What is a good golf score for 18 holes

What is a Good Golf Score for 18 Holes?

Golf is a very interesting game. When someone plays for the first time in their life they play the game for fun. But after playing several times they get drawn to the game and they want to improve their skill level and their scores. For improving the game they track their scores every time and search for the improvement after each time they complete a round. They compare the score with their previous scores.

What is a Good Golf Score for 18 Holes?

Golf is a self competing game. Each time a golfer plays to improve the precious score. Today, we will tell you about the score of golf. After reading this article, one will know what is a good golf score for 18 holes and what is bad.

Good Golf Score for 18 Holes

Some say the good golf score for 18 holes is 100 and some say it is about 108. While others say that a good golf score is anything below 120. Because 120 is higher than the average. But I would like to say that the good golf score for 18 holes is any number between 100 to 110.

However, there are some differences. The number 120 which is considered to be a bad score is a good score for beginners. Also, a good score is a bad score for professionals and scratch players. Also, a good score is an average score for the average level golfers.

Average Golf Score for 18 Holes

The average golf score for 18 holes is 90 to 95. Golfers with this score level can be called intermediate players. However, this score is relatively difficult for beginners. Therefore it can be said that the average score of 18 holes for a beginner is 100.

Here beginners mean those players who play golf once or twice a month for fun purposes. Also, those players, who touched a golf club for the first time in their life. From the above part, it can be said that an average player needs 90 to 95 strokes to complete 18 holes. On the other hand, a beginner needs 100 strokes to complete 18 holes.

Bad Golf Score for 18 Holes

As we said before that a score of 120 can be considered a bad score. That means a score in the range of 120 or above is not a good score at all. This is a very ashamed score for intermediate and professional golfers.

However, this can be a good score for that person who just touched the club for the first time and scored anywhere near 120. But those beginner golfers who are playing golf regularly and scoring this range have to improve their game. A score of 120 or 121 means that one is using a minimum number of 30 percent shots to complete the holes.

What is a Good Golf Score for 18 Holes

What is a Good Golf Score for 18 Holes

What are the Factors that Determine the Golf Score of a Golfer

There are three important factors that determine the golf score of a golfer. These are age, handicap, and experience.

Age of the golfer- Age is a very important factor that impacts the score of a golfer. A kid golfer would not be able to complete a par 4 hole in 4 strokes. A kid will take 8 to 10 shots to complete a hole. On the other hand, an old golfer will also need relatively more stroke than a young age or average age golfers. Children and old golfers need more stroke to complete a hole than the average aged players because of the lack of strength. Also, children do not have enough knowledge or skill to complete a hole with the exact par or 2 more strokes than the par.

Here is a chart of the average golf score depending on age.


Average Score for 18 holes

Below 10 years

140 to 180 shots

10 to 20 years

90 to 180 shots

20 to 30 years

85 to 90 shots

30 to 40 years

90 to 92 shots

40 to 50 years

91 to 92 shots

50 to 60 years

90 to 90 shots

60 to 70 years

91 shots

Above 70 years

92 to 94 shots

Handicap- The good and bad score is relative depending on the handicap of the players. Depending on the handicap the good score of a player can be the worst for others. To know whether you are a good player or bad you must know the score of your handicap. The handicap score of a player is determined by the potential of the player. Handicap score is not measured by the average of the player all scores. Here potential means that the score of the handicap is determined by measuring the best score from the previous rounds of the player. Such as, the best 10 scores of the player from the last 20 scores will be used to determine the player’s handicap score.

Experience- When it comes to golf experience plays a very vital role in the scores. But achieving the experience is very difficult. One has to sharpen the skill of his or her overtimes to become a skilled and experienced player. There are many golfers who are known as Scratch Golfers. These golfers are very experienced and have a handicap score of 0. These players can hit their tee shots for 250 yards approximately which are relatively very far. That means the scratch golfers need only 2 shots to cover 450 yards with ease. Becoming a scratch player is kind of a dream for all golfers. However, it is not that easy. Many people are trying for years and could not able to reach the level. But that does not mean one cannot become a scratch golfer. Try your best and who knows you may achieve it in just a couple of months. If you want to know Golf Cart Hub Caps.

What is the Key to Progress in the Score of Golf?

To progress or to improve the score one needs to improve the skills continuously. Because improving in golf is known as a constant process. One cannot have progressed in the score just in a couple of months. Also, one cannot just get disappointed and lose hope of improving.

Basically, a par-4 18 holes golf course need 72 shot to complete the course. In the beginning, a beginner should aim to complete each hole within 6 to 8 shots. Then after some time, the player should aim for fewer shots. That’s how a beginner should aim to get progressed.

Also, a player should not try to compete with other golfers. If a beginner goes to compete with a skilled player who has been playing for a very long time will get disappointed every single time. Therefore one must compete with own. Do not rush to have progressed in a couple of days. Take your time and make the progress slowly. The more time you take to have progressed the more skilled player you will become.

Final Words

Today in this article, we have discussed about the score for 18 holes. This article will be a great help for those golfers who have started their golf journey. Also, one who has been trying for years to improve the score of the game will get benefited from this article. Here we have discussed about all types of scores of 18 holes golf. Take your time and read this article. I am sure that it will become very beneficial for you.

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