flex can create more power so it’s good to choose wedge flex in the sand shot as it also needs more power.

Final Words

In a golf game, it is always important to have a golf club having a comfortable shaft and flex. Because, the height, weight, speed, power of the club matters in the game. Failing to choose the perfect shaft, perfect flex may make the game a disaster.

If one wants to match their choice slightly heavier than iron shaft can go for the wedge flex. Wedge flex weight 5gms heavier than iron shafts. However, one should choose according to their speed level, the situation in the course. Making a blind choice without having the proper knowledge will not be good for the game.

If someone chooses a lighter weight flex wanting higher power will end up with a disaster shoot.

We believe this article will help the people who want to know everything about wedge flex.

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