What is the Difference Between EZGO TXT and RXV

What is the Difference Between EZGO TXT and RXV

EZ-GO has been a part of Textron Company since 1960. Two brothers established this company in 1954 aiming to build the best quality golf carts. This company is popular for its standard and specialized model. Now this company is ruling the manufacturing world of golf cars as a leader.

EZ-GO manufactures a huge number of golf carts, from them, TXT and RXV are very popular. Both types have so many benefits that make them worth buying. Though both models are good but different from each other. IF someone wants to buy a golf cart from EZ-GO Company then they must need to know what is the difference between EZ-GO TXT and RXV. This knowledge will help them make the right choice.

What is the Difference Between EZGO TXT and RXV

Before going any further one should know what TXT and RXV means.

TXT: TXT model is not EZGO Company’s model. TXT's parent company’s name is Textron and the TXT letters represent its parent company. This model belongs to the older generation and was made between the years 1996 to 2013. Golfers and others are still using this model widely. Even if this model is old but still has its charm that attracts many golfers.

EZGO is well known for its high-quality design, smooth ride in an inexpensive manner. The TXT model makes this statement more clear.

Currently, the company is manufacturing three different models. We will discuss the depth of each model.


  1. TXT EX1 Gas Model

Electric models are very popular these days but this gas model is the leader of the golf cart. Because it has a fairly good speed at a reasonable level of power. This model has an EX1 gas engine with a closed-loop EFI. Refined hydraulic shocks and extra absorbers make the ride smoother. Unlike the other model, this model performs well off-road.

  1. TXT Electric

If someone wants to buy an electric golf cart then it is a good option. This model is the most popular model of EZGO Company. It has a more powerful 48V DC drive train. It also has hydraulic shock absorbers like the gas model for a smooth ride. But it’s not a good off-road choice like the gas cart. This model comes with a battery charger along with a charge meter. The cart can have a smooth operation on the road all the time with no fear of shutdown.

  1. TXT Elite Lithium

This model is the uniquely upgraded version of the TXT electric model. This model is preferred by many golfers. This model upgraded the battery that lasts longer. Also includes fast charging and zero maintenance. This zero maintenance feature ensures the long life of the batteries. This model comes with an opportunity charging method that allows charging the batteries when they need charging. It is easy to keep this model in the best operational mood.

People can go on the road without worrying about charging because of this upgrade.


RXV is a vehicle safety system, which is unique. Also, RXV is a dominion technology of EZ-GO Company. They decided to call this model EZGO RXV. The company first launched this model in 2008. They are making a huge number of cars under this model and selling those individually as well as in golf clubs.

Generally, people considered RXV as an updated version of the TXT as it used much modern technology that feels more like Club Cart.

The good thing is this upgrade comes with a reasonable price and is not going to range it out of the budget.

The RXV model is more efficient in fuel usage because it is an AC drivetrain efficiency model. Having a trademarked system, a patented, and an intellibrake makes this model more unique.

All these upgrades make the RXV a better option for the people who want an upgraded version of TXT models.

Like TXT there are some different RXV models.

  1. RXV EX1 Gas

The RXV gas model is very similar to TXT in terms of engine. RXV uses the same engine as the TXT model.

However, RXV gas has some upgrades. Those upgrades make RXV gas more efficient, reliable, and useful than TXT gas.

The AC drivetrain feature of RXV makes it unique from TXT. This feature is more affordable and good for the environment.

This cart ensures a smoother feel and less noise. It has a unique carburetor and muffling system. That helps to produce a smoother, cleaner, and quiet ride.

This model doesn’t use any additional parts which reduce the maintenance cost.

  1. RXV Electric

This car is similar to the TXT model in the internal mechanism. It has a 48V AC battery like the TXT. Also, it ensures smoothness and efficiency.

Nevertheless, it has some upgrades in the design. It has an independent front suspension design. This type of design provides more support compared to other models. Because of this feature RXV, electric models are one of the smoothest carts on roads.

It has some special features like a series of fail-safe steps to keep the RXV stronger, secure, and able to carry a huge load. In Particular, it has a unique quick stop control mechanism.

  1. RXV Elite Lithium

This model is the most upgraded, comfortable, and high-quality option in the market. It also has zero maintenance features. Having a high level of power and way too fast charging capability this RXV is the best option.

Difference between EZGO TXT and RXV in terms of key features

In terms of key features both the models are different from each other in comforts, speed, motor types. RXV models ensure comfort and TXT models ensure utility.

Some key features and specifications that make TXT models different from the RXV model.

TXT Models

  • Engaging Feature

Three of the carts come with very comfortable seats. The seats are specially designed for enhancing the comfort level. Even if the road is uneven the ride will be comfortable and will end without getting a sore back.

Carts come with a large bag to cover the cart to protect it from bad weather. Also has a large amount of storage area.

