Total About of Golf Wood Lofts

Wood is one of the most important parts of the golf game. It is a type of club that gets used in the game. Compare to the other type of clubs, wood has a rounder and larger clubhead along with a longer shaft which makes it more efficient to hit the ball and make a shot.

Total About of Golf Wood Lofts

As most of the golf clubs have a clubhead made from either steel or carbon fiber or titanium steel, the clubs from Wood are consisted of high quality hardwood which is enough strong and durable.

Golf Clubs loft Degrees

Degrees of the loft of a golf club help to separate the clubs from each other in terms of hitting or providing the shots. A lower degree loft can't generate a lower shot instead of the higher one. But the highest loft degree can easily make a long shot with great spinning.

High launch of the ball and proper forgiving iron tends to come from the higher degree and shape of the loft in the clubhead. Lower gravity positioned loft with a lower degree and back position can deliver higher iron shots that go for a long way. A typical type of loft gets chosen by most of the players because they can easily pull out the ball from the middle without making any kind of effort.

Types and Variants of Loft

Lofts are available in different variants along with different sizing. Here are some of the lofts added with their performance and efficiency.

Driver Degree Loft

The most common one among all the lofts is the Driver degree loft. The general sizing of a driver degree loft is set to 10-10.5 degrees. Some of the driver degree lofts can even have the size of 5.5 degrees. But the majority of the players go for the size between 8-10 degrees as these sized golf lofts are easy to swing or making a hit.

Rookie or new golf player go for the golf driver with the loft size of 11-13 degrees. As higher sized driver lofts can provide more hitting and distance with a lower effort, beginners love to use this size.

Hybrid Loft

Hybrid Loft is a type of loft that is available in most sizes and degrees. Starting from 16 degrees to 28 degrees of loft size, the hybrid loft gets preferred and chosen by most of the beginner and handicapped players. For the easy hitting and higher distance throwing ability of the ball, the hybrid loft makes good changes to the performance of the beginners.

Fairway Wood Loft

Measuring about the total useful sides, fairway wood loft can be a perfect choice for the driver by all ranked golfers. The majority of the pro level golfers carry 3 individual golf lofts sizing of 15 degrees. Even the wood lofts are available in the size of 14.5 degrees or even 15.5 degrees. The maximum size of 16.5 degrees of the loft mostly gets used by the higher handicapped players or the new golfers. The reason is, higher degrees of the loft can easily provide higher shots and throw the balls to a long distance in the midair. 3 wood golf lofts are mainly available in the size of 16.5 degrees.

4 wood golf lofts are available in 17 degrees.

For 5 wood golf lofts, the sizing is 18-19 degrees with the similarity of 2 irons. And lastly, 7 wood golf lofts are available in the sizing of 21 degrees with the similarity of 3 irons.

2 Irons loft: 2 Irons loft contains the size of 18 degrees. That means, it is almost the same as the five wood lofts. Amateur golfers use the 2 irons loft for playing longer shots and for the best balls.

3 iron loft: It is almost similar to the seven wood lofts as it has a size of 21 degrees. Both of them are a very common type of loft but the pro level golfers go for a similar hybrid loft instead of using the iron and the wooden one.

4 iron loft: 4 iron lofts contain a little bit more size of 24 degrees than the wood and the hybrid one. Typical degree sizing of this iron loft let it use perfectly by both beginners and pro level golfers.

5 iron loft: 5 iron lofts come with the size of 27 degrees.

6 and 7 iron loft: Comparatively 6 irons and 7 iron have almost the same size of degrees. 6 iron lofts have a degree sizing of 31 degrees where the 7 iron loft contains the size of 35 degrees. These two higher iron lofts let the ball be pushed to the midair within a lower pressure and with less effort. Some of the other brands contain a unique type loft size of 27 degrees which increases the swing ability and hitting for the pro level golfers.

8 and 9 iron loft : Lastly, the 8 and 9 iron loft with the loft degrees of respectively 37-39 degrees and 41-43 degrees.

7 wood golf club: Earlier in this topic, the larger sized clubhead along with the round shape has been described. 7 wood golf clubs are almost a similar thing. 7 wood golf clubs can generate more power and efficiency while hitting or playing the shot compared to other types of clubs. In terms of the loft, 7 wood golf clubs have a loft of 22 degrees that is more than any other clubs.

Compare to the 5 wood, 7 wood golf lofts has a 1 inch smaller sized club than the 5 wood golf lofts. Besides, the clubhead weight of the 7 wood golf loft is 10 grams more than the 5 wood golf loft. More weight with less size makes the 7 wood golf loft enough perfect in order to hit longer shots with less effort. In terms of better flexibility along with smooth longer shots, 7 wood golf loft is the perfect one to choose.

Degrees of 7 Wood Loft

For the angle, 7 wood lofts contain the degree of 22 inches, and to lie, there is the size of 59 degrees. As the wood club has a little bit bigger size compare to the other ones, 7 wood loft has a club size of around 42 inches. Nowadays, all the golf wood lofts are getting decreased in sizing along with the fixed sizing rate to provide a good distance while hitting. It is said that professional golfers can take a cover of around 155 yards with the launching shot by using a 7 wood golf loft. If you want to know Taylormade Golf Driver.

Possible Distance From a 7 Wood Golf Loft

As the 7 wood golf loft gets used by both the male and female golfers, a male golfer can reach a distance of 150-190 yards of average while a female golfer can make the distance of 100-152 yards of average.

But the distance is dependent on some of the terms. Such as weather, swing speed, wind flow, type of club is the reason for this distance. Sometimes the distance may increase or sometimes it can decrease too. Golf courses with distance markers or even the distance meter will become helpful enough for choosing the average distance.

Golf Clubs loft

Golf Clubs loft

Difference between 7 Wood Golf Loft and 3 Hybrid Golf Loft

Both of them are almost the same in their efficiency and even in their sizing. But some of the factors make them separate from each other. A table has been given down with the measuring and other related terms to both of the loft.


3 Hybrid golf loft

7 wood golf loft

Main material

Made from steel, iron, and graphite

Made from steel


43 inches

41 inches


206 grams

230 grams


19-27 degrees

21 degrees

Shot pattern

Easy to medium


Distance of shot

160-200 yards

145-180 yards


Can generate more fairway shots

Provides fairway shots in long distance

Minimum Degrees of Loft for Fairway Woods

With the lower angle size of 13 degrees, the fairway wood gets started. The higher size of 22 degrees comes in most of the 7 wood golf lofts. An average of 3 wood golf lofts comes in the sizing of 13-15 degrees where the 5 wood lofts contain the sizing of 17-19 degrees.

Golf wood lofts are considered the larger ones in terms of size and shape. Mainly for the amateur and pro level golfers, there is no better type of loft rather than the wood loft for providing long shots and hits. Still, hybrid and steel lofts are getting used by most beginners. In order to increase the wood golf loft, using, sizing and the shape have to compromise.

Choosing the best loft according to the performance is the wise decision that can eventually lead to match winning moments for sure.

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