Hybrid golf club lofts and distance

Hybrid Golf Club Lofts and Distance With Comparison Chat

The invention of the hybrid golf club in the late 1990s is one of the revolutionary changes in golf. Hybrid golf clubs are very versatile. These clubs help a golfer to get more fairway distance easily with precise accuracy. For this reason, they have become very popular in a short amount of time.

Hybrid Golf Club Lofts and Distance

There are many hybrid golf clubs and each of them has a unique loft design and provides different features. Therefore, before buying, one has to check all the major and minor details of the hybrid golf club they are purchasing. However, today we will help those golfers who are struggling and are not able to find the right hybrid golf club. We will discuss about the hybrid golf club lofts and distance so that one can easily choose the best one to improve their game.

What is a hybrid golf club?

We all know that hybrid means the combination of two or more things into one. The same thing applies to a hybrid golf club. Simply, a hybrid golf club is made by combining the design of both an iron and a wood club. That means a hybrid golf club has all the features of both an iron and a wood club. That is why these clubs are able to get further distances with the best accuracy.

These clubs seem to have the same loft angle of their similar wood and iron. But the difference is that these are smaller than wood and have a bigger shaft design than iron.

Hybrid golf club lofts and distance

We have mentioned in the introduction that, a hybrid golf club will provide more distance than its corresponding fairway wood and iron. That means there are different loft designs of hybrid golf clubs. The most used hybrid golf clubs in the tournament have loft angles between 15 to 25 degrees. For getting a longer distance, a hybrid club between these loft angles is best. However, some golfers also use hybrid golf clubs with more loft angles. The various types of hybrid golf club loft designs ensure that a golfer can easily find the best-suited one for him or her to reach their desired distance.

In the chart below, we will mention which hybrid club has what angle and how much distance it will cover with one shot. Here we will discuss the loft angle in degrees and the covering distance in yards.

Hybrid club

Loft  angle

Women covering distance

Men covering distance

1 Hybrid

15 to 18

115 to 190

195 to 245

2 Hybrid

18 to 20

105 to 176

175 to 222

3 Hybrid

21 to 24

95 to 165

163 to 205

4 Hybrid

25 to 28

90 to 155

155 to 195

5 Hybrid

28 to 32

85 to 145

145 to 185

6 Hybrid

32 to 36

80 to 135

135 to 171

7 Hybrid

36 to 40

75 to 130

125 to 160

8 Hybrid

40 to 44

70 to 120

120 to 150

9 Hybrid

45 to 48

60 to 105

105 to 132

As we can see, the lower the loft angle the more distance the club covers. For example, the 1-hybrid has the lowest loft angle of 15 to 18 degrees yet it can cover a distance between 195 to 245 yards for men and 115 to 190 yards for women. On the other hand, the 9-hybrid has the highest loft angle of 45 to 48 degrees and yet it only covers 105 to 132 yards for men and 60 to 105 yards for women which is lower than 1-hybrid.

Covering the distance with the help of a hybrid golf club fully depends on the golfer's skills. A golfer with a lot of experience and skills will be able to cover more distance than a higher handicap player.

What is the advantage of hybrid golf clubs?

There are some players who face difficulties while hitting the golf ball with a long iron or with a fairway wood. They cannot hit the ball with the perfect accuracy with an iron club and also cannot hit the ball with a fairway wood for more distance coverage. These problems occur especially with mid and high handicappers. There emerged the hybrid clubs.

As the hybrid clubs have both the features of wood and iron clubs and the weight of the club is distributed at the bottom, therefore, the sweet spot of the hybrid clubs is towards the bottom. For this, one is able to hit the ball more accurately.

The shaft design of a hybrid golf club has similarities with an iron club shaft. However, the head design of the hybrid club is deeper than a regular iron club. Also, the sweet spot of a hybrid club is lower than an average iron club. That means the center of the mass of a hybrid golf club is closer to the ground. This characteristic of the hybrid golf club helps a golfer to hit the golf ball more solidly and accurately.

The face design of a hybrid club is smaller than a wood which helps a player to play more easily than a wood club. The face design of the hybrid club helps a player to get the ball out of any rough.

What is the difference between long iron and hybrid clubs?

We know that the hybrid clubs have a similar loft angle to their corresponding iron golf club. But there is a huge difference between an iron and a hybrid golf club.  And the difference is the distance.

Here is a chart that resembles the distance of a hybrid club and its corresponding iron club.