The electric carts come with a large charging cable along with a charging meter.

This simple feature increases the comfort at a very low cost.

  • Frame Design

The carts have welded steel frames. It has a powder coat that protects it from rust, dust, and other issues. Each frame of the body has an injection modeled TPO that ensures it is the strongest and more reliable cart on the market.

The frames come in many colors like Black, Bright White, Flame Red, Ivory, Metallic Charcoal, and Ocean Grey, and so on. There are many custom colors customers can choose from.

  • Size

The average size of the TXT model carts is 93 inches in length and 47 inches wide. That is a standard size for a golf cart.

In height, the carts are a little different from each other. The gas and electric cart are 47.5 inches without a canopy. With a canopy, the height of the gas and electric cart is 67.5 inches. The elite lithium cart is shorter than the other. It is 66 inches with a strong and reliable wheelbase.

The wheel track is 38.5 inches in the back and 34 inches in front. For all models, the ground clearance is 4.5 inches.

  • Levels of Power

For the three carts, the power level is different. In that part, one can understand the difference.

The gas model has a single-cylinder OHV valve train having a four-cycle 9.15 cubic inch, 150 cc motor. It can produce 11.5 horsepower.

On the other hand, the electric model has a 48V DC battery and the elite model has a 56V battery. Both models are capable of 3 horsepower.

  • Riding Factors

TXT models have two seats but people can customize to 3 or 4 seats. They can be installed easily.

The electric and elite can create speeds of 14.8 miles per hour where a gas model can reach speeds of around 12 miles per hour.

The TXT gas model has a 500 pounds maximum weight capacity. The curb weight is 739 pounds for a gas model

For electric and elite models the maximum weight capacity is 800 pounds. The curb weight of the electric cart is 943 and 588 for the elite cart.

RXV Models

  • Engaging Features

Many unique features make RXV models worth buying.

For example, the impact resistance bumper feature will help to keep the cart strong and safe from any outer effects.

The contoured seats will support the back that ensures no back problem in an uneven road. This cart comes with an optional USB port, cup, glass holders, and fold-down windshield, which makes it more unique.

  • Frame Design

All the EZGO models have the same type of frames. Mainly, RXV and TXT are quite similar. Both come with injection-molded TPO body construction, have different colors.

  • Size

The size of RXV is very similar to TXT. It’s hard to separate them by size. However, they may have one or half-inch difference from each other.

This model is slightly longer but shorter than the TXT model. The average length is 94.5 inches. Have a similar width as TXT.

The wheelbase of this model is a bit narrow. It is 65.7 inches. The front-wheel tracks are 35.5 inches and the back wheel tracks are 38 inches.

RXV models have 4 inches of ground clearance. Which is 1.5 inches less than the TXT model?

  • Levels of Power

RXV has 11 horsepower and an internal starter-generator that helps it get going.

Having RXV electric and lithium 48V AC batteries, both models can reach 4.4 horsepower.

The electric cart has intellibrake technology. The motor brake helps the carts when it climbs the slopes. It works by slowing the cart while going up and down automatically. The brakes normally use energy but this break works differently.

  • Riding factors

All the models are 2 seated but can be customized. RXV gas can go 19 miles per hour where electric and elite can go more than 19.5 miles per hour. The RXV gas model has 692 pounds curb weight. The electric model has 905 pounds curb weight and the elite has 655 pounds curb weights. The elite model is lighter which makes it more comfortable.TXT or RXV, which model is better?

TXT or RXV, which model is better?

Both models have pros and cons. Most of the golfers prefer RXV over TXT because of the comforts RXV makes sure. There are some other reasons golfers choose RXV models, those are:

  • Ensure a smooth ride on an uneven road. Also, it can climb slopes smoothly.
  •     models have modern technology. Having the latest breaking system makes it more attractive.
  • Easy to find its parts.
  • It provides a comfortable and better ride.
  • It can reach a speed of 22 to 24 mph.
  • The batteries charge faster and have a longer life lines
  • RXV models have an extra USB port, cup, and glass holder.

In addition, with this many features, people also add some other features according to their comforts at a low price.

There are some reasons and situations when people avoid buying RXV models and prefer TXT models. Those are:

  • RXV models are more expensive than TXT models.
  • The battery configuration doesn’t match some peoples requirements.
  • The shipping charge is high as well as the key components are also expensive.

Final Words

Over time EZGO Company became very popular because of TXT and RXV models of golf carts. People are buying these carts because of the high quality at a minimum price. Though the TXT model is old but quite similar to the RXV model. That’s why a golfer or buyer needs to know what the difference between EZGO TXT and RXV models is.

Overall, both TXT and RXV models have some excellent features but RXV has the newest technology. However, the upgraded features of RXV make it a better option. RXV models ensure comfort and high prices and TXT models ensure utility at a low prices but none of them go beyond the budget.

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