What is a Golf Ball Marker

What is a Golf Ball Marker?

A golfer needs many accessories for a golf session including clubs, tees, balls, gloves, rangefinder, and ball marker. All of these accessories are very important for a golfer. Golfers must make sure that they have packed all of these accessories in their bags before going for a tournament or just for a golf session.

Today we will talk about what is a golf ball marker and how to use it. Because most of the new golfers do not know about it and often ask about the golf ball marker. This will help the new golfers to understand the importance of the golf ball markers.

What is a Golf Ball Marker?

A golf ball marker is an identifier. It is used to identify the position of the ball or it can be said that it is used to mark the position of the ball. Marking the ball helps a player to remove the ball from the green.

A golf ball marker should be a small and flat object. One can use many things as a marker, but the person needs to confirm that the object is flat and small and not obstructing other ball's way. One can use coins, paper, and other objects because there is no specific rule for the markers. Using a coin as a golf ball marker is one of the most common methods. However, players can use their own customized golf ball marker to mark a golf ball.

Why Marking a Golf Ball is Necessary?

In a golf course, there will be many golf balls. It is possible that there are two or three balls in the green and these balls are few feet away from the cup. If there is a ball in the way of your ball and the cup then what would you do? Most probably, you will get irritated. At that time the golf ball marker plays a very important role. The owner of that golf ball will mark the ball and will simply remove the ball from the way of your ball. So that you can hit the hole easily without having anything in your way. However, if the ball is not marked and your ball hits the other's ball then you will get two stroke penalties for you. Also, if the ball is not in the way and it is in a corner of the green one also must mark the ball. Not marking the ball will be poor etiquette. Because the ball will distract other players in the green. Therefore for these reasons, one must mark their ball in the green.

How to Use a Golf Ball Marker?

One must know how to mark their golf ball correctly. Regarding marking a golf ball there is a rule that one must follow. According to the rule of USGA Rule 20-1, "One must mark the position of the ball that is about to be lifted by placing a marker. And if the marker is in front of a ball and obstructs the way then the marker should be placed one or more club head lengths to the side.”

Here is the way how one should mark their golf ball.

  • The traditional way of marking a golf ball is simply to put a coin directly behind the ball. Then simply lift the ball and remove it. One must not lift the ball before marking the position of the ball. Or else they can get a penalty.
  • If the marker is in the direct line of someone else putting then as the rule says they should move the marker to the side. While moving the ball one should aim it at something that they can remember easily like a tree or some other objects in the course. Then simply line a putter club beside the marker and remove the marker to the aimed side.
  • After that, while placing the ball back in the position make sure to place the ball exactly in front of the ball marker. If the marker was moved to the side then make sure to line the putter again then place the marker in the right position then put the ball back.

Warning: Do not place the marker to the side of the ball or in front of the ball. Doing this can give you a big disadvantage. Also, while marking the ball or placing the ball back again, make sure not to rush or not to be very clumsy. Because while marking the ball if one accidentally kicks the ball then the person will get a penalty. Also, while placing the ball back in the position again one must not drop the ball over the coin accidentally or anyhow. Dropping the ball over the coin will cause one stroke penalty.

Also, while placing the ball back one needs to make sure that they are placing the ball to the right and exact position where they remove the ball. If they accidentally forget the point and place the ball in the wrong place then they will get two stroke penalties. If you want to know golf cart light bar.

What is a Golf Ball Marker

What is a Golf Ball Marker

What should I Use to Mark a Golf Ball?

As long as the marker you want to use is very flat and small you can use anything. The traditional way to marking a golf ball is using a coin. Because the coin is very flat and mostly while the coin is placed in the green the coin becomes unseen. Almost all players use coin as a marker.

However, it would be wise to have one’s own customized marker. Because if there are more than two players ball in the green and each player are using coins to mark their balls. Therefore the marking coin you used can become deceiving. Also, sometimes it can be seen that one player claiming another player's marker as their own on the course. Therefore many players use their own customized golf ball marker. Also, now a day one can get a golf ball marker from a golf store. These markers are constructed by having the most favorite golfers logo printed over them or the company logo printed on them. As these markers are unique, players would not face any problem with finding their own markers.

Final Words

Marking a golf ball in the green is very essential. Marking a golf ball properly is also very essential to get safe from penalties. This article is very helpful for beginner golfers as this article is consists of many important things related to the golf ball marking process. Reading this will help one to understand how to mark the ball properly and one will able to know about the marking rule of USGA. Also, we have discussed about the penalties one can get if they do not mark their ball properly on the green.

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