What Is The Standard Bearer In Golf

What Is The Standard Bearer In Golf (Everything To Know)

Watching a Golf match or tournament has always been a great experience for the audience. You will find a perfect match of perfection, professionalism, and excitement in every match. Like other sports, golf is not a crowd game. You need to be patient and silent when you are watching this game. A standard-bearer in a golf court/field is a person who holds a mobile scoreboard with him. And walk around into the field with the player. And keep communication between spectator and referee. They show the score of each player after the round. And it is not a tough job if you have body strength and energy. It is easy and exciting to be a golf bearer. The reason behind it is that this is one kind of volunteer job. So you can do both volunteering and meet your favorite golfer. So now let us not waste our time and explore our article to know about this topic.

Standard Bearer in Golf

Standard-bearer an old-era military helping person who is used to grab a flag in his hand. He used to represent a country, state, or military section of a country. In Golf, a standard-bearer is a person who is used to help to organize and match referees. The job of a standard-bearer is carrying a mobile scoreboard in his hand and keeping the score. He needs to continue his contact with the match official and the player. In every round, he needs to update the score and inform the player. A standard-bearer can be a golf lover who has a good idea about the game. Because recruiting golf bearers is an easy job for the organizers. Bearer needs to be well healthy and has enough golf knowledge. So we can say that a standard-bearer is a person who is used to show players and the audiences the match score. And keeping contact with the match referee.

Standard Bearer Equipment

 Standard-bearer in golf one kind team member of the team. He always helps a certain group of people including match referees and officials. And a standard-bearer helps to understand the score to the audience and officials. There are mainly three types of equipment, which are mandatory to a standard-bearer. They are:

  • A standard (Scoring Board) - It is a board where scorers submit a score of the matches. A standard-bearer needs to carry it and change the scores on the board. He needs to carry it all around the field with the player and match referee. He needs to keep his eyes open to not miss any score. On this board, there is a section where you can out plastic numbers and alphabets. Though it is hard to carry a standard board with you all the time it is also a good thing is that you will able to be with your favorite superstar on the ground.
  • Number Pouch- A number pouch is a bag where the bearer is used to contain all the numbers. It is a very important thing. While you walking for the score into the ground, it is hard to contain scorecards in your hand. So bearer uses a number pouch to keep all the plastic number cards.
  • Carry belt- Carrying a belt is important to keep the pouch on a good point. This belt is used to help the bearer. Because they need to update the score in quick time. So for that reason, they use carry belts.

Who are Standards Bearers

 Standard-bearers are volunteers for this game. But most of the people come here for an experience. They want to see their favorite stars. Wants to talk with them and loves to have the best seat in the playground. But it is not an easy task to choose as a volunteer because there are thousands of golf fans. All of them are waiting for a chance to enter here. It is free to enter the post but you need to apply through a site. There is always a limited seat for the bearers. So you need to apply as soon as they want bearer.

There is no restriction of age and gender for applying. You just need to be physically fit. A bearer needs to walk all around the ground with players. So it is a great opportunity for a young bearer to do this. You are an amateur then you need to take some courses. There are lots of responsibilities in your hands. You need to keep the score perfectly. Inform the match official. Carrying a board which will show our crowd the match score. Another benefit of taking any short course is you will get preferences for this next time. But, indeed, you will not get the same players all time. Organizers will choose your partner and team. After that, you will be provided number cards, stand board and belt, and pouch. Now we have bearer, equipment and all. So what to do next? What should we do with these? Let us talk about it in the next outline which is “How standard board work into Golf”

How Standard Board Works in Golf

Standard Board is a place where all the information of the golf stands. As with scoreboards in other sports, this standard is a fixed thing. A standard board is a movable thing that is carrying by the stand bearer. In a standard board, they have included players' names, tournament names, and scores. When a player puts a ball into the holes, the bearer needs to change the score. Or when someone overcomes another into the scoreboard that time bearer needs to change the list. After the matchboard needs to have all the scores on the board. So a board bearer needs to be attentive and keep his eyes on the match. If he loses his attention he might forget to upload one name on the board. That will be a bad impact on the match. So a board bearer needs to be attentive and must need to understand golf perfectly.

