What color golf ball is easiest to use

What Color Golf Ball is Easiest to Use or Track in Open Sky?

Whether you are trying to improve your score or you want to find your golf ball more easily in the rough a colored golf ball can help you with these problems. In the golf market, one can easily find retro colored golf balls which are highly visible and can be easily seen in the rough.

However, professional players like to use white golf balls because white is the most visible golf ball available in the market. Also, there are some golfers who like to use red or yellow or even pink color golf balls in the game for high visibility. But the beginner golfers often ask about what color golf ball is easiest to use. So today we will discuss about which color golf ball one should use and which color should not.

What Color Golf Ball is Easiest to Use?

We have mentioned some colors in the introduction like red, yellow, pink, green, purple, etc. These are highly visible colors. But these are not suitable for all sorts of situations. So we will discuss about each of these colors individually that one can understand which colored golf ball will be suitable for improving their game.

White- The first pick in this list of high visibility golf ball colors is white. White is known as the all-around color for golf balls. One can find white color golf balls in any situation. These balls are easy to find during the day and also in the evening. For the versatility of the white color all the professional players in the tour like to play with white golf balls. However, it seems to be hard to spot the white color golf ball high in the air. Also, the white color golf ball seems to get dirty faster than other golf balls.

Red- The next pick is the red. Red is a very vivid color and suitable for daytime use. One can easily find the red color golf ball in the rough and can easily spot a red color ball high in the air. These are best suited for daytime use. However, these are not suitable for evening use.

Yellow- Yellow golf balls are the best all-around golf balls. The yellow color golf balls can be used for both day and evening golf rounds as one can notice this color very easily at very low light. Some specialists say that the color yellow is 300 percent more vivid than white and it is very easy to spot. However, the only problem with yellow golf balls is that these are a bit hard to find.

Green- Some say green is highly visible on the course. One can easily detect the position of the green ball in the air. It is true but to me, it is always not suitable to use a green color golf ball. Because, if the grass beside the fairway or the green or in the rough is longer than average size and if the green ball unfortunately, falls in these areas then it would be very hard to find the ball.

Orange- Orange is also a very good color. One can use the orange colored golf ball in the summer and winter season. The orange is highly visible both in the course and high in the air. However, it would not be a great idea to use an orange colored golf ball in the fall season. As nature also turns orange, therefore, it would be very hard to find an orange ball in the fall season.

Pink- The womanly color pink is also very highly visible. Pink color golf balls are also very easy to spot. The color pink color golf ball can be used in any season. Pink color balls are also visible in the evening.

Blue- The color blue may be easy to find in the course but it would not be a great idea to use a blue color golf ball. Because the blue color golf ball is very hard to spot high in the air as the color will mixed up with the sky and one will lose track.

Apart from the above listed colors, there are some other colors like purple, neon, and many more.

What Color Golf Ball is Easiest to Use

List of Some Color Golf Balls

Here is a list of some color golf balls that one can choose to improve their game and also can be a nice way to enjoy the game.

  • Volvik Vivid
  • Callaway SuperSoft
  • Wilson DUO Professional
  • Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte
  • MSrixon Soft Feel Golf Balls
  • TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

The above listed golf balls are available in various colors. Also, these balls are designed to improve the game of beginner and advanced golfers.

Are There Any Advantages to Colored Golf Balls?

Yes, there are many advantages of using colored golf balls. Here are the advantages of using colored golf balls.

  • The main advantage of using a colored golf ball is one can find a colored golf ball very easily.
  • Colored golf balls are easy to hit perfectly.
  • No worries about hitting other player balls.
  • Looks great and provides a nice feel to the players.
  • Colored golf balls are easy to track.

However, on a gloomy day, it would not be a wise idea to use a colored golf ball. It would be recommended that one should use a white color golf ball.

What is the Easiest Color Golf Ball to See?

You will be shocked after hearing the answer. The easiest color golf ball to see is yellow. According to research, more than 70 percent of people suggest yellow golf ball against white. The yellow golf balls are very bright and these are easily visible in any kind of weather situation. But the only problem is the yellow color balls are not easy to find. I think once the yellow color golf ball becomes available in the market yellow will eventually replace white color golf balls.

Final Thoughts

It would be a good choice if one chooses colored golf balls to improve their game. There are many colored golf balls available in the market that one can choose from. People are very fond of following the professionals and like to use the white color golf ball. But to me it is foolishness. One should choose the color of the golf ball depending on the visibility of the ball so that they can improve their score easily. However, one should not think that the colored golf ball will improve their skills.

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