What is a staff golf bag

What is a Staff Golf Bag?

Golf bags are available in various types. From all of the bag types, one of the best bags is the staff golf bag. As the name suggests the bag will be carried with the help of staff such as a caddy. This bag is mostly used by professionals.

In the golf PGA tours, the professional players need to be relaxed and stress free so that they can give their best to win the game. For this reason, every professional player has a caddy who seems to carry the bag, gives the player advice, and provides mental support. For those professional players, the staff bag is a perfect choice. Also, the staff bag seems to uphold the personality and shows the ego of a player to other players.

What is a Staff Golf Bag?

A staff golf bag is a heaviest and sturdiest bag among all of the golf bags. These bags are very versatile and used for multipurpose as these are the largest golf bags. These bags are made of high quality, heavy duty, weather resistant, and durable materials so that the bag can last long. Some of the golf staff bags are made of plastic so that the accessories and all the necessary things remain dry and safe from harsh weather.

A staff golf bag features many things including many pockets, umbrella sleeves, handles, stand legs, and many club dividers. These bags provide a huge amount of storage space so that one can take along every single necessary thing with them. This bag also features a sturdy base so that one can keep the bag above the ground steadily. The staff golf bag is also known as the luxurious golf bag. These bags are designed with the company logos. However, these bags will cost a little bit higher than other golf bags, and as we mentioned before these are heavier than other bags. As these are carried by the caddy therefore there is nothing to worry about the weight of the bag for a player.

Who should use a staff golf bag?

The staff golf bag would be a perfect choice for professional golfers who participate in professional golf tours often. Because every professional golfer in the PGA tours seems to be assisted by a caddy. The caddy will carry the bag so there is no need to worry about for a pro.

On the other hand, those golfers who own a golf cart can use a staff golf bag as they do not have to carry the bag on their back throughout the whole golf course. However, they must consider the size of the bag. Because the size of a staff golf bag is larger than the regular golf bags which seems not to be fitted on the back of a golf cart.

For amateur golfers or golfers who do not own a golf cart, a staff golf bag can be a big problem. The staff golf bag is very heavy as these bags provide a great amount of storage and are made of heavy materials like leather. Carrying a staff bag on the back of a player is kind of very effortive and the bag will provide a huge amount of strain on the back of the player which can also cause spinal pain.

So we would like to recommend a staff golf bag for a golf professional golfer who is assisted by a caddie and a golfer who owns a golf cart that is large enough to carry a staff golf bag.

What is a Staff Golf Bag

What is a Staff Golf Bag

Types of Golf Bags

Golf bags are available in various types in the market. There are bags for professional golfers and also bags for amateur golfers. Also, there are bags for a golf cart owner and bags for foot walkers. Choosing a bag from all of these types is a bit tricky and can be confusing. Each of the bags comes with many advantages and disadvantages.

Basically, golf bags are available in 4 types. Let us discuss about these 4 types in brief so that one can get a suitable bag for their golf accessories.

Cart golf bag: A cart golf bag is made of those players who have a golf cart or push cart. These bags will sit on the back of a golf cart or a push cart and provides a huge amount of storage space for the accessories. Also, these bags feature more than 10 dividers for the clubs. The bag is designed with some handles and comes with a strap to secure the bag with the cart. While the bag is securely attached to the cart one can access all the pockets of the bag without any problem. However, some cart bag features single shoulder padded strap so that one can carry the bag on their shoulder if they need to.

Stand golf bag: The stand golf bag is very versatile and suitable for golfers who do not have a golf cart or a push cart and like to walk on the course. This bag features full-length dividers for the clubs and many pockets for accessories. As the name suggests these bags have stand legs so that one can keep these bags standing on the course. These bags are designed with padded double shoulder straps and a padded section for comfortable carrying. These bags are lighter than the cart golf bags. Some manufacturers add features so that one can carry the stand bag while traveling on a golf cart. Those manufacturers design their golf cart bag with a strap so that they can secure the bag with the cart.

Staff golf bag: The staff golf bag is the largest and the heaviest bag of all of the golf bags. These bags feature an immense amount of storage for all the necessary things for a golfer. Also, the staff bags are designed with club protection. Basically, the professionals seem to be using these bags on professional tours. These bags are made to keep all things safe from the outside world. But the staff bag can be a huge problem to carry by a golfer. That is why professional players use caddy so that they can remain stress free.

Carry golf bag: These types of golf bags are the lightest golf bags in the market. The carry golf bag features storage for essential things like clubs, balls, and other necessary things. These are designed with double shoulder straps for distributing the weight of the bag equally on both shoulders. The shoulder straps are padded so that it feels comfortable to carry the bag. These bags feature a large zipper pocket and sometimes a ball pocket.

Are Staff Golf Bags Worth it?

As the staff golf bags provide immense storage space and keep all the necessary things safe from the outside, therefore, it can be said that staff golf bags worth it. However, these bags are suitable for those players who have a caddy to carry their bag, who have a golf cart, and who like to bring many accessories on the course.

How Heavy is a Staff Bag?

The staff golf bags are the heaviest golf bags available in the market. These bags can be weighed from 20lbs to 50lbs. So carrying a heavy bag of this weight range can be a big pain. Also, these bags will provide a huge amount of strain on the back and the spine.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, the staff golf bag is highly recommended for those people who are always assisted by a caddy in the golf course. Those golfers who are not assisted by a caddy should not purchase this bag as they will get tired off by carrying this heavy weighted bag on their bag.

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