Square Strike Wedge Reviews

Square Strike Wedge Reviews For 2021

The game golf involves many facts and situations while in the game. The golfer has to have so many different techniques to be good at the game. Different situations in the game different types of shots. Those different type of shot requires a different type of club and body angle.

If someone is having trouble with chip shot or shorter shot, they must try the square strike wedge.

The chipping or fat shots require the most straightforward shot because this shot is very near to the hole. In design very similar to putter, this club is specially engineered to be a very upright lie angle and heavier head. Below, we will discuss our experience with the club.

Who Should Use The Square Strike Wedge In Their Golf Game

Square strike wedge is a special type of club used in golf for the shorter shot and for the golfer who feels stress and fear while shooting the short area. Many of the golfers use a regular wedge for the shot. But in many cases, the shot is not accurate. If someone is facing a problem while in the green and only 15 to 20 yards away from the hole, they probably choose a putter or a wedge. However, not every time those clubs are accurate. Many recreational golfers also become double bogeys because of this shot. The good thing is the square strike wedge will be very effective for those people. The heavier and angler head of the club will help cover the short area with a slow swing. Facing the problem in a short shot one must try this club out.

The square strike wedge is similar to chipper clubs but works like a putter club. It is mainly designed to improve the performance of the square clubface contact on the ball by creating a better roll. With a slower swing, the club will improve the accuracy of the shot. Technically, chipping shots should be the easiest and fun shot because this is the nearest hole shot. But the bad part is this shot is also the shot where so many professional players also do bad and become bogey or something worse.

In the case of the shot,the game is being in bad shape for a long even after applying proper techniques means the player has to change their club to a square strike wedge. The wedge is designed for different angler lies as well as for the fat shots. This club has an extra-wide sole and beveled leading pitch which will prevent digging the course. The heavy and solid feel of the club will increase the confidence of the golfers while taking the short shot. The thin-faced construction of the club will help to rotate the club properly to control the ball. 

The perfect length of the shaft and degree of the head makes it anti-rotational weighting. Women or men no matter what the gender this club will provide easy swing and control. Even the hit is not that accurate but the consequence will be accurate and easy.  Let’s see the construction of the club for clarifying further confusion.

Sole: The sole of the club is made as an anti-chunk sole. That means the sole of the club has a curve from back to front and heel to toe. The curve will allow the golfer to move the club smoothly without any difficulties. The head of the club will keep right in the place and moving if the golfer hits the ball. The sole ensures clean contact with the ball and avoids fat shots.

Weighting : The club has the anti-rotation weighting capability which allows the user to move the weight from heel to toe. This amazing feature of movement will prevent the excess clubhead from opening and closing. It also prevents the clubhead from going back and through.

Clubhead: The club head of the club is specially designed with heavy with. The 330 grams head of the club makes it easy to hit the ball with less power so that the swing is minimum. Because of the perfect weight of the clubhead golfer will achieve perfect swing, straight shot, less rotation, and minimum wrist action.

Looks: The club's special design of the sole makes it looks different from other clubs. The square head of the club will prevent the fat shot as well as it will help to manage the difficult lies in imperfect ball strikes. When it comes to the look of the club, the manufacturer designed it in different colors for men and women golfers. Because of the stainless steel construction, the club has an aesthetic look with an extreme level of durability and rust-resistant capability.

Grip: The grip of the club is one inch longer compare to the standard grips available in the market. The extended length of the grip will allow the user to hold 6the wedge properly and comfortably for an accurate shot.





Stainless Steel





Hand orientation

Left and Right


45 degrees

Shaft materials

Black stainless steel

Head weight

330 grams


35.5 inch


  • The wedge is ideal for the short strike.
  • It has weight lifting capability which ensures a smoother swing.
  • The club has a high level of forgiveness that makes it more perfect.
  • A shot with this club will not be affected by the hand wrist action.
  • It has a variety of lie angles.
  • It reduces the possibility of fat shot in the green.
  • The club is for both men and women golfers.
  • The club is extremely durable and rust-resistant.
  • The club is legal in the tournament.


  • The club is not ideal for a longer shot.
  • The price of the club maybe higher for some golfers.
  • Golfers will have to practice for some time to get used to the club.

Buying Guide: Square Strike Wedge Reviews

Picking a wedge for the shorter shot or fewer yards short is not an easy task for most golfers. The professional also faces difficulties while deciding which club they shot choose for this specific kind of situation. However, if someone chooses the square strike wedge for that shot that means they have already done most of the work. Choosing the right square strike wedge is not rocket science because all the wedges will be similar. The club will not vary from brand to brand. So one doesn’t have to worry about the brand. But there is some specification one have to look while buying the club to avoid the further worst-case scenario.

Clubhead: The club head of the wedge must be of heavyweight. Because the heavyweight of the clubhead will determine many of its actions and performance.  The clubhead has to of 330 grams for better performance. The weight will increase the action and forgiveness of the club.

Sole: The sole of the wedge has to be of curve design. The slightly curve sole will ensure a smooth hit and accurate performance. The contact with the ball will be accurate because of the slightly curved sole.

Shaft: The shaft of the square strike wedge has to be at least 35 inches in length. The length will give a putter feel while shooting the ball. Because of the length, the wrist action will not affect the performance of the club and the hit will be accurate.

Grip: The grip of this club has to be longer compared to the regular grip. It has to be at least one inch lengthier compare to the regular grip of the club.

Does the square strike wedge truly work in the situation it is designed for

Yes! The club does exactly the work it is designed for. It does all the promised work of the manufacturer. In the different configuration of the fairway and rough place, the club work surprisingly well. The design of the club seems weird but the performance of the club is something out of the world.

Can the golfer use the square strike wedge club in tournaments

Despite the weird look of the club which confused the golfers, it works pretty well in the situation it is dedicated to. For the people who are concern about does the club is legally approved to use in the official tournaments then the good news is any golfer can use this club in any kind of tournament.

Which type of golfer will be more beneficial of square strike wedge golf club

The players who traditionally play with the traditional club may find this club a little confusing. The club is not something magical just an improved version of the basic bumps and run shots around the green. The golfer who feels less confident and furious to hit a short green hit will find this club very effective. Because of the great forgiveness, control, swing level, and spin it provides, every golfer along with the beginner will find this club helpful.

Is the square strike wedge golf club a good option for beginners

Offering a great amount of forgiveness while hitting the ball makes a perfect choice for the beginner around the green. Playing techniques and accuracy will be minimum for the beginners, so a club with a great amount of forgiveness, slow swing, and accurate performance is best for clipping shots for the beginner. Fulfilling all the necessary criteria the square strike wedge golf club is a good option for beginners.

Final Words

Some players who are mostly habitat using traditional wedges to take the short hit will find it difficult at first. But after some practice, the club will become something the golfers will always have in their bag. The heavyweight, perfect length, the slightly curved sole are perfect for a slow spin and accurate shot. The great level of forgiveness of the club will keep the ball straight to the hole. Overall the square strike wedge golf club is the best option for the golfer who fears the green shot around the hole.

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