Hybrid Club


Average Distance (Yards)

3 Hybrid

21 to 24


4 Hybrid

25 to 28


5 hybrid

28 to 32


Iron club


Average Distance (Yards)

3 Iron

21 to 24


4 Iron

25 to 28


5 Iron

28 to 32


As we can see in the chart, all the hybrid clubs resemble the same loft angle of their corresponding iron club. However, each hybrid club provides 10 yardages more than their corresponding iron club. This will help mid-level and high level handicappers to get more distance with ease.

There are some other differences between a hybrid and an iron golf club. These are:

Clubhead design- The clubhead design of a hybrid club is deeper than an average long iron. The design is similar to a mini wood golf club. The distance between the clubface and the back of the club of a hybrid golf club is a lot more than an iron club. For this reason, the weight of the clubhead is pushed backward.

Trajectory- The term trajectory defines the angle and the height of the ball after the ball gets hit by a golf club. Basically, the trajectory is described in 3 terms which are low, mid, and high. The trajectory of a hybrid golf club is higher than iron or wood. For the high trajectory, a ball hit by a hybrid golf club will farther distance than its corresponding iron. The trajectory of a club depends on its clubface design and the angle of the loft.

How to replace my regular golf club with hybrid clubs?

Replacing a regular iron or a wood golf club with a hybrid golf club is not so easy. One has to consider every single thing of a hybrid club to choose the corresponding one. Before replacing a club one should try to find a chart that shows the comparison between the replacing club and the hybrid club.

Here is a chart that shows the hybrid loft angle and the replaceable wood club.

Hybrid club loft angle (Degrees)

Replaceable wood

14 to 16

3 wood

17 to 19

5 wood

20 to 22

7 wood

23 to 25

9 wood

The above chart shows the loft angle of the hybrid club and their corresponding wood club. By following this chart one will be able to replace the wood that they feel difficulties with at the time of hitting the ball.

To replace the irons one can follow the below chart.

Hybrid club loft angle (Degrees)

Replaceable iron

14 to 16

1 iron

17 to 19

2 iron

19 to 21

3 iron

22 to 23

4 iron

24 to 27

5 iron

29 to 32

6 iron

33 to 35

7 iron

What features to consider before replacing a club with a hybrid golf club?

Before replacing a club with a hybrid golf club one must make sure that the hybrid club has all the characteristics that will enhance the skills of the golfer.

To get a hybrid club that is perfect, one should follow the below components of a hybrid golf club.

Loft angle- The first thing to determine is the loft angle of the hybrid club. One must check which hybrid club has the perfect loft angle and will be the perfect alternative to their existing club. To know the perfect loft angle of the hybrid club according to your replacing club you can follow the above charts. The above charts have all the necessary information about the loft angle of the hybrid club and the corresponding club that can be replaced.

Besides that, one should determine about the distance the club will produce. That means to determine the distance you want to get from your club and then look for that hybrid club that can provide the distance.

Shaft- Some amateur golfers seem to overlook the shaft of a hybrid golf club which is a big mistake. Don’t be a rookie from this point. The hybrid club shaft is a bit longer than iron and thicker than a fairway wood. The longer shaft design of a hybrid golf club provides more control to the club. One should choose a hybrid club which shaft is more solid than its corresponding iron.

Grip- The next thing to check is the grip. The grip is the only thing that contacts with the hand. That means, having a suitable grip will provide the golfer the chance to have a perfect and accurate shot. There are many grip designs. But one must make sure to choose a grip that can wick moisture away and keeps the hand dry.

Head design- Some manufacturers are producing adjustable head hybrid golf clubs. With an adjustable hybrid golf club, one can change the head position to get a better and perfect loft angle. Also, by adjusting the head one can shift the center of the mass of the clubhead to hit with more ease. By adjusting the clubhead one can change the trajectory to get a higher flight and more distance out of the ball. However, these types of hybrid clubs are suitable for advanced golfers. A beginner should not think about these things.

Final thoughts

Hybrid golf clubs are suitable for those golfers who find difficulties in using an iron or a fairway wood. The hybrid golf clubs are very versatile and recently some professional golfers also seem to use these clubs in professional golf tours. These golf clubs feature various loft angles which help a golfer to get more distance than their regular clubs. Here we have discussed about the hybrid golf club lofts and distance. Also, we have provided many charts which will help a golfer to replace their regular club with a hybrid club. Also, we have shown the features of the hybrid clubs so that one can easily replace their existing club with the suitable one.

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