Which golf shoes are the best

What Are The Best Golf Shoes On The Market ?

The player must have the best golf shoe pair to walk on a wet golf course or a smooth golf course. Previously almost all of the golf shoes were the same, and it was hard to distinguish the boots' features. Therefore there was nothing to worry about while choosing a pair of golf shoes.

 But now a day, everyday new and innovative golf shoes are arriving in the market. These shoes are made with different styles and designs, which help walk and play comfortably and safely. But there is also a problem with all of these shoes and the question is how to choose the best one from all of them. It has become hard to choose.

Which Golf Shoes Are The Best

Choosing the best golf shoes is not an easy task because of many options. Therefore, to make the job easy, buyers can follow some basic tactics. Those tactics are the features of the golf shoes. There are some necessary features of golf shoes. If the golf shoe serves all the features, then the shoes can be called the best. Those features are described below.

Comfort- Like any other shoe, golf shoes also have to provide full comfort to the user. The comfort depends on the fitting of the shoe. The shoe must fit perfectly to the feet to provide full comfort. Golf shoes shouldn't be moving on the player's heel area, and the toe part should be very tight. If the golf shoe is very narrow, then the shoe will squeeze the player's feet, which is not comfortable.

Also, to get good comfort, the buyer must keep in mind to choose the perfect size of their golf shoes. If the size is not proper, then the shoe will squeeze the feet, or the shoe will wear off from the heel.

Upper Construction- Previously, golf shoes upper were hard constructed. The rigid upper wasn't flexible enough to bend correctly, obstructing the player's movements while taking perfect shots. Also, the upper was made of only leather with three colors.

Leather is still the favorite upper of many professionals. But the manufacturer introduced us to different materials by using modern techniques which are very flexible. Today's golf shoes are made of leather, faux leather, and synthetic materials with perforated designs and mesh designs. These materials made upper are very lightweight, which lets the player move freely.

Also, modern golf shoes upper are very flexible and waterproof. The adjustable upper meets the swing's demand while the player takes a shot and doesn’t obstruct the player's performance.

Midsole- In a word, the midsole must be sturdy and flexible. Manufacturers use different types of materials to make the midsole. Among all of the materials, polyurethane and EVA are the most popular midsole materials.

Polyurethane is a ubiquitous midsole material. The polyurethane-made midsoles are very sturdy and also very flexible. The midsoles feel like a spring. These mid-sole types are straightforward to bend, and after that, they like to get back to their previous place.

On the other hand, the EVA-made midsoles are very light in weight, and they provide cushioning. The cushioning feels bouncy and soft. So choose the midsole depending on the need.

Spikes or non-spikes- As the golf course is full of grass, a little rain or fog can make the system very slippery. Walking on a slippery surface is very hard, and people can fall because of the slick surface. Also, the player will lose if the shoes don't provide the right amount of grip. There are two types of shoes used for gripping. These are spikes shoes and non-spikes shoes.

Spike shoes are adequate for gripping. These shoes have plastic spikes or cleats under the boots to create grip. While walking or taking a shot, the ends or the cleats attach to the ground to prevent the player from slipping over and make sure the player takes the best shot.

On the other hand, non-spikes shoes aren't that much significant in gripping. But they also come with a decent amount of gripping. They are designed with different patterns for gripping.

But we would like to recommend you choose the spikes shoes.

Which Golf Shoes Are The Best

Which Golf Shoes Are The Best

Some Golf shoe styles

Golf shoes with different styles give different types of comfort. Some of the golf shoe styles are:

Classic- The classic golf shoes are a bit costly. These are the original style of golf shoes. These are made of durable leather upper. The upper is sturdy and waterproof. The insole is made with a cushion to provide the best comfort. Also, for traction, the outer sole is designed with many spikes. These shoes are great for a classy player. But the main drawback of these shoes is the weight. These shoes are a little bit heavier than other shoes.

Casual shoes- These shoes are stylish looking and very comfortable. The outsole is made of nubs. These nubs are made to do the job of spikes. These shoes can be used in the regular life of a busy golf player.

Performance shoes- Just by reading the name, we can understand the ability of these shoes. These shoes are made for the better performance of a golf player. The sports look of these shoes made them unique golf shoes. These types of golf shoes have all the necessary features for better gameplay.

Performance golf shoes provide comfort, support, traction, and they also fit comfortably on the feet. These shoes are designed with spikes for superior traction.

Trainer golf shoes- These shoes are available in both spikes and non-spikes designs. These shoes are very comfortable from the inside. Trainer golf shoes are superior from all other shoes in the term of breathability. These shoes are also flexible and light in weight. For playing golf on a hot sunny day, these are probably the best shoes.

Do Professionals use Spike less Golf Shoes?

Professional players use golf shoes depending on the golf course. However, almost all professional players like to wear spiked golf shoes on the golf course. They say that they feel safe and comfortable in these shoes.

Besides them, some players like to use nonsuited golf shoes while playing. Some of the players use stylish golf shoes.

Final Thoughts                                     

Best golf shoes depend on the features of the boots. We have discussed many essential elements of golf shoes. While choosing the best for the game, one can follow those features. Also, we have discussed different types of golf shoes. However, if you are a beginner and searching for a pair of golf shoes that will support you in the best way, it would be wise to choose spiked shoes.

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