What is a shank in golf

What is a Shank in Golf?

One of the most feared and awful shots in golf is known as the shank. This little word puts fear into the heart of a golfer. Both high handicappers and pros also hit a shank. Only one shank can ruin a good game and can be the reason for a player's loss.

Generally, a player does not seem to hit shank often but when a player hits a shank then it likely seems that the person cannot get rid of the shank easily. It seems that when a player hits a shank the player wants to get rid of this problem very quickly and it makes them wonder how this happened. Nobody wants to deal with the shank shots in a good golf round.

What is a shank in golf?

Basically, a shank occurs when a golfer hits the golf ball with the inside of the club which is known as the club hosel instead of hitting the ball with the clubface. The club hosel is the point of the club where the shaft meets the clubface. The shank is also known as the hosel rocket. So a shank means the golfer is not able to hit the ball with the surface of the club. The shank will shoot the ball to the right side instead of shooting the ball straight towards to aim. A shank creates doubts inside the player’s mind which can ruin the confidence of the player and the player will fear to take the next shot. Golfers fear this shot very much and most players do not like to hear this word in the course. Some coaches even hate to demonstrate this shot while teaching the players.

What causes a shank?

It can be seen that in every professional tour professional golfers seem to hit shank and also it can be often seen that high handicappers hit a shank. After, hitting shank they seem to wonder what is the reason and what causes them to shank the ball. Let us discuss the reason why both players hit a shank.

If a high handicapper is shanking the golf ball then the reason is probably the player is swinging the golf club too far out to in. The too far out to in means that while swinging the club the player swings the arms and the club too far out from the ball. At the time of the impact, the clubhead gets out closer to the ball which causes the hosel of the club to hit the ball not the clubface to hit the ball. This will cause the ball to travel off the track to the right and lower to the ground. This is the reason behind the shank shot of high handicappers.

On the other hand, for low or high handicappers, the reason can be the opposite reason of high handicappers. That means the reason for a low handicapper is that while they swing the club they seem to swing the club too far to the inside. They seem to drop the club too far underneath towards the ground and expose the hosel of the club to the ball which causes a shank.

These two reasons are the primary reasons why both high and low handicappers shank the golf ball depending on their skill level.

What is a shank in golf

What is a shank in golf

How to cure shank?

There are many ways how one can cure their shank shot based on their mistakes. Some golfers seem to think that they hit shank shots because they hit the ball with the open clubface and start hitting the ball with close clubface to cure this problem which makes things even worse.

Here are some tips on how one will be able to cure the nastiest shot.

Tip 1: The first drill to cure the shank shot is using the headcover. Bring the headcover and place the head cover in front of the ball. Then while addressing the ball make sure that the toe of the club is almost touching the headcover. Within the first few shots, one will notice that the toe of the club is hitting the head cover. Hit more balls and at the time of addressing the ball with the club make sure to hit the ball with the club toe. One should keep hitting balls with the help of the head cover till they feel that they are swinging from inside and swinging out to the target.

This will help one to cure the shank by overcoming the close clubface shots.

Tip 2 (For high handicappers): This drill is for the high handicappers. To know why a high handicapper causes a shank read what causes a shank in the above part in this article. Here are the steps how a high handicapper can cure the shank problem.

  • Take the regular stance and then bring the lead foot couple of inches forward closer to the ball and then pull the trail foot a little bit back.
  • Then at the time of addressing the club with the ball, simply make a backswing and while swinging forward swing the club and the handle to the right and rotate the club to the left a little bit in a circular motion.

With these two simple steps, a high handicapper will be able to overcome the shank problem. Hit many balls till one feels that they are not producing any more shank shots.

Tip 3 (For low handicappers): This drill is for low handicappers. As we described before that a low handicapper faces the opposite problem of the high handicappers the overcoming steps are also the opposite.

  • Similarly, take the regular stance and then simply pull the lead foot couple of inches backward.
  • While addressing the ball, one needs to keep the lead shoulder low and work back towards the left.

With this proper stance and shoulder movement, a low handicapper will be able to get rid of the shank shot.

Tip 4: The most common problem that seems to occur is that some player thinks that they are standing very closer to the ball and that is why they are hitting the ball hosel of the club. Therefore, they seem to stand far from the ball so that they can hit the ball with the clubface properly which makes things even awful.

If one stands far from the ball then one thinks that he has to move the body very little to reach the ball which will create more shank shots. That is why one needs to stand closer to the ball instead of standing far away.

Can standing too close to the ball cause a shank?

Standing too close to the ball is also another reason for the shank. Standing very close to the ball will create a minimal amount of swing angle and the body of the golfer would not be able to rotate to the fullest in order to provide a perfect shot. However, standing too far also can be the reason for the shank shot. Therefore, one must stand in a position that is not too close and not too far from the ball and which will help the golfer to have the perfect swing angle.

Final Words

Shank shots can ruin a very good golf round. It can be the reason for a player to give up as the player will lose the confidence of a better shot. The shank can be overcome easily with practice. So there is nothing to worry about if one produces a shank shot all of a sudden in the middle of a game. The tips above will show one how they will be able to cure the golf disease known as the shank. However, first of all, one must identify why they are hitting shank shots.

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