What is Vintage Golf Carts and What Year is My MELEX Golf Cart?

What is Vintage Golf Carts and What Year is My MELEX Golf Cart?

Golf carts are a luxurious product. People who love golf, passionate about golf will love to have a golf cart. Golf is mainly used in the golf field, but people use it for any purpose.

Vintage golf carts are the rare models of the golf cart. People normally collect vintage golf carts out of a hobby. However, a vintage golf cart can turn out as a gem. A proper makeover can turn a vintage golf cart into something amazing.

In case of changing something on a golf cart, or customizing a golf cart at home it is necessary to know the year of the golf cart. Also, in the case of rebuilding a vintage golf cart, it is necessary to know the year of the golf cart.

In this article, we will discuss “what is vintage golf carts and what year is my MELEX golf cart?”

What are Vintage Golf Carts?

A vintage golf cart is hardly seen in the course because they are a rarity product. However, if one somehow saw one that means the owner is very luxurious and dainty. Also, it may be the owner has restored one or taken very good care of their very old golf cart for a long time. A vintage golf cart is very much expensive to buy or build.

The parts of a vintage golf cart are also very rare. They have to be bought from all around the country or even all around the world. The good thing is there are many guidelines about vintage golf carts that can be found on the internet or one may take help from someone who owes one or working with golf carts for a long period of time.

How to Build a Vintage Golf Cart?

One can build a vintage golf cart from scratch or one can restore a vintage golf cart. One can buy vintage Golf Carts on the internet. There are many websites that sell vintage Golf carts. But they can be expensive. If someone wants to own a golf cart and doesn’t have a budget issue can buy one online. However, those who have the skills to make one can make it from scratch or can rebuild an old one.

In addition, some of the websites sell separate parts of some different vintage golf carts. They also have guidelines on the website. One can easily choose or select according to their will.

Types of vintage golf carts

One can find many options in a vintage golf cart. Almost every golf cart manufacturing company has a vintage golf cart. Mainly, Yamaha, club car, EZGO, Taylor Dunn, Cushman, and so on. Many of the vintage golf cart models have only three wheels instead of four. Having one wheel in the front and two in the back was another feature. The oldest cart company Cushman first introduced a scooter in the 19’s. Currently, the most popular Golf Cart manufacturing company is EZGO. They have varieties of golf cart options. But in the case of a vintage golf cart, the old the company is the many vintage golf cart option they have.

Prize of vintage golf carts

As we have mentioned earlier, a vintage golf cart is a luxurious product. The average price of a vintage Golf Cart is around 1000$ to 20,000$. However, some companies have a more expensive vintage golf cart. For example, a Rolls Royce can cost more than 20,000$. One can find some old beauty under 20,000$ from classic.

However, every company offers many models in a vintage golf cart at different prices. The price may go down or up according to the features and age.

How to identify a vintage golf cart

Vintage golf carts are really old. One can easily identify the cart by its look. Because companies have changed the outlook of the golf cart over the years. Mainly, vintage Golf Carts are painted in bright colors. People use light blue and red the most. Some of the vintage golf carts have only three wheels, one in the front and the other two in the back. One of the type of vintage golf carts is a push golf cart. Others have really small doors and side panels. Some of them are really narrow from the front. Many people build golf carts that look like a vintage golf cart but not really one.

The online world has many stores that sell many body parts and vintage golf car parts that make a golf cart look like something from the ’60s. Some people prefer to turn their vintage golf cart into a truck.

However, the vintage golf cart can be identified from the cart wiring diagrams, serial number, tune-up, and engine specs.

Functions of vintage golf carts

Some of the rich people consider owning a vintage golf cart as a novelty. One can use a vintage Golf Cart in any way they want. They can use it just for traveling around a big farm or on the course. A vintage golf cart does the same thing as a regular golf cart.

Some people also love to just store the very rare vintage golf cart in their collection out of a hobby. Some store them out of love on a golf cart. Everyone has their own interest in storing the old beauties.

