What is the legal age to drive the golf cart

What is the Legal Age to Drive the Golf Cart?

A golf cart is a very important component in the golf game. They are used for transportation and carrying the game related instruments into the ground. As the golf grounds are enough big, golf carts are used by the golfers to reduce the pain of walking with the equipment. But there is a limitation of age for driving the golf carts. Let's start to know about the required legal age of driving the golf cart and the related details below:

What is the Legal Age to Drive the Golf Cart?

A golf cart is the two seated or four seated vehicles which has 4 wheels in it. For using as storage, some golf carts contain a good size storage compartment. Golf carts are run through either motor or batteries. Some of the countries have the limitation or restrictions on driving them. As they are run through using the motor or golf cart battery, a driving license is required to drive them in some countries.

There is no specific legal age for driving the golf court. Different countries and states have different age limitations to follow for driving the golf carts. For example, the rules of America will not match the rules of Canada. That is why; the legal age of driving a cart in one country may become illegal in another.

The common legal age in most of the states is 14 years. That means a boy or a girl of 14 years old can drive the golf cart all by themselves. They don't need any kind of driving license or statement to use for driving them. As the golf cart is not road legal, they are made for using in the golf courses. The good thing about the golf cart is, they are enough eco friendly and can be operated easily by anyone. A golf cart is now very much popular in various areas and sectors. In previous times, they were used at the golf course only. The golfers use them only for their gaming purposes. But now they have a good demand in some project, personal residents and some of the premium hotels too.

A golf cart basically doesn't have the same driving console as like as other vehicles, they are very easy to operate and use without any problem. Therefore, they get used by the teenagers in some areas. According to the state of North Carolina, golf cart drivers require a minimum driving license. The minimum age of driving the golf cart there is 16. A 16 year teenager boy or girl must need to have a driving license. But they are allowed only to drive on the golf course. The administration of North Carolina has the right to complain against the parents if that is needed. So they have very strict rules there.

The majority of these areas are limited from 14-16 years. That means, most of the areas require minimum legal age of 14-16 for driving the golf carts. And some of the areas have the rules of driving license for driving the golf carts. 

Golf Cart

Golf Cart

Golf Cart in Private Property or Other Areas

As we were talking about the legal age for driving the golf carts in golf courses, we will now know about the requirements of driving the golf carts in other areas.

In the world, there are a lot of areas and places where golf carts have been used. Some of the private properties contain golf carts in them. If they get to drive in those areas, there is no requirement to have a driving license or any kind of statement. But some of the guardians are concern about their loving ones. They let their children drive the golf cart after having a driving license or a proper driving of the golf cart. But some of the areas don't require any kind of thing at all. Like some 5 star hotels and tourist spots have golf carts to them. But they don't require any kind of driving license not even the legal age. But yup! They have to spend a good amount of money on their loving ones.

Generally, a golf cart is not as fast as someone thinks. A golf cart has a maximum speed of 25-40 kilometers. Some of the golf carts can run even 50 kilometers per hour. They are different in size too. But these high speed golf carts are not road legal. If they are, they have speed limitations to use.

Different Requirements of Legal Age

As we have discussed, most of the countries and states require a minimum age of 14-16, there are some countries and states that have the legal age of 13 too! In those countries, a 13 year old boy or girl can drive the golf carts easily. So there is no specific and fixed age requirement for driving the golf cart. That is why; it is good to drive the cart in other areas after knowing the rules.

In some countries, the golf carts get used in the local roads too. So these terms will help to provide some good safety information.

  • Most of the golf carts have a lower speed of the run. That is why the golf carts should have the "low speed limit" badge on the front side.
  • Golf carts should be prepared perfectly for using on the local roads and have the proper street legality registration.
  • Proper guidelines must have to provide the low agers before they drive

Important Steps to Follow While Driving the Golf Cart by Children

When the children will drive the cart, they should follow these serious steps:

  • First of all, they have to know about the breaking and controlling of the cart. Before let them drive alone, they must be trained perfectly by their guardians
  • Some of the golf courses or areas contain small size ponds or water sources. Stay aware of those areas so that the children avoid those routes.
  • Don't try to make a sharp turn or sharp break while driving the cart. As the carts have low wheel balance, they sometimes get overturned when they have any sharp turn or break. That is why, try to avoid speed and sharp turns
  • Some areas have bad or bumpy roads. In that case, try to reduce the speed and cross the road very carefully.
  • When a kid is driving the cart with passengers, encourage the kid to maintain a limited speed all the time
  • Make sure that the cart has emergency and responsive helpline management in them. So that, if any kind of occurrence happens, the guardians get notified.
  • Check the breaks, seat belts, and total golf cart before letting the children drive. They may not understand the mechanical functions if there is any problem

The best way that will keep the children and the cart risk free is, keep a guide with them whenever they drive the cart.

The most important thing that teenagers have to follow is, avoid speeding and use seatbelts. Some golf carts don't have seat belts used in them. In that case, make sure that the cart should contain good breaking in it.

Driving the golf cart by a teenage boy or girl is fun. Until they follow the rules and advice. But if they will try to cross them, this decision can make them suffer a lot. That is why; teach them the perfect and correct pattern of driving the carts. If it is done, they will automatically stay concerned about their safeties.

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