Type Of Golf Shaft

Type Of Golf Shaft ( Which Golf Shaft Should You Choose )

The golf shaft is a very essential component for any golf club. Professional golfers usually meet with the major two types of golf shafts. The golf shafts help to produce more spin with the high speed of the golf ball. This is the most responsible part of golf swing more.

Generally, the golf shafts are available with five flexes which are made of mainly steel or graphite. Golf shaft comes in different sizes and shapes according to its manufacturing technologies. Having some type of golf shaft of the club, there are used vastly only two types that are steel and graphite. Most of the golfers are so familiar with these.

In the below, people can know about types of golf shaft with their details and also we try to put some differences between the steel and graphite golf shaft. So, let's start for today's journey to know the all characteristics of the shaft types.

What is Golf Shaft

The golf shaft is a component that can connect with the club head of the golf club for improving performance. It allows providing a softer feel. Distance, swing, and more speed with high accuracy ball flight, etc. It is great for using into the irons if any golfers want to more swing with more speed of the club head.

Using a high quality golf shaft golfer can easily play the accurate shots with longer distances and more swing accuracy. So, every golfer should use high quality shafts thus it is steel or graphite.

In the next section, we will describe in detail about some types of golf shafts with their all major characteristics. They can understand then by reading all differences between them.

What are the Different in the Type of Steel Golf Club Shaft

There are mainly two types of golf shafts which are steel and graphite golf shafts. Usually, a high quality golf club is assembled with these types of golf shafts. If anyone wants to change the shafts of their own golf club, then they must know the differences between them.

  • Steel Golf Shaft: This steel shaft is basically so strong and more durable than the other graphite shafts. Steel shafts of golf are heavier than other shafts. For its premium quality and strength, it will more expensive. Making with carbon steel materials will be the best for accurate shots with more control. Sometimes there is used also stainless steel instead of using the carbon steel. That will not be affected by its quality. The average steel quantity starts from 12 grams. There are also two variants of making these steel golf shafts. One is stepped steel and another is rifle steel. These are also good for the making process of this shaft. The stepped steel allows stepping all the shafts and the rifle steel is used for smooth all the way.

Many people can get the more benefits having steel shafts because it is used as torque most. It allows providing more control with great accuracy. But for giving high accuracy with controlling, also sacrifices the distance. It cannot create a faster swing speed so that it will not generate more distance than the graphite shafts. This steel shaft is very suitable and perfect for the golfers who like to play with low swing speed but can get more control while playing with these shafts.

  • Graphite Golf Shaft: Typically, these graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts. Having lightweight it is less durable but it is so costly. This shaft type is vastly used in premium golf clubs because of its lightweight and others qualities. Its weight is so less around 50 grams to 85 grams which is the half weight of any steel shaft.

Having lightweight it can be produced a lot of swing speed with more power. Most of the golfer needs this more swing while taking a long shot. But there is also an issue to sacrifice the control more. The golfer cannot get proper control for generating a lot of swing speed it.

We recommend playing with these graphite shafts just for the senior and experienced golfer. Otherwise, because of its low control, new or beginner golfers cannot play well by this shaft. Undoubtedly this graphite shaft is perfect more for those who really struggle to produce more swing speed. It helps a lot in that situation.

  • Multi Materials Shafts: Here, used both steel and graphite for creating multi materials shafts. Lacking of some quality, it is not as popular to the golfers. But this multi materials shaft can be found on both irons and drivers. So, it is easy to use for accurate shots.
  • Titanium Shaft: This is a new type of shaft used for also great accuracy shots. It is also very lightweight so that sometimes new golfers use this shaft instead of using other steel or graphite shafts on the club. The golfer can get the almost same support from these titanium shafts as the steel shaft can provide compared to any graphite shaft.
Golf Shaft

Golf Shaft

What Type of Golf Shafts Are Right for You

People first know and understand about the all specifications of any golf shafts. Choosing the right shaft for you is more important to play the accurate shots with it. So, try to select the best one for you. Manufacturers offer different types of shaft patterns for your club. But you should know which perfect is for you. Otherwise, they cannot get the proper swing from these shafts while hitting the ball with the club. In the below we will discuss the all features of any high quality golf shafts so that people can buy the right one.

Golf Shaft Features

We put the major features of the golf shafts which should be known by every golfer.

  • Materials: Material is the first thing which is considered for buying new high quality golf shafts. We all know already that there are major two shafts made with steel or graphite. So they must know the characteristics of the steel and graphite shafts. If anyone does not know the exact things, they can scroll up for reading the details of the steel shafts and also graphite shafts.
  • Flex: Flex means the bend quality for more swing speed of any shafts. So, golfers need such flex which can determine by the swing speed. There is some common flex which are ladies, light, regular, etc.
  • Length: Not every golfer’s size is similar to each other. So according to the size of golfers, they should use the golf club with the appropriate shafts which would be perfect for them.
  • Torque: This is the total amount of the shaft twist which is occurred during the swing. Usually, high torque shafts help to play with low club head speed. It is good for slicing the ball perfectly. The low torque shafts are used for fast club head speed. It can offer more accuracy for low handicap golfers.

Final Words

Using any types of golf shaft is the personal choice for the golfers. But without the proper shafts on the club, golfers cannot play the perfect shots. The shafts mainly help to improve the accuracy of the shots. It can increase the club head speed so more for high accuracy shots. Golfers should know first the main differences between the steel and graphite shafts for using any of them according to their skill. Hope this article will help to know better about the main types of golf shafts.

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