Obstacle Golf

What is Obstacle Golf?

To the game lovers, the question what is obstacle golf? It is not a big deal. They know it and its invisible pleasure. However, the enthusiastic youth who venture into the new world of new games come across unknown statements. For them, Brave New World is something exciting, but the question what is obstacle golf? It may remain unanswered. Therefore, this article will acquaint you with the question of what is obstacle golf used in Brave New World.

Let us fly into the brave new world of obstacle golf. Please take a tour with us in this write-up to travel the brave new world.

What is obstacle Golf?

In the game Brave New World, obstacle golf is used for the first time in chapter-4. With Henry and Lenina, the term obstacle golf is introduced. Based on electromagnetic technologies, the game brave new world comes, which means that a metal ball can transform into a hole on its own. The significance of this game is that the inhabitants love and expect to take part with the rolling ball. In addition, many questions arise to wonder about its exceeding excitements.

Feelie in the brave new world

Many bulling boys, with their curious mind, explore new areas of the game. Therefore, this question comes under the question of what is obstacle golf? To this question, there is a simple answer. In movies, feelies are some creatures who sense their surrounding not only by sight and sound but touch. The viewers also get the same feeling while watching the film. By touch, the creatures come to know what the object is.

Purpose of the obstacle Golf

To keep manufacturer companies busy, the game expert has developed this game. Producing many parts of factories, this game plays a pivotal role. Complicating simple acts into difficult knots, this gameplay earns fame. This is the imperative purpose of keeping the factorial tasks engaged. To consume various parts of a factory, sometimes this game serves amazingly. It is increasing the consumptions of the produce from a factory, thrills.

If the gameplay does not boost consumption, it does not serve its purpose. Therefore, the gameplay has to busy the factory products. The gameplay has to use much apparatus from a factory. Otherwise, it will ruin.

Equality is another critical aspect of obstacle golf. Obstacle golf is for all, both upper and lower class. This game is enjoyed by all of the people, rich and poor alike. The game obstacle golf does not cost much. Anybody can play it. Conveyance like train or helicopter is accessible to all. That is why the game is appealing. As a result, knowing its significance, many ask what obstacle golf is?

What is obstacle Golf

What is obstacle Golf

Significance of the obstacle golf

As mentioned earlier, this game equates all; it also reveals the ridiculousness of a society. Besides depicting a dystopian society, it highlights a utopian society as well. Therefore, people get access to know a society better.

In the gameplay, though some characters, the viewers see how a government ruined a country. With power in hand, greedy governance can destroy its people and the country. In obstacle golf, you will see a different picture using soma- drugs and sexual interpretations. Going not into further elaboration, the obstacle golf presents a vulgar society. In this society, you will observe full of hypocrisy without friendship and humane feeling. Bernard, the character in the gameplay, goes alone. He does not wish to join society. For him, society does not require appeasement. As a result, he does not dare to get in. the melancholic character goes home and stay alone.

Abhorrent bitters his mind about the silly game. Here one society does not accept other society. This society is busy dealing with sex and some- drugs. To the character, the gameplay is barren with the feeling for each other. Commendable sense to accept others is absent also. Therefore, this game necessitates seeing the importance of knowing a society. This might help you know the answer to your question- what is obstacle golf? If you want to know How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball?


In this section, dealing with some questions- you may learn more. To your question- what is obstacle golf? We add more information. You may get your desirable questions answered.

What is Lenina?

A freemartin is her nickname. Her capability hides in her reproduction. Although she is productive, she should maintain contraception. This is the rule in her society though the society is open.

Who can be the godfather in the Brave New World?

Ford, as many consider him as the godfather of the Brave New World. The reason is that of his power in amassing drugs and controlling the sex trade.

Why is Bernard disliked?

In the gameplay, DHC does not like him. The commendable reason behind his dislike is Bernard creates trouble. In society, Bernard destroys stability. As a result, DHC does not like him. DHC threatens him in front of some big shots.

What is the significance of the soma holiday?

Soma holiday is seen in the Brave New World. The government of the state arranges the holiday. People enjoy the holiday. They might raise a question, how? Yes, the answer is here. People in society are with tiredness, weariness and family burdens. To relax mind, many go on the soma holiday. This is the significant role of the soma holiday to enjoy life. It helps to forget harsh life.

Why does John commit suicide?

The answer is simple. John, in the brave new world, cannot adopt immoral practices. He wishes to live a decent life. However, the chance was far from his reach. As a result, he chose to kill himself.

Why do people love Bernard?

People love Bernard due to his size. He is short in size. His size is not up to the standard size. As a result, people make laugh at him. This seems to him that people love him. Besides, people indeed love him.

Bernard & Lenina

In the brave new world, Bernard is the main character. He is known as the Alpha. His full name is Bernard Marx. Lenina is his lover in the brave new world. The two travelled to a land. In the land, they see the boss of Marx. He lost his wife. In the land, there was illegitimate life. They did not accept the life they saw. It was something strange for them.

Words to carry home

Now we clearly understand What Obstacle Golf is. The article has provided you with all the necessary information in a nutshell. To know more, you can search Google. Moreover, if you have any expert colleagues, you may approach them. This article has tried to reach you with basic tips about the game. This will help at a surface level to take a big jump. Therefore, read this article and quest your thirsty mind.

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