What are divot tools used for in golf

What are Divot Tools Used For in Golf? (Golf Ball Repair Tool)

It can be often seen that because of hitting the golf ball for further distance or swinging the club very fast the golf club leaves a mark on the green. These types of marks are called pitch marks. Also, these marks are known as divots. Leaving these marks behind can bother other players as they will face difficulties in hitting the ball perfectly. Therefore, the pitch marks or the divot points have to repair.

Fortunately, one can effortlessly repair these problems in no time with the help of a small tool known as divot tools. Now, you may be wondering what are divot tools and what are divot tools used for in golf? In this article, we will answer these two questions and will tell you how to use one.

What is a divot tool

If you are playing golf for a very long time, then I am sure you have seen divot tools many times or even used one. However, if you are new to golf, then you will see the divot tool in the near future.

Basically, a divot tool is a two-pronged tool. These tools are very similar to a two-headed fork. Almost all regular golfers keep one of these tools inside their golf bag. These tools are very small. And they consume very little space in the bag. Also, these are not very costly. If a golfer is lucky enough, then they can get these tools for free because some tournament organizers give divot tools free.

However, divot tools are quite compulsory for golfers to keep the green in good condition.

Why are divot tools used for in golf

We have already told you at the beginning of this article that divot tools are used for repairing the pitch marks or divots on the green surface. While pitching the ball hard and fast or when the ball falls from the air on the green, it can be seen that the ball makes a mark on the green or the club creates a hole on the green surface. This damaged surface can cause bothering at the time of pitching the ball. But if the golfer contains a divot tool in his bag then within no time the golfer can make the green comfortable again.

However, knowing what a divot tool is used for would not help keep the green suitable for other golfers. One must know how to use it effectively.

How to use a divot tool

To keep the green in tip-top and suitable condition, one should properly use the divot tool. Some golfers do not seem to know how to use a divot tool and ultimately, they use it in the wrong way and make things even worse.

Most amateur golfers seem to put their divot tool inside the green in the side of the mark. And then they pull upwards their tool all the way around. Doing this does not help to repair at all. Instead of repairing the green, this breaks the roots of the grass. Sometimes it seems that because of pulling the divot upwards, one creates an elevated point on the green. For that elevated point, while rolling on the green, the ball can change its direction.

Therefore, here are the steps of using the divot tool in the proper way that will ensure the good condition of the green.

  • The first step is to insert the divot tool in the right way into the green as we can see that the area around the divot point is a bit elevated than the divot point center. Therefore, our intention is to make the area as level as possible.
  • To do that one has to insert the prong or the fork type area of the divot tool in the elevated area around the divot point at a 45-degree angle.
  • One should not insert the divot tool into the area by pushing the tool straight. Also, one should not try to push the divot tool into the pushed-down area of the green. Because doing this will damage the area even more. And one will face a hard time fixing the divot.
  • After inserting the tool into the elevated area in the right way now one just needs to push the tool forward. That means one has to push the divot tool towards the center of the divot point. Simply repeat this process till the pushed center does not get leveled.
  • While doing this step, one must make sure not to pull the divot upwards as we warned you before, that it will only damage the surface more and make the surface even worse.
  • And the last step is to give a fishing touch. To give the finishing touch, simply use the putter head and tap the area gently. This will make the divot area more even and smooth.
  • However, one should not try to hit the area very hard. Because the area will again turn into a divot. Also, one should not try to level the area with their shoes.

It would be recommended that along with repairing one's own divot point a golfer should also try to repair other golfer's pivot points. Because we golfers like to keep the green in a very good condition for everyday golfing.

Types of the golf divot tool

Basically, there are two types of golf divot tools depending on the prong of the divot tools. One is a two-prong divot tool and the other one is a one-prong divot.

Both of these divot tools feature a small-size grab handle. Most people feel comfortable using the two-prong divot tool. Also, there are some professionals who like the one-prong tool a lot. The two-headed prong makes it easy to push more grass into the middle of the divot point. On the other hand, the one-headed straight tool seems to push only a little bit of grass into the divot point.

Use both tools and see which one feels more comfortable.

Final Words

Repairing the divot points of the golf course is very important. Divot points can be caused in many ways. Therefore, a golfer should keep a divot tool always in their bag. However, using the divot tools in the wrong way will make the green even worse instead of repairing the damaged point.

In this article, we have discussed what divot tools are used for in golf. Also, we have discussed how one should use a divot tool more effectively. Lastly, we would like to request that whenever you see a divot point in the green be sure to repair it.

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