What does a full set of golf clubs consist of

What Does a Full Set Of Golf Clubs Consist Of

A full set of golf clubs consisting of driver, fairway woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putters. According to the law of USGA, a player doesn't carry more than 14 golf clubs on their golf bag. Some of the players of golf carry 12 golf clubs on their golf bags. This varies according to player level. Earlier USGA gave an option for hiring a golf club from other golfers.

But now a player can hire a golf club only from their golf partner. In a golf tournament and golf tour like PGA, players are playing with golf sets. Nowadays golfers want to play their shots with a perfect golf club. USGA also give punishment to the golfers, if they bring more than 14 golf clubs to the golf course.

Combination of the Golf Clubs in a Golf Set

The combination of golf clubs fully depends on the type of player. There are no mandatory rules for the golfers to select their golf club for a set. All the players do not play golf in the same way. The results of the golf club player also are not the same. However, there are some basic options for choosing the golf clubs for completing a golf set. People divide the golfer into two categories. Like;

  • Amateur golfer
  • Professional golfer

There should have a different combination of golf clubs for a different levels of players. Usually, an amateur golfer wants to improve and learn their game. People who started to play their game recently are known as an amateur golfers. At that moment they don't need all the 14 golf clubs for play. That time golfer wants to learn the skills and techniques of the game. This is obvious to learn all the types of shots.  However, beginner players should start their game from the basics of golf.

 Golf clubs of an amateur golfer golf set are mentioning below:

  • One driver golf club
  • One 3 wood golf club
  • One 3 hybrid golf club
  • Irons golf club (four to nine)
  • One pitching wedge golf club
  • One sand wedge golf club
  • One putter golf club

Professional players are the master of this game. They try their best to win a tournament. They gave everything to become the most successful player on a golf tour. So a good combination of golf is essential for them. Without a good combination of golf sets, they cannot play their all shots with a suitable golf club. Usually, they need 14 out of 14 golf clubs on their set.

 A common combination of golf set for professional is consist of:

  • One driver golf club
  • One three wood golf club
  • One five wood golf club
  • Irons golf club (Three to nine)
  • One pitching wedge golf club
  • One sand wedge golf club
  • One lob wedge golf club
  • One putter golf club

All the above types of golf clubs are needed for the pro-level player. The roles of these golf clubs are different. There are different numbers of shots are playing in a golf game. The area of the golf course is huge. There have the tree, green grass, sand, mud, etc. One or two particular golf club is not enough to play all the types of shots. Besides, the golfers have to play long-distance and short-distance shots. That time also needs a game of different golf for playing those shots. 

The role of each different golf club is shown below with a table:

Golf club name


Driver golf club

  • Long golf among all the longest golf clubs.
  • Hard to play with this.
  • Professional golfers are using this.
  • For playing tee shots, the golfer uses this.

Fairway woods golf club

  • Beginners and the professional golfer can play with a wood golf club.
  • Beginner needs a 3 wood golf club.
  • A professional player can play their game with 3 wood and 5 wood golf clubs.
  • Wood golf clubs helps to cover a huge distance from the stroke.
  • Suitable handle length of a wood golf club is mandatory to get the best result

Irons golf club

  • Irons are the most used golf club in golf sets.
  • Different variations of irons are used as a golf club.
  • Beginners and professional players need an irons golf club.
  • Generally, people use three to nine irons golf clubs in a tournament or tour.
  • Nowadays irons golf clubs are upgraded.
  • Some irons golf clubs of the renowned company is capable of covering more distance from a stroke.
  • Irons golf clubs are also able to give swing on the field.
  • Iron golf also helps the golfers to get an immense fly of the golf ball.
  • Some of the professional golfers don't want to include three and four iron golf clubs in their golf sets.
  • Irons golf clubs can easily be used by all level golfers.
  • The weight of the irons golf club is not high.
  • Grooves on the iron golf clubs help to get better swing and spin of the ball.
  • Irons of the golf club can change.
  • Golfers are fond of using irons golf clubs in their games.

Hybrids Golf Club

  • This is a combined product of iron and wood golf clubs.
  • Golf players are using hybrid golf clubs for getting better results.
  • Hybrid golf clubs can give better forgiving than any other golf club.
  • Beginner players can improve their game through a hybrid golf club.
  • High handicaps players can also reduce their number of handicaps through hybrid golf clubs.
  • A professional player can enhance their performance through this golf club.
  • In a long-distance shot, hybrid golf clubs offer extra distance to the golf players.
  • Hybrid golf clubs can use instead of wood and irons golf clubs.
  • Three, four, five are the most used hybrid golf clubs in a golf set.

Wedges golf club

  • These golf clubs are made with high loft for the golfers.
  • Mandatory golf clubs for a golf set.
  • Pitching wedge and sand wedge golf clubs are mostly used in a golf game.
  • Pitching wedge golf club is used for playing a shot in the green and wet green fields.
  • If the golf ball is in the sand, golfers used a sand wedge golf club to play their shots.
  • Sometimes golf players bring a gap wedge golf club with their golf sets.
  • Gap wedge golf clubs can give enough swing of the golf ball.
  • Lob wedge also used by golfers in a golf tournament or a tour.
  • If the players need to hit the golf ball above a tree or from the hill, lob wedge works.
  • A lob wedge golf club is capable to give high fly off the ball.
  • All the types of wedge golf clubs are put in a golf set hardly.

Putter golf club

  • Putter golf club is a mandatory option for a golf set.
  • Golfers used to use this golf club to play short distance shots.
  • Putter golf is used to send the golf ball into the golf hole of the golf course.
  • Putters golf clubs are used by all levels of the players,
  • This golf club can also give an essential swing of the ball.
  • One putter golf club is enough for a golf set.

Golf Clubs in a Golf Set

Golf Clubs in a Golf Set

Why Golf Set is Need for a Golf Player

The golf set is a mandatory element for the players to play their game. Without a golf club, a player cannot hit the golf ball. In a golf game, there is a good number of shots to play. All the types of shots of a golf game are different.  For becoming a professional player golfer need to learn all the shots. Additionally, beginner players also need a golf set. For learning and increasing their performance in the game, they need a complete set of golf.

 What is a Golf Bag Necessary for Keeping the Golf Set

This is mandatory for the golfer to have a golf bag with them. Without a golf bag, how can one bring all the golf clubs of a set? For putting all the golf clubs on a golf set, a golfer needs a golf bag. Nowadays good quality golf bags are used to keep the golf set of golf players. The manufacturer also offers a stand to hang up the golf bag. A proper and adequate size golf bag is mandatory to keep golf clubs safe and transfer.

Final words

Golf clubs set are consisting of several different golf clubs. This is the obligatory option for the players to have a golf set. Without having a golf set, a player is not able to play all their shots on the golf course perfectly. Irons, wood, driver, putters are the mandatory golf clubs of a golf set. Nowadays professional and beginner golfers add hybrid and other kinds of golf clubs to their golf set.

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