Pitching Wedge Vs Sand Wedge

Pitching Wedge Vs Sand Wedge ( Explained Everything )

Golf clubs having wedges can have the shortest shafts and highest loft. Starting with the wedge, there is more option in case of choosing wedges. But the common concern of the beginners is pitching wedge vs sand wedge, which one should they choose.

Having the feature of high loft both pitching wedge and sand wedge golf clubs are a good choice. Normally, people choose wedges based on their characteristics and their game level. But most of the wedges along with pitching wedge and sand wedge are chosen for short approach shots, and shot, pitch shot chip shot and the main concern of the golfer with the shot is gaining maximum accuracy.

Pitching Wedge Vs. Sand Wedge

Before knowing the difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge let's know the definition of both. What do they mean in golf?

Pitching Wedge

Knowing by the term PW the sand wedge was made before sand wedge. They sometimes treat as irons because before introducing the term wedge, people used to call the pitching wedge as 10-iron. These women sand wedges are mainly created for the farthest shot having a full swing. Normally, a sand wedge has less than 50 degrees loft. Having a lighter weight these pitching wedges are good for lifting the ball over the trees.

Sand Wedge

Knowing the term SW the sand wedge was made in the 1930s. One can easily understand the purpose of the sand wedge by seeing the name. These sand wedges are mainly created for the hit-out of greenside sand traps. Normally, a sand wedge has more than 50 degrees loft. The sand wedge is heavier than other wedges and builds with an extra bounce in the sole. The heaviness added in the sand wedge is for giving extra power while hitting the ball out of the sand or trap.

The difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge are:

Pitching wedge

Sand wedge

  • The lofts of pitching wedges are 46 to 48 degrees.
  • The Loft of the sand wedge is 54 to 56 degrees.
  • The Pitching wedge covers a distance of 70 to 120 yards.
  • The Sand wedge covers a distance of 50 to 100 yards.
  • The Pitching wedge has the least amount of loft.
  • The Sand wedge has a loft higher than the pitching wedge.
  • Pitching wedges are good for a pitch shot.
  • Sand wedges are good for a sand shot
  • Pitching wedges are good for an approach shot from the fairway or rough.
  • Though sand wedge can be used everywhere good for approach shot onto the green
  • It mainly made for the farthest shot
  • Mainly, made for the bunker shot
  • A pitching wedge can be bought with a set of the club.
  • Sand wedges need to be bought separately.

If choosing the best wedge for a golfer, they should know more details about golf clubs and wedges to make the right choice. Let's know some details.

Pitching Wedge Vs. Sand Wedge

Pitching Wedge Vs. Sand Wedge

Characteristics of golf club wedges

Having the shortest shafts and highest lots feature the golf club wedges play an important role in golf. The loft of the wedges plays a vital role in golf. Every wedge has its separate characteristics and purpose. The wedge made for sand hit can’t do well in the greenside shot. Typically, sand wedges have a loft of over 50 degrees and gaining popularity over iron. It is normal to carry an additional wedge.

The lob wedge has a loft over 60 degrees and good for fly the ball high into the air. And the additional feature of this wedge is, it will make sure when the ball falls may have little or zero rolls.

Having less than 46 degrees loft the pitching wedge is the lighter and good for the furthest shot. To cover the gap between the pitching wedge and sand wedge manufacturing companies created and another wedge to remove the gap and named gap wedge. This gap wedge is also known as the attack wedge and approach wedge.

When to use a wedge

Normally, the size of the yards determines the time of using the wedges. It may vary from golfer to golfer according to their ability to cover yards. The measurements will be different for the male and female golfer.

In the full furthest shot a male golfer may cover more than 65 yards with a sand wedge and it will be more than 45 yards for a female golfer with a sand wedge. A male golfer can cover 40 to 45 yards with a lob wedge and it will be 25 to 40 for a female golfer.

When one needs a shot that flies over the tree, or got a big bunker in the way, or needs to fly the ball over an obstacle, a high arching shot with a wedge will save the day. Having the ability of high trajectory, a shot with a wedge will roll very little which is good for the game.

So it may vary the timing of the choosing of golf wedge. A golfer should choose using their sense and ability.

For the beginner, it is recommended to choose clubs having lob wedge or gap wedge. They also can consider sand wedge as an optional and can use it on the exact situation.

Which wedge should a beginner select

Being a beginner choosing wedge from many options is difficult. First of all, know the distance will be wise. A beginner should try to measure their distance and ability. Secondly, check the hitting technique is necessary. One may think hitting the ball with only strength is enough but it’s wrong. There are some techniques the beginner should know before choosing their golf wedge.

The key to all quality shots is knowing how to control the low-point swing. This is especially important while choosing the wedge.

In addition, a beginner should know what wedge is for what situation we have discussed in this article. Considering all the knowledge beginners should choose their wedge for better performance.

When to use a pitching wedge and a sand wedge

While having a fairway and rough shot pitching use is the option. Also, when the shot needs a higher trajectory in short pitch in the green pitching wedge is the best option. Pitching wedge is best for spin and distance. They also can give control of the ball to the golfer for an accurate shot. They were pitching wedge also suitable for handling difficult shots in the green. 

For the shot in a sand trap, a sand wedge is the only best option. Also, for popping the ball quickly near the hole and drop it right into the hole a sand wedge is a good option. Facing difficulties in a shot the sand wedge is not a good option in the thick grass.

Is it possible to use Pitching Wedge as a Sand Wedge

In sand, trap shot the only concern is power. So one can use a pitching wedge in a sand trap0 shot. Similarly, one can use other iron in the sand wedge. But the problem is the pitching wedge is made for grass and short approach shots. Because of this, a shot with a pitching wedge instead of a sand wedge may prove wrong with a lack of consistency.

Sand wedges are created for the special situation in golf, get trapped in the sand. These wedges have a more forgiving swing and impact but may not prove a replacement for pitching wedge.

Is a Sand Wedge only for sand trap shot

The answer to this question is no because of the only term. The sand wedge is made for sand trap shot and best for this shot but it can be useful in other shots. The sand wedge is also good for chip shots around the green. The 56 degrees of loft is good for full range shot. If golfers are looking for a different style with a wedge the sand wedge will be the best option.

Can golfers can play without a Sand Wedge

The answer to this question is yes. There are many options in choosing wedge. One can choose wedges according to the shot type. However, with so many features a sand wedge is good to have in the bag with other options as it gives an accurate hit in many situations.

If the course is uneven and has some difficult place there are a few options instead of a sand wedge.

Final Words

Suppose someone is looking for a progressive and strong combination in their golf bag. Both sand wedge and pitching wedge are a must.

However, both have different features and different than each other. One is lighter one is heavier, both have different loft degrees even the difference is much in terms of loft degrees. Both cover a different amount of distance. So it is always recommended to choose according to the golfer's ability and situation but choose wisely.

We hope that readers will find this article useful and know the answer to pitching wedge vs. sand wedge along with some other details.

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