What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs?

The golf instruments manufacturing company is a huge industry. Many popular brands made every single necessary equipment used in golf for both female and male golfers.

The golf club is one of the necessary equipment that must in golf. As male and female golfers share different heights, body strength, and skills they will need different golf clubs. Because the height and strength of the golfer have effects on both the golf club and overall performance. That’s why golf club manufacturer companies made different types of golf clubs for both male and female golfers. By reading this article one will have a clear idea about the difference between men’s and women’s golf clubs.

What is the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

In golf, a golf club is a long thin metal or wooden stick that has a metalhead at the end of the stick and is used for hitting the golf ball on the course. Each club has a shaft with a grip and a club head. Before discussing the core one should know the basic types of the golf club. The golf industry mainly manufactured six types of golf clubs for both male and female golfers. Those are,

  • Drivers : This golf club is also known as woods. They used to make wood but in modern technology, people don’t do much with wood in golf. But to keep the history the drivers are called woods. The drivers are now made of steel, titanium, etc. Being the longest club in golf these clubs shaft is made of graphite and it has the largest clubhead too. Mainly golfers use this club for the tee box shot. Because of the long length of the club hitting the ball with this can cover a long distance.
  • Fairway woods: It also falls in the wood category as like the drivers but fairway wood doesn’t have any connection with wood. Like the driver's fairway woods shaft also made of graphite and the clubhead is a little smaller than the drivers. To cover a maximum distance golfer used this club. If one needs more control over the ball swing for a long-distance then fairway wood is a good choice.
  • Hybrids: It is the 21stcentury’s golf club and a product of the modern golf game. To improve the golf game it was made. The hybrid golf club is a combination of both wood and iron golf clubs' good features. It is useful to make airborne shots easily. As well as for the swing control and control over the stroke direction.
  • Irons: The iron golf club is highly used. Because with an iron club it is easy to hit a shot near the hole. Even many golfers use an iron club for tee shots. It is thinner and easy to lift compared to other clubs. That means one can get better accuracy from the iron clubs.
  • Wedges: The wedges are very similar to the iron because of their look. These clubs are specially made for some special situation on course. For example, if the ball lands on a sand surface then it’s hard to pick it up with the other club rather than wedges.
  • Putters: Golfers considered putters to be the most important club in golf. Though it’s an arguable statement. If someone is going to just put the ball into the hole then putters are the best option because of their flat clubface. It can help the golfer put the ball into the hole smoothly. The types of clubs mentioned above are engineered for both male and female golfers. But of course, there is some difference in clubs in the case of gender. Generally, women’s golf clubs are shorter, lighter, and more flexible compare to the golf clubs men golfers use. Often, manufacturer companies also manufactured golf clubs in different favorable colors for the female golfer like a pink golf club. But color does not change the performance. While manufacturing a club the companies consider the height, swing speed, strength of both genders. Because male and female golfers share different heights and strengths so the golf clubs will be different for them. The difference lies in some terms. Those are,
  • Length: To make the difference length is the most logical feature to start with. For men, the standard length of the golf club is 5’9” tall. Oppositely, the standard length of the women's golf club is 5’7” tall. Since women are shorter than men, the length of the club defers by ¾ to one inch shorter compared to men. If one is shorter than 5’7” then a standard women's golf club will work just fine. In case of holding shorter than 5’3” then one might look into the club shorter than the standard size. The women who are taller than the regular they may play with the men’s club. Sometimes lower handicapped female golfer’s play with the men’s length driver to cover a higher distance. It happens for the professional golfer who has control over the club and swing.
  • Shaft: The club's female golfer use normally has graphite shaft. Oppositely, man use shaft made of graphite and steel. The reason female golfer choose graphite shaft is to minimize the weight of the club. The lower overall weight helps the female golfer increase swing speed and increase the distance. In the case of distance, there is a gap of yards between men and women, but a proper swing speed and strength can cover the gap.
  • Grips: Grips are the rubbery part that is used to hold the club properly and comfortably. In general, women's hands are shorter than men's hands. That’s why the grip size of the women's golf club will shorter than the men's. Most of the male golfers use midsize grip but the women mostly use the junior size grip. As the size of the grip has a huge impact on golf one can’t use an oversized or smaller-sized grip in their club. That means men can’t use the women size grip, as well as women, can’t use the men size grip. If they do, they will feel uncomfortable, too tight, or too loose while holding the golf club. That will result in a bad swing, a bad shot, even the club can slip away from the hand. The case may be different in a special situation.
  • Lofts: To launch the ball in the air, loft in the club is important. Normally, men’s clubs are made with less loft compare to the female golf club. For men, the drivers have 9 to 10.5 degrees and for women, the loft is more than 12 degrees. Because, the female golfer has lower clubhead speed and may not have enough strength to make the ball fly properly, the extra loft help in that case.
  • Clubhead: Normally, the clubhead women use is slightly larger and lighter than the men's club head. As women have less strength that larger and slighter club head will allow a larger impact area to have more forgiving contact and it will increase the swing in an easy way for the female golfer.
  • Flexibility: The term flexibility matters in everything in golf. Without feeling flexible one can’t do well in golf. It's true for golf clubs too. The flexibility of using a golf club is directly related to the swing speed and strength delivery of the golfer. Women normally feel flexible using a women's standard size golf club and men's feels flexible using the men's standard size shaft. However, if a woman who has a larger height can look over the men's senior golf club.
  • Weight: The weight of the golf club is also important. If the overall weight of the golf club is higher than one can't lift it properly then it's not possible to have a perfect fit and perfect shot with that club. It's true for both male and female golfers. That’s why women choose lighter weight golf clubs.
Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

Between Men’s and Women’s Golf Clubs

Can female golfers use the golf club made for men

In general, No. The female golfer cannot use the golf club made for men. Because of female golfer height and weight less than the man. Also, female golfers don’t have the same level of strength as men. Since golf clubs are made by considering the height, weight, and strength level so female golf ers can’t use the same golf as men. However, some special cases exist. Some female height is almost equal to men, they even have enough strength to use a club made for men. They even can control the club with accuracy having perfect swing and the perfect shot.

Final Words

Golf clubs and golf balls do not know the gender, who is having the shot but the perfect shot is very much dependent on choosing the perfect golf club.

As we have discussed in detail about is the difference between men’s and women’s Golf Clubs, we believe it will clear the confusion regarding the question.

To have a good profile in golf one must choose everything along with the golf club wisely. Because every instrument varies for both males and females. Even an inch difference can change the game negatively. So be wise to choose.

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