Ping Rapture Iron Review

Ping Rapture Iron Review In 2021

One of the best-looking iron in golf history is the Ping Rapture iron. The iron also can improve the game of the golfer by offering variations in the shot. The club is specially designed to rule on the green with accuracy. The wide sole of the iron is something the other iron user will eel envy. The oversized head and weight of the head will ensure the straight and maximum fly off the ball. A golfer can use this iron in the fairway to rough with worrying about anything. Featuring toe weight and a low center of gravity will help the user to experience maximum flight.

Below, we will discuss more the ping rapture iron.

Who Should Use Ping Rapture Iron

With the aesthetic look, the ping rapture iron has records of best performance in different tournaments and practice. People who face difficulties hitting with iron can go for the ping rapture iron. The iron has popularity among beginners too. The golfers who just start playing golf and do not have much control and techniques over the game. Because of the extreme level of forgiveness the iron provides, the beginner can score a good number even with a mishit.

Ping Rapture Iron Review

The golf manufacturer industry is doing good recently. They are manufacturing so many good qualities clubs to fulfill the golfer’s requirement. Another aim of the manufacturer is to make the game easy for beginners. In golf, one will have to have several types of clubs. Each of the clubsis dedicated to hitting on the particular situation. Among all the clubs iron is one of the most important clubs a golfer must-have.

Irons are mostly used to propel the ball towards the hole from a distance.  To be a good iron, it has to be stronger and less flex. Most specifically an iron club has to be straight and accurate. The shaft of the iron must be of stainless steel to be a flexible one. Most of the irons are for pitching and chipping shots. Technically speaking, the higher the number of iron, the less distance it will cover. Because of the angle of the clubface. Among all the iron clubsPing Rapture Iron is the best option for all skill levels. This club is faster compare to many driving irons available in the market.

It is considered to be a club of game enhancement. These are widely used by mid and higher-level golfers along with beginners. Some golfers may think that because it looks good the performance will not be that good. But once they hit the club, they will know how easy and best the club is. This iron also provides variety for different handicappers. All the shots with this iron will go straight no matter how bad the golfer hit the ball because of the high forgiveness. Besides, one will not have to hit the ball hard to cover a decent amount of distance. Because of the wide and heavy clubhead, the ball will cover a long distance even if the hit wasn’t that good.

For the golfers who find it difficult to hit with a hybrid, ping rapture will be a good option. If someone is facing a problem to fly the ball because of the gap between 3 wood and 3 iron, this club is the good news. The club will offer versatility compare to hybrid and golfers will feel more fun playing with the club. To increase the MOI of the club this brand added tungsten into the clubface along with the wide sole. This will offer the spin of a 2 iron. Some features of the ping rapture that makes it a good iron are,

Body: The body of this club is made of stainless steel. The material is stronger and keeps the club straight. The straight feature of the club will ensure an accurate fit to the ball. Besides, because of the stainless steel, the club's overall weight will be less. The golfer can easily pick and hit with a club. Another important thing is the club will be rustproof. So the golfer can use it in the rainy or wet water too.

Clubhead: The head of this iron of Ping Company is designed wide. Made of titanium the head is a heavyweight. Because of the weight, one can hit the ball properly. Even in a light shot, the ball will travel a farther distance. The heavyweight of the head will increase the swing to fly more.

Length: The length of the club is normally 39 inches. Though, the length of the club depends on the height of the men. Since this club is designed for men. A man with average height can use this club in their game.







Body material

Stainless steel

Head material





39.75 inches


17 degree

Swing weight


Hand orientation

Left and right


Multiple options






  • The club is perfect for all skill-level players.
  • The beginners also find this club useful.
  • The club will improve the game by enhancing the experience of the game.
  • It will cover a good amount of distance even the shot is low.
  • The titanium heavy head of the club will hit accurately and straight.
  • The club is extremely forgiving, the ball will cover the distance accurately even if the shot is a mishit.
  • The high-density toe will enhance the overall performance.
  • The club is rustproof.
  • It will provide a good amount of balance and stability while having a shot.
  • The wide sole and oversized head will help cover the distance.
  • The club will provide a low center of gravity.


  • The golfer may find it difficult to have an around shot with the club.
  • The club is only for men golfers.

Things to Consider While Buying an Iron Club

While on the golf course playing the game, the golfer will find how important to have an iron club in their golf bag. Good quality and perfectly sized and weight iron will help to hit the ball covering maximum distance accurately. However, picking the right iron club for the game is one of the difficult tasks in golf. One will have to know some specifications.

Body: The body of the iron is mainly made of graphite, stainless steel, or composite material. Different materials will provide different features and usability. We will suggest choosing an iron of stainless steel. Because the stainless steel is lightweight and smooth. One will feel smother holding it. Besides, one can play in the rain with stainless steel. The body will dry quickly as well as the shaft will be rustproof.

Clubhead: The main responsibility of an iron club is to fly the ball further even the shot is mishit. Clubhead if the iron club must be of wide sole and heavy in weight. This feature will make the club highly forgiving. Also because of the weight, a slower swing hit will fly the ball farther.

Forgiving: Whatever the club forgiving is important. It’s no different with an iron club. Because of the forgiving if the golfer shot the ball with the corner of the clubhead the ball will travel straight.

Is Ping Rapture Iron worth buying for golfing

The market has many options in the iron club. So many manufacturers are manufacturing clubs to contribute to golfing. Not every brand is worth buying or worth playing with. But the Ping Rapture Iron is one of the best clubs in the market. With its aesthetic look, it performed very well in the course.

Is the Ping Rapture Iron good for the beginner golfer

The beginner who just starts with golfing or still developing their basic skills needs an iron club with a wider sole and heavyweight head. The Ping Rapture Iron is one of the best iron with a specially designed wide sole and heavy head. It also providesa low center of gravity with a high level of forgiveness. So, it’s a good option for the beginner. But the beginner should have a trial game with the club before buying it.

What year did the Ping Rapture irons come out

The UK-based ping company dedicated to manufacturing golfing equipment’s manufactured the rapture iron. They first released the club back in 2006. The iron was the very first ping iron club that utilizes multi-material construction in one club. The construction of the club includes stainless steel body with a titanium heavyweight face.

Final Words

Picking up an iron that will be performed best as well as improve the game is not a cup of tea for everyone. However, with proper guidelines it is possible. If one is choosing the Ping Rapture Iron, the task is going in the right direction. This club is something will enhance the performance of the golfer with improving their gaming skill. The design of the club will help the golfer fly the ball straight and accurately. With a great amount of forgiving and balance there is little chance to miss any hit.

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