Benefits of the vintage golf cart

Vintage golf carts are gems. People can use them in any way. Mainly, having a vintage Golf Cart Speedometer people can customize it any way they want. They can turn a vintage golf cart into something amazing. People can paint a vintage golf cart according to their preference. They can add features to make it faster or make it slower. They can change the wheels, can change them into big or small ones according to the area. One can change the frame design. Also can add some recent technology into the vintage golf cart.

vintage golf cart

Restoring idea of vintage golf cart

One may think that a vintage golf cart is just something to store only as an old beauty to satisfy the hobby. But it’s not a proper makeover that can change everything. One can turn a sad vintage golf cart into something fun. Restoring a vintage golf cart doesn’t cost so much. People are now also restoring vintage cart parts. The restoring process of vintage cars has become very popular recently. People do it for fun too. Many people took it as a business. Now people can actually travel by golf cart. Traveling in farmland with family by a vintage golf cart is fun and can give the feeling of being in some 60’s movie.

If someone is interested in storing a vintage golf cart they need to follow some steps.

  1. First of all, establish the budget according to the circumstances. If one already owes a vintage golf cart then they should plan according to the features they want to add and how much they will cost. If one doesn’t owe a vintage golf cart then they should first buy one. One can even buy a very old and bad-looking vintage car. However, the perfect makeover can change the look. 
  2. One should check all the instruments and mechanisms first. Which one is in good health, which one isn’t? Which one needs to replace and which one will work fine after a repair? This step is important before going any further.
  3. In the step of checking the instrument, one should first check the fueling system. For example, check the batteries for an electric vintage golf cart. Check if the fuel system has enough fluid or not. If the fluid level is down, charge the battery. Check the battery if it works fine. It is highly recommended that one should change the batteries if they are really old. Otherwise, it may create a problem. The cost seems increasing at first but it will save a lot of letters.
  4. The next consideration of storing vintage golf carts is the tires. One should check every tire of the cart. If they are in good condition one can use them. If tires have any kind of damage, it is wise not to use them. Some people also replace the old good tire because they want to add variation. A poorly damaged tire can cause an accident so one should use old tires.
  5. After checking the mechanism now it’s time to clean the cart. Clean the cart with good care. Dry the cart with time. Now one can paint a new color. If one isn’t good with spray paint, they should hire someone.
  6. For the seats, it’s wise to change them for comfort. Old seats may not be comfortable.
  7. When the work is done and the cart is completely dry one should do it again. If the cart isn’t properly dry the whole painting work may go in vain.
  8. Give the vintage golf cart a final check. Mainly the fuel system. Check if the cart is starting properly or not. Check the tires. Finally, check overall, if it's working properly and exactly like the design.
  9. Now the vintage golf cart is ready to rule like a beauty.

Above we have discussed the first part of “what is vintage golf carts and what year is my MELEX golf cart?” In the second part we will discuss how to find the year of MELEX golf carts.

What Year is My MELEX Golf Cart?

Currently, there are three main companies that manufacture popular golf carts. But other companies create golf carts. Among them, MELEX is well known for its high quality. People still have very old and popular MELEX golf carts. Those golf carts need maintenance and if someone wants to rebuild the golf carts, they need to know the age of the golf cart. So, it’s important to know the age to figure out which year they have manufactured.

Melex golf carts are named after the company, something rare currently. They are not so visible in the US market recently though they are still popular in Europe.

Starting of this company was in Mielec, Poland. The year was 1970. After half a year they pushed their business into the US market.

Their manufactured carts were a clone of EZGO. They used to look and function exactly like EZGO at the start. However, after some time they start increasing the model and adding new features to the new model.

In the revolution of the MELEX golf cart, they mainly focused on the three-wheel and four-wheel golf carts model. They have upgraded the models in any way throughout the years. Adding seat brakes and metal bodies was their other upgrade.

In the long run, they have started manufacturing electric golf carts and moved to a four-wheel golf cart. Though they didn’t get much popularity like EZGO and another brand, they were a presence in the US in a good amount.

People have a vintage model of MELEX golf carts so it’s important to know the year to maintain them.

But there are some complications in the case of finding MELEX golf carts this year. One should understand the complication to know the process.

To find out the year of a golf cart one needs to find out the wiring diagram, serial number, tune-up, and engine space. Let’s discuss the ways of finding out MELEX golf carts year.

Mystery of MELEX serial number

Having very limited information about MELEX serial numbers, it is really hard to find out the year by serial number. However, there are some other ways to figure out the age of the cart.

One may have to check out their cart's interior and exterior to find out its age.

Ways of figuring the MELEX golf carts age

Having a serial number is an easy way to find the age of the golf carts. Without having a serial number it is hard to find the age of the golf cart.