History of Standard Bearer

When there is no internet or digital equipment to show scoreboards to the audience and players. How can organizers do that? How can they inform the audience about the score? By a Standard Bearer? Yes. A standard-bearer is an important part of old-day golf. There is no way for anyone without them. A bearer carrying a board into his hand and roaming around the ground, so that audience can see the score. And also it will help the match referee to count all the scores together with the help them. It is a tradition for golf. You can call it a heritage. Without it, golf will look so bad. And also you can use this to operate a golf match. Most of the players are very comfortable with this method. So we think this method should stay with other modern methods. And this thing must not be replaced or removed from the game.

Do not to do for Standard Bearer

Actually, a standard-bearer is like a volunteer. They are not allowed to know anything about the competition. They just need to collect the score. Update it to the board and pass information to the organizers and players. After that, they need to roam around the ground so that everyone can see the score. That’s all. Without it, there is no way or work available for them. A bearer cannot do anything with the scoreboard or they are not allowed to talk with the players unless the game is over. And also they are not allowed to help any players. They are recruited as a standard-bearer those have only some responsibilities. So now you can ask me why should anyone do this job. I just need to walk around with a board and put the score. After that, it`s finished? So why so many people want to do this job. The reason is “Glamour of this job”. For this reason, a lot of people want to do this job. In the next outline, we are going to talk about it briefly. So here we go.

The Glamour of this Job

 Golf is a famous game all around the world. And it is called a gentleman game. If you follow golf games you will see this is a game of patience and excitement together. There will be no loud cheer and crowd flash mob. Everyone just keeps quiet and watches the match peacefully. And after the end of every match, congratulate them by clapping. If you are a standard-bearer there are many ways you to meet a player. When you are carrying boards for him, you can easily get close to him. You can also watch him play so closely if you are interested to learn golf. You can earn some autographed cap, ball, etc from the player. Also, you can easily see the match from the best view.

 Because watching a match from a crowd and a match from inside the fields are two different things. If you are a bearer that’s mean you are a selected volunteer for this match. So you will be allowed to shake hands with the players. Taking photos with them and also getting personal relations with them. So you can say that this game is luxurious and for these reasons, everyone wants to be a part of the standard-bearer team. So there is also another question? This question is asked by every single golf spectator. If the standard-bearer is a volunteer then who will take responsibility for his work? “A scoring manager is a person who is walking with the volunteers and takes all the score from them to maintain the game. He has all the responsibility towards the game and his team. Now in the next outline, we are going to know about him.

A Scoring Manager

A scoring manager is a person who takes responsibility for volunteers. He walks with the bearers. See if they made a mistake or not. Help them to count the score. They are very important to a golf game because most bearer has little experience towards the work. So they need to be supervised. And this work has been done by a scoring manager. Scoring managers are used to working for the tournament committee for contract-based. And also after the tournament, they teach young players to learn the game.

Disadvantage of being a Standard Bearer

 As for now we are learning a lot of things about the standard-bearer. There advantages. But there is also some disadvantage of this job. First of all, you only have few things to do. And obviously, all of the bearers want more work for them. Because if I have to do only 3-4 works on the field and other time standing on the ground is not a good idea. Then you have to walk all around the field because you need to keep the score perfect. But you`re not paid any kind of payment.

There is no way to get a stable career as a bearer. Bearers are changing within the tournament. And also you have to spend all day here. They only provide some foods and snacks for the volunteer which are not enough for anyone. So it is truth maximum of volunteers go there because of their emotional attachments to the players. They go to that places, they can see their favorite players there. Also, they can get some kind of autographs and things. But no doubt it is not a suitable job for anyone. Not even as a volunteer.


After all, we can say standard board bearers are one of the fascinating jobs for golf lovers. They can easily meet their favorite icons, get some memory with them. They also can learn from their favorite players from a close range. But it is also true that it is not a good choice for normal people to volunteer for a golf match. It is not worthy. So if you want to know about the Standard board bearer in golf, you can read this article. This article is a combined hard work of our analysis team, research team, and writers. So we hope you`ll get enough information by reading this article.

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