Vice Golf Balls Review

The Vice golf balls review will tell how worth the money and a try. It is a product of one of the most popular brands, vice golf. This is considered to be one of the best brands for beginner-level golfers. This ball is the use of the latest technology that was introduced in the industry in this century. Before it, no one could imagine having a golf ball that would last for longer with the best performance for the beginner.

Normally, one cannot have feel and distance from a golf ball simultaneously. But this golf ball makes it possible. Let's know more from below.

Who should use vice golf balls?

If one is looking for something softer in feel, mainly in the short game, they should go for the vice golf balls. Normally, this ball is perfect for the players who hit a high hop off the tee. Also, the player does not mind a lower launch. In addition, beginners will feel confident using these balls to learn and improve their skills in golf.

What is the difference between vice golf balls and Pro V1 golf balls?

Vice Golf Balls

Pro V1 Golf Balls

-The vice ball will give a more springy feel on a solid shot.

- less forgiving on off-center shots

-Ball speed and distance area little bit higher.

The ball's spin rate is a bit lower than the pro v1.

- As for the comparison of the vice ball, it is not good as the pro v1.

-Overall, vice golf balls are the best fit for the most golfer.

-It is not valid for the pro v1 balls.

It- More forgiving than the vice golf on off-center shots.

- Ball speed and distance area little bit lower but almost similar.

- Spin rate is a bit higher than the vice golf.

- Comparison of the pro v1 is better than the vice golf.

-overall, the pro v1 golf balls are best for the golfer who wants the tee and lower launch in the course.

What is expected from a low compression golf ball?

It is best to look for low-compression golf balls to increase distance. The low compression maximizes the space by minimizing the Spin. Moreover, the softer feeling of the ball is hard to find. Moreover, from a low compression golf ball, one will find,

-Two-layer construction

-Low compression

-Low Spin

-Soft feel

What are the things to consider while buying a golf ball?

Golf balls are the front-line soldier in the golf war. People used to give less importance to the golf ball in the past. Al, their focus was on the clubs. But not now. People and manufacturers are focusing on the golf ball to improve the game's overall performance. Because as like the club, ball in the golf has a significant impact in the performance. So, the things one have to consider while buying a golf ball are,


The golf ball's construction is the most important part to consider while buying one. One will find more than one option in construction. However, different construction means different phases in the game. The most common constructions are one to five-layer construction.

One-piece construction

The most basic construction in a golf ball is the one-piece construction. It is a beginner-level ball. Even the kids can play with this ball. Also, it is the least expensive and complicated ball of all. Normally, the manufacturer uses a solid piece of Surlyn with dimples moulded to manufacture the ball. In performance, the ball is soft and durable. However, it does not cover a lot of distance.

Two-piece construction

In the core, it has solid and high-energy acrylate or resin. As for the upper layer or cover the core, it has rigid and cut-proof blended material. Surprisingly, this two-piece construction ball can cover distance more than any other ball. This is because the manufacturer uses solid piece of Surly with dimples as cover.


As with the construction, one will find various options in the Spin too. Basically, the different structure of the ball is also responsible for a different spin. The golf balls feature a low, mid, and high spin. Lower spin balls are for a straight fight by lowering the sidespin. They do not travel much longer because the low Spin produces low speed. But those balls are perfect for rolling on the ground after the launch.

The second one is the mid-spin. Again, it is an average spin ball. This Spin is perfect for beginner to intermediate-level players. Golfers will find it excellent, who have basic skills in the game but struggle with speed. It will help increase the confidence and varnish the skills in the game.

The final one is the high Spin, perfect for the advanced-level player who tends to control their clubs and skills. Also, this ball is ideal for covering longer distances at high spins and speed.


It is another important thing to consider. The ideal compression measurement is 0 to 200: the lower, the better for the golfers.

Vice Golf Balls Review

Vice golf is a renowned brand in the golf industry for its golf balls. They have become the leading brand to direct consumer supply over several years. Users believe in them and buy their products without worrying about the products' quality and performance.

Being and German manufacturer, they have tried their best to improve the quality of their balls according to the user's need. For sure, they have succeeded in their every attempt. As a result, they have manufactured some of their best golf balls. Let's see the data of the performance of their balls with two different clubs.

Table-1: Vice golf brands golf balls performance with a wood club


Ball Speed (mph)

Total Spin (rpm)

Launch Angle (degree)

Carry Yards

Total Yards

Vice Pro






Vice Pro Soft






Vice Pro Plus






According to table 1, not much difference is visible with wood among the balls. One can see, starting with the vice pro ball, speed is 86 mph, and it's almost similar for the three balls. The same goes for the Spin, launch angle, carry yards, and total yards. So all the data is pretty similar to each other.

Table-2: Vice Golf brands Golf balls performance with Driver


Ball Speed (mph)

Total Spin (rpm)

Launch Angle (degrees)

Carry Yards

Total Yards

Vice Pro






Vice Pro Soft






Vice Pro Plus






With a drier, the performance of the three-ball is also similar. However, for instance, the total Spin shows a bit of difference for the balls at some point. One can see it from table 2.

Overall, the vice golf balls are quality balls at a low price. So, looking for the best quality balls for improving the game without spending a lot of money, the golfer will end up in the brand. From the table above, one can see that the performance of their best three-ball is almost similar. So, it does not matter what they get. However, they can play with three and finally pick up the one they feel comfortable with.

Besides, this brand use Keep in Line technology in their balls, which will help the golfers line up their putts quickly. One does not have to draw a line on the balls for the putting with these balls. Normally, most of their balls are three-piece construction with a urethane cover designed with a shiny and glossy finish. One will fall in love with the ball by holding and looking at it. Because of the shine and soft feel of the ball, it will become the first pick among hundreds.

All of their balls are perfect for high Spin and speed. They will help cover a lot of distance on the green and off the green. It is ideal for intermediate players who want to improve their skills and techniques in the game.

Figure: Overall ratings of the vice golf balls according to personal experience.


After reading the Vice golf balls review and analyzing the given data, one may already realize that nothing can go wrong with these balls. Beginner to advance, this ball will be perfect for every player. Overall, the vice golf balls are far better than the overpriced golf balls out in the market. Presentation and performance will provide the best user experience.

Moreover, all their best version of the golf ball will provide enough Spin and speed to cover the maximum distance. Surprisingly, all the series of the vice golf brand is the best alternative of the renowned and high-priced ball in the market. However, if one has walked too far in golf, replacing a golf ball is a big decision. So, they must test whether it's worth it or not before the replacement.

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