There are still some facts that are helpful and very accurate in case of identifying the age of the golf cart. One has to be very careful with the steps.

Model Number: The MELEX Company’s very first golf cart model was 102 three-wheeled golf cart and 202 four-wheeled golf cart. Without having any upgrade these two model swere produced from1970 to 1974. Their next model was 112 three-wheel and 212 four-wheel. Having the identical features of 102 three-wheel and 202 four-wheel the company first manufactured them in 1975. After a long time, they manufactured models 152 and 252 in 1985 that were in production until 1990. Having a two-year interval, they had manufactured the model 512E in 1992.

Engine Size: Having under 18 cubic inches production run the MELEX golf carts were under power compared to other options. They had introduced the 18 cubic inch engine golf cart in 1996 and they manufactured those for four years until the next edition. On the next upgraded model 625E and 625G, they have continuously changed their electric and gas golf carts to make them popular.

Engine type: The MELEX Company only produced gasoline golf carts for a long time. Because of the popular and market demand. They were on the market because of the gasoline golf carts. Gasoline golf carts were the reason they have been popular on the market for the first time. However, they had manufactured electric golf carts very late in their business. The first electric model of MELEX Company was the 512E that was manufactured in 1992. They started producing their electric golf cart models in the early 1980s but they didn’t get popular. The first electric golf cart that comes into popularity is the 512E model.

Body Style: The most manufactured model of MELEX was metallic. They have used metal for the golf cart body for a long time. The metal models 152 and 252 were manufactured in the late 1985s and it can be a major clue to identify the age of the MELEX golf carts. Later all the metal body was replaced by the plastic body in the 1985 edition. Having all the plastic body parts 412 was the first model manufactured by MELEX. In the beginning golf carts only had plastics just on their fenders and dash. After some time MELEX produced a golf cart mixing the metal and plastic body parts.

Differential details: First, open up the golf cart to check the differential. Try to find the manufacturer names on the parts. The manufacturer names will look like “Data by 1992”. MELEX was using this type of manufacturing name for some of the models but not for all. They had used this type of differential from 1992 to 1994. Before 1992 they hadn't used this type of manufacturing name.

Speed Control: Creating history in the golf cart in 1986, MELEX first manufactured golf carts that used modern solid-state motor speed controllers. If someone finds this type of feature in their MELEX golf cart, surely, it was manufactured after 1986. Without having a solid-state motor speed controller must have been produced before 1986. The exact year can be found by looking into the other features.

Name of the company: Throughout MELEX's business career in the US, it had been doing business joining with some other companies. Nagy golf and turf of the mesa, Arizona brought the assists in 2000. Owing to the MELEX Company’s assets they used to put their name and logo in the manufactured name. Therefore, one can easily understand the year of their golf cart having his company’s logo and name.

Tag number: One may get a tag number attached to the motor. Normally, the tag is made of metal and can be cleaned using a brush if the tag is dirty and not clear to understand. The tag number is normally a combination of month and year of manufacture. One may find a combination like 4/86, which means the cart was manufactured in April 1986. It may be possible that all MELEX carts don’t have this type of tag.

In case of finding the year of the MELEX golf cart, one has to follow the steps discussed above. One may not get the exact year but can get a relevant idea.

However, there is one last option one can apply in case of an emergency. They can always contact the MELEX Company about the issue. The MELEX Company is still ongoing and very responsible for the customer’s queries. One can send mail to their mailing address or can call directly in Poland.

Importance of knowing the golf cart year

If one is dealing with an old golf cart the most important thing one should know is the year of the golf cart. So that they can guess the age and stand a logic about the usefulness of the parts.

Knowing the year of the golf carts is also very important if someone wants to rebuild or repair them. Without knowing the year of the golf cart it’s hard to select the parts of the golf carts and buy them. One can’t replace any parts of their golf carts without knowing the year.

Final Words

In this article, we have tried to give an overview about “what is vintage golf carts and what year is my MELEX golf cart?”

Some golfers feel very emotional about vintage golf carts, they need to know details about vintage golf carts for maintenance and re-build purposes.

Also, to maintain and rebuild the MELEX and other vintage or recent golf carts one needs to know the year of the golf carts. It is very important to know the year of the golf carts to buy the parts of the golf carts. The MELEX golf carts have some complications so it’s required some different knowledge to find out the year of the MELEX golf cart. We believe his article will help anyone who wants to find the year of the MELEX golf cart.

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