Is Driving a Golf Cart the Same as Driving a Car

Is Driving a Golf Cart the Same as Driving a Car?

A golf cart features many facilities for its user. It carries the golfer and also all necessary accessories of the golfers like the golfer's bag. The golf carts are very user friendly. However, these carts have become so popular that modern people like to use them outside the course, like for visiting a property, enjoying a historical place, or even for hunting.

But we are not here to talk about what is a golf cart or what a golf cart can do. We are here to talk is driving a golf cart the same as driving a car. Because some golf enthusiasts or golf cart enthusiasts often ask this question to know whether they have to learn how to drive a golf cart or use their regular car driving knowledge and experience to drive a golf cart.

So buckle up folks, we will describe all of the necessary things one by one.

Is driving a golf cart the same as driving a car?

Driving a golf cart is not exactly the same as driving a car, but it can be relatable. Driving a golf cart is way easier than driving a car. The golf cart does not have a lot of gears like a car or even provides a lot of speed like a car. There are only two gears in a golf cart. And these are front and reverse gears. Also, a golf cart can run from 35mph to 40mph at the top.

To ride a golf cart on the golf course, one does not need a driving license. However, if one wants to use a golf cart on public roads, then the person must have a driving license. The age minimum age limit for driving a car is 16. But the minimum age limit of driving a golf cart is just 14. However, like a car, golf carts also have seatbelts, steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator pedal, lights, indicators, etc.

So it can be said that without the gear, license, and age limit the rest of the part is as same as driving a car but easier than riding a car.

How to drive a golf cart

To start with how to drive a golf cart first, one has to understand the golf cart. Knowing the specification of the golf cart will help one to ride the cart suitably, comfortably, and safely.

A golf cart is also known as a low speed vehicle. Basically, golf carts are available in 2 types. These are gas-powered and electric-powered. The average speed of a golf cart in a golf course should be between 15 to 20mph.

However, while on a public road the max speed can be between 30 to 40mph. And while riding on that speed limit on the public road the golf cart will be called a neighborhood electric vehicle. But one must know that a neighborhood electric golf cart must be powered electrically.

Now, let us talk about the most important specification of a golf cart that one must know before hopping into the golf cart.

  • A golf cart has a steering wheel which is the same as a car steering wheel. The wheel size can vary depending on the manufacturer. And one can replace the steering wheel with comfortable wheel size.
  • A car contains 3 pedals which are the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and clutch pedal. But a golf cart only has two 2 paddles and these are the accelerator pedal and brake pedal. There is no clutch paddle in a golf cart which made it easier to drive than a car.
  • There is no complicated gear issue in a golf cart. As we mentioned before a golf cart just has two gears, one is the front gear and the other one is the reverse gear. And operating with these gears is very easy.
  • A golf cart contains a parking brake so that the cart can remain stable when it is parked in the garage or on the course.

So these are the main important things that one must know for driving their golf cart.

Now, let’s show you the steps of how you will be able to drive a golf cart easily.

Step 1- The first thing to do is to start the cart. Now, you cannot drive a vehicle without starting it, can you? There will be a key included with every golf cart. Search for the key slot. Normally, the key slot is placed beside the steering wheel. Simply insert the key into the key slot and then one just has to rotate the key to the right. Now, one may be waiting for a loud starting sound but unfortunately, there will be no loud sound of starting. However, the gas-powered golf cart may produce a bit more sound than a battery-powered golf cart. And one will hear a small amount of engine starting sound.

Step 2- The next thing to do is to ensure the safety of the user. Though a golf cart cannot provide speeds more than 20mph on average, one must ensure safety. To ensure safety one must put on the seatbelt. Most golf carts will have a seatbelt. However, there are some manufacturers who do not include a seatbelt on their golf cart as the cart provides a very low amount of speed. However, if the driver is aged less than 18 then the person must put on the seatbelt.

But if one is driving a golf cart on the public road, then using the seatbelt is kind of compulsory.

Step 3- After starting and ensuring safety, now it time to go. There will be two pedals near your foot. The accelerator pedal is a bit small and thin than the brake pedal and it is situated on the right side. Simply and gently press the accelerator pedal and feel the movement of the cart. The speed of the cart depends on the amount of pressure one puts on the accelerator pedal. Therefore, one should not try to rush on the accelerator. Because pushing the accelerator pedal very hardly will move the cart forward all of a sudden and which can lead one to a dangerous accident.

Step 4- One must keep both of their hands on the steering wheel all the time. For a beginner, it would be wise to drive a golf cart on a straight road. However, try to grab the handle tightly while going through rough and sloppy or hilly terrain.

Step 5- If one wants to slow down the golf cart the person should release the pressure from the accelerator pedal. Releasing the accelerator will ultimately slow down the cart. However, if one wants to stop the cart, then the person should use the brake.

The brake of the golf cart is situated on the left side. The brake is also as sensitive as the accelerator. The amount of pressure determines how fast the cart will stop.

Step 6- If one has to drive their golf cart backward for a certain reason then the driver must be very cautious.

The first thing to do before driving backward is to turn the gear to the reverse position. Some golf carts feature switch for this purpose and some golf cart features lever. After turning into the reverse gear, simply turn your body and place your hand on the passenger seat to look at everything behind you. Then press the same accelerator pedal to move backward.

Step 7- While driving a golf cart, one must always cautious about using the horn. On the golf course, there can be more golf carts and a lot of golfers. So if one sees a golfer or another cart in front of their cart, then the person must use the horn. It will ensure the safety of both carts and persons.

What is the difference between a Golf Cart and a Low Speed Vehicle

The main difference between a Golf Cart and a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) is the speed. The golf cart is invented for making golf rounds more easy, effortless, and comfortable for golfers. These golf carts are manufactured with a very low amount of speed. The top speed a golf cart can produce is between 20mph to 25mph.

On the other side, a Low Speed Vehicle is made for riding on the public road. The top speed it can produce is more than 30mph.

There are some other differences also. Driving a golf cart on the golf course does not require a license. But driving LSV on the public road must need a license.

Final words

Some people think that driving a golf cart is as complicated as driving a car. Therefore, they want to know, is driving a golf cart the same as driving a car. But it is quite the opposite. Driving a golf cart is very easy and effortless than a car. In this article, we have answered this question and also we have shown the steps on how one can drive a golf cart safely.

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