How to Replace Golf Cart Headlight Bulb

How to Replace Golf Cart Headlight Bulb

There is a lot of golf cart on many golf courses. It is an essential part of golf. Most of the golfer badly needs a golf cart while playing golf in the golf courses. Some of them have their own golf cart. A golf cart is really essential for carrying the golfers and their playing instruments from one place to another place on a large golf course. In modern times there is a lot of new brand golf cart in the market. They are made with some new technology to give better service to the golfer. Most of the golf carts have now unique headlights too. Headlights of any golf cart are the most important part. It ensures safety while driving at night. It's most necessary having headlights on the golf cart.

But people should take proper maintenance of this golf cart. Sometimes they need to replace these headlights for betterment. There are many different types of headlights in various kinds of the golf cart. So people should know that how to replace golf cart headlight bulbs properly. In this article, we will describe replacing the headlight bulb of the golf cart.

How to Replace Golf Cart Headlight Bulb

How to Replace Golf Cart Headlight Bulb

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How to Replace Golf Cart Headlight Bulb

We are now explaining some necessary steps to replace the golf cart headlight bulb. People can follow the proper guidelines for changing or replacing golf cart headlight bulbs. Though there are so many models, manufacturers, and different kinds of designs in a golf cart, that's shouldn't affect a lot for replacing a golf cart headlight. We try to explain some famous brand's golf cart headlights replacing methods so that people can easily replace any kind of golf cart headlight bulb. Let's start with the following steps:

  • Should lens cover remove: First and foremost, people should remove the lens cover from the headlight of the golf cart. Though it is an easy task, it varies depending on the golf cart model. For example, if people want to replace the EZ-GO brand golf cart headlight then it is quite hard to do. Most of the EZ-GO golf carts have a very light bar which should be removed from the socket very carefully. People should use their fingers or sometimes should use a screwdriver to remove this light bar.

But other sides Yamaha golf cart have an independent light cover which has more screws on both sides of the cover. So it comparably it is easy to remove than the EZ-GO model golf cart.

There is another famous model of the golf cart which is a Club car golf cart. They have usually an independent light bar and also a headlight for looking unique. So it's so easy to remove the cover from the club car golf cart.

  • Remove the bulb: In this step, people should remove the bulb from the main socket. They should be careful while doing this job because it's a sensitive task to take the bulb forms the socket.

Usually, in EZ-GO golf carts they should not work a lot. They can remove the bulb just with stretch out from the socket. But should be careful while pulling the bulb. They should not stretch out the bulb heavily. If the bulb is not coming out easily then there may have something which is holding it down. Basically, there is a great way to remove the bulb from any obstruct using the counterclockwise method. This method is safe also.

Most of the time people can see the bulbs which are individual lights on Yamaha or Club car model golf cart. This is quite different from the EZ-GO model golf cart. Sometimes there are turning bulbs also in the light bar. So people should remove the headlight bulb from the socket very carefully. They can wear some flexible gloves so that the job is to be easier for them while removing the bulb. The gloves may give some extra grips and grazing that help to take out the bulb from the socket smoothly and comfortably. They should spin the bulb counterclockwise until they can hear a 'click' sound. When they hear this sound, they can now remove the bulb fully.

People should feel slightly loose of the bulb from the socket. Then they can take out this bulb without any risk and can replace that old bulb with a new headlight bulb.

  • New bulb: People can put a new bulb on the socket now. The socket is now empty. There has no old bulb in the socket. They already removed it. Now they need a new bulb. But remember something important when handling a new bulb. People may need a pair of gloves while handling a new bulb. Though it is not as important to wear, it has some advantages too.

For example, sometimes the new bulbs are so clean and slip over. There are chances to fall the bulb from the hand. So people should be kept safe. They can wear gloves for getting more friction while handling the new bulbs. Same time if the bulb will be broken in their hand then the gloves will protect from unexpected harm.

Sometimes there have occurred some electrical short circuit problems too. So try to wear gloves always while handling new bulbs to protect against any unexpected situation.

  • Placement of new bulb: At the final stage people are ready to place the new bulb. They should push the bulb very carefully. They should turn the bulb clockwise smoothly until they can hear a 'click' sound. If the bulb is properly placed then they can hear this sound. Now they should stop pushing the bulb. They need a checking that the bulb is placed perfectly. They can test by turning on the golf cart and switching the headlight as well.

Now people should put the headlight cover back into the same place over the bulb. They should put all the screws in the same place properly.

Finally, we can replace the golf cart headlight bulb perfectly. Anybody can now change their golf cart headlight bulb by following these steps. People should read this article again and again for the betterment of their job while replacing the golf cart headlight bulb. It can be so easy if anyone follows the steps strictly.

Hope this article helpful for everyone. Understanding and following these steps properly, anybody can replace the golf cart headlight bulb manually for their own cart.

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