What is a Good Golf Score

What is a Good Golf Score? Essentials Complete Guide

Golf is one kind of gentleman game which is played in a large air course. Modern golf is invented in Scotland. One thing that confess me early when I involve in golf I don’t know what is a good score. I thought 80 up is a good score and when I didn't break 80 I think I can't play well. I can't understand properly which is a good score and which factors are depending on the golf score.

What is a Good Golf Score?

It takes time to understand properly that good or bad score are related with a player's handicap. In golf the term par means the probable number of shots that it takes to play each hole. Golf courses have a par ranges between 70 and 72. Any score in at par and under par consider at a good score. In this article, I discuss with you what a good score in golf is.

Golf Scoring Terminology

To know what is a good score we need to know firstly in which terminology consider a good score. There is some terminology that affects in golf scoring. In this box here I describe it:




You need to hole it in one shot off the tee box.


It is scoring 3 par in one hole though it is sea rare but it can happen in 4 or 5 par shots.


Eagle is the 2 par in the same hole. It can be seen in 5 par shot but luckily, you can see it in 4 par shot.


Birdie means you need to 1 par of the hole. The more average golfer can do it.


Par means the same score for the same hole


Scoring need to  +1 par hole is a bogey

Double bogey (buzzard)

You need to score +2 par hole mean double bogey.

Triple bogey (grouse)

Triple bogey is scoring + 3 par hole. It is a high score if you play Stableford.

Quintuple bogey (turkey)

Quintuple bogey needs to scoring +4 par holes. You can chive it and more if you are stroke play. It is the turkey form of golf.

Quintuple bogey

You need to put par holes called a quintuple bogey.

Sextuple bogey

Simply put +6 par hole is a sextuple bogey

Septuple bogey

Put hole in +7 par holes is called a septuple bogey.

Octuple bogey

You need to hole +8 par holes called octuple bogey hopefully, you can't do this score.

Good golf Score

A good golf score means not only how the shot will take to put a ball in a hole. It also considers some other terms. Hole, par, bogey consider the golf score. Golf courses normally consider a par that is between 70 and 72. If your score is par and under par, that is a good score.

Overview: In golf playing, a par is considering the excepted number of shots that it takes to play a hole. Holes are usually two, three and four or five pars and the total pars compare the course. A golf course normally has par ranges between 70 and 72, the par score is level or under is considered a good score.

Beginner or amateur: The beginners who have no playing experience in golf dream to shooting par but he can’t able to shot par because he is amateur. Scoring the one over par each hole is more realistic playing meaning the par 72 at 18 holes. A score is less than 90 is considered a good game. The amateur plays quite unrealistic. They want to accomplish it but they cannot do it. A beginner need to training properly for playing a par. The champions are multitude club are less demanding to major cup.

Professional: The score of playing professional golfer is invariable by under per. The advantage of five round play sometimes takes five over a course that's why it takes long time like an amateur player. These courses are deeply rough and can irritate and can be light first open. However, a professional golfer needs to this skill that he can handle any condition. The players who shoot it in the lowest ever single point were the mid 60s. The best score played it 72 total holes play.

Majors: The four major golf tournaments are masters, U.S open, the British Open and the PGA championship. A good score in this event is so much tough and it is different from normal PGA games. The course is designed to present best challenge in the world best golfers. The master tournament is designed through a good golfer can easily good score one or to shop par.

This is depending on good weather conditions. The US open is held in June. It is made in drastic condition specially the length of rough around the fairways, which pay players dearly when the bad shot is struck. The British course played in a different course in every year. It plays in July in the United Kingdom sometimes wind blowing and the weather is rainy and damp. In this condition a good score is 70 or 71. Of the all major tournament, the PGA is lowest score each year held in august. Although the event held in course you can do a good score in a consistent basis. The major trophy played by Pro and experienced player. You need to great skill to play a major trophy. US open is popular among all major trophies.

What is a Good Golf Score?

Over 18 holes: The average scoring in PGA tour is 18 holes. This session needs 71. 46. Most courses considering a par 72. The average player shoots per -1 for the round. A good score in any tour is -2 to -5. If a score is less than it is exceptional. Now, if we know this is a score of amateurs, we would be de-motivated. That's why handicaps come into play.

If once you able to do a good score you will determine your skill. Depending on your handicapped, you will be shocked but if you overcome one time that you will come up with this situation. Less your handicap from your gross score it can provide you net score. It is important because it shows that how you perform total per of the course. If you shoot in -2 to -4 it is considered as a good score. For example, if you played a 18 obstacle, you shoot 86 on  72 par course that means you create 68 score which is good.

Over 9 hole: In 9 hole a good score is one or two under par. If the total par for 9 holes is 36 a good at golf score will be 34 of 35. In an example, If your handicap is 22 you divide it by two and get 11. If you card a 45 in 9 holes, you minus 11 and get 34. That means the shoots of net score of -2 in the 9 holes are a good score. If you practice well and play carefully in is not hard to good score in 9 hole course.

Is 85 a good golf score?

Whether you are an amateur player or pro player in golf your target is to lower your golf score. Every golf club looks a low scorer golfer. They took them to get a regular lesson from pro.

Statistical average: According to the national golf foundation data only 26 percent of all golfers shoot below 90 on a 18 holes course. 45 percent golfer takes 100 strokes per round on average. A player who can take 85 scores is considering a good score in golf.

Frequency of play: According to harry hurt a player who can shoot between 80 to 89 in middle proficiency. Those who played average about a week. Who played 4 times in a week can be able to increase their frequency. Who wants to lower their score into the 70s need to practice and to play. If your business and family responsibility is an obstacle between your playing a 85 score is acceptable even good.

Course difficulty: The golf course is varied with its difficulty. The course is getting difficult in some reason like numerous water hazards, tight driving areas and small greens that are heavily defended by sand traps. In a difficult course, a score in around 85 is excellent like US open course for an amateur.

Weather condition: Even the score of PGA tour are affected by weather condition. Windy weather is more difficult to judge yardage. Many times when wind are comes in the morning and blowing till afternoon those player are lucky who are shoots in early tea time. And those who played in afternoon wind need to be tricky. In this condition for a amateur, a score in 85 is really good score.

Golf experience: When a beginner golfer plays a game they aimed to break 90 it for the first time. For young people aged 12 to 16 mid 80s shooting shows they are right in their way to becoming accomplished golfer as an adult. For a adult experienced, golfer shooting 85 would be recognized as a good score. Golf is not an easy game. If you want to a good player, you need to practice and direction from a pro player before you can shoot 85 consistently. 

What strokes are good scores?

In strokes, golf is average 90 strokes for every 18 holes played. The score applies for an amateur player par 72 courses. A good score can be a maximum of 108 score while a bad score is 120 per stroke or higher. Golf is a complex game and has different skill levels.

Final Words

Golf is a gentleman playing the game. Golf is popular in Europe and commonly played this continent. Golf is invented in Scotland in mid 15 century. Usually, golf is for the experienced player because it is a hard game. Amateur players aren't able to play properly and they can't do a good score. So they need to focus on it and need more practice. If you want to be an amateur player, you need to practice 4 times minimum in a week. Also, you need to direct from a pro player.

Usually, a score in around 85 is considering a good golf score but it depends on some important factor. One of these important factors is handicapped. You need to outcome this handicap properly. Another considerable factor is wind hindrance and water hindrances. You need to be tricky in windy weather to get a good score. And sometimes golf playing time happens in the rain and it creates a great impact in golf match. To get a good score, you need to set up a milestone. Milestone is a great way to improve your score.

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