What is a gimme in golf

What is a Gimme in Golf?

The word gimme is the usual contraction of the two words ‘give me’. Many players do not know about this word especially the beginners. This word in golf is a hit that the opponents agree as completed and the player does not have to even play the shot.

Gimme occurs when a player putt the ball and the ball came relatively very close to the hole like just some of the inches leftover and stopped. Then to put the ball in the hole the player does not have to play the next shot if the opponents say it is a gimme. That means without hitting the ball in the hole the next shot has been counted as a success. But one cannot count gimme by himself or herself.

What is a Gimme in Golf?

Are Gimmes Official?

Gimmes are not official at all. In any golf game which is held under the official rules of golf, gimmes are not allowed and one cannot claim a gimme under any condition. However, gimmes are unofficial and these are common in recreational, casual, or in friendly golf matches.

Gimmes are not allowed in official golf rules because there is some poor putter who abuses this word. Some players do not have the confidence to putt the ball inside the hole and ultimately they claim to gimme. On the other hand, some golfers think the gimme is counterproductive to good putting. The gimme reduces the confidence of a player. They say that a golfer must see when the golf ball drops into the cup and creates the dropping sound. They also say that it is a pleasure to the eyes and also a great way to build confidence.

However, in recreational or casual, or friendly matches gimme plays an important role by reducing the estimated time of a golf round.

How Long is a Gimme?

The length of the putt is treated as a gimme if the ball is inside the leather. Basically, the length of the gimme is measured with the help of the putter club. The distance is measured by putting the putter club head on the edge of the cup and then place the handle of the club towards the ball simply putting the club on the green. If the ball is somewhere between the putter head and the bottom of the handle grip then it would call a gimme and one can pick the ball up.

However, some players do not even bother with the measurement. They just simply observe the ball and use their personal life experience to give the decision. Because as gimme is a time saving process so why they should bother with measuring and wasting more time.

When a Putt is Called Gimme?

There are some rules when a putt will be called gimme. In the above, while we described about the term gimme we have almost told about the rules with the definition. Now let us describe the rules in detail.

  • The first rule of gimme is if the ball is inside the leather. Now, what is inside the leather means? The inside of the leather means when the ball is relatively close to the hole than the distance of the putter head and the bottom of the grip then it will be called gimme. The distance may somewhere between 2 feet or even a little more.
  • The second rule of gimme is if the ball is inside the radius of the full length of the radius then it will be called a gimme. This rule is the same as the first one. But the difference is that in the first rule the player only gets the distance of the putter head to the bottom of the grip. But here the player will get a full radius.
  • Some players do not use the measurement of the putter. They just consider a ball is gimme when the ball is 1 to 3 feet near to the cup. This rule is suitable for skilled players who can hit the cup from a long distance. Some poor putt player may seem to abuse the gimme and want to have gimme if the ball is far than 2 feet away from the cup.
  • However, there are some players who are very niggardly in terms of giving gimme. They like to give gimme if the ball is 6 to 8 inches near the hole.
What is a Gimme in Golf

What is a Gimme in Golf

When a Putt is Not Gimme?

There are some moments when a putt is not given gimme. These moments are:

  • When a player is about to win the hole or the game, if the ball is relatively near to the hole some players would not call it a gimme or give gimme. They want the player to hit the hole and to see that whether the player can hit the hole or not as the winning depends on this shot.
  • Sometimes players often play side bets in a golf game. If they bet on a birdie then whether the ball is very close to the hole or within 2 feet it would not be called a gimme.
  • We have talked about this in the previous part. As there are many serious golf players around us. These players would not care about reducing the time, reducing the effort, or speed up the game. They just want the player to go for the hole. These types of players would not give a gimme at all whether the ball is 5 to 6 inches near the hole. If you want to know Colored Golf Balls.

Difference between Gimme Putt and Conceded Putt

The gimme putt and conceded putt are nearly similar. But the differences between them are that in conceded putt one golfer tells the opponent golfer to assume their next putt is made. When both players agree with the decision then the ball is counted to be as holed without requiring the opponent to hit the hole. The conceded putt is only allowed in the match play. As we said before gimme putts are only allowed for friendly and unofficial matches. The gimme putts are not allowed in the rules where the conceded putts exist in the rules.

Final Thoughts

This article contains the details of the golf term gimme. Here we have discussed about gimme and we have discussed the rules of a gimme. Also, we have discussed about the differences between the gimme putts and the conceded putts. However, in a game, a player must not ask for gimme from the opponents as it is kind of unprofessional. One can use it to reduce game time. But it would be wise to not use gimme so that one can see the ball rolling to the cup to build confidence.

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