Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

Can You Use a Hunting Rangefinder for Golf?

It is seen people often ask that Can I use a hunting rangefinder for golf? In a word, the answer is “Yes”. It is possible to use a hunting rangefinder for golf.

Typically a rangefinder is a camera that is used to measure the distance of the object from a far way. The rangefinder captures a sharp image of the object from a far distance. A rangefinder is a very important device for a golfer. The golfer may use it for different purposes.

There are several types of rangefinders in the market. If one has a hunting rangefinder then the person doesn’t have to buy a golf rangefinder. It will save the cost and a golfer can use it to make the game better.

Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

There are many ergonomic rangefinders available in the market that can work both for hunting and golf. To get a versatile hunting rangefinder that can also work for golf one must check some appropriate features of the rangefinder in order to do both tasks. However, this type of rangefinder will cost a little much. But hey the best part is that one can use a single rangefinder for both of the tasks and a single rangefinder cost lesser than buying two rangefinders.

Advantages of a Rangefinder in Golf

All rangefinders are used to measure the distance of the target. Nothing is different here for a golf rangefinder. The golf rangefinder helps a golfer in many ways. A golf rangefinder helps a golfer to know the accurate distance of their target in the golf course. The measurement helps a golfer to use the accurate power for their shot which helps them to reach the target. 

Also, the golf rangefinder reduces the effort of a golfer as previously a golfer is used to measure the distance of the target or the flag via steps which is a traditional way. The traditional way of measuring via steps is very effective and time consuming. Also, the traditional way doesn’t provide an accurate measurement of the distance. But with the help of a rangefinder the effort and the process are very easy. The golfer is a very quality device that definitely improves the game of a golfer.

GPS VS Laser Rangefinders

A GPS comes with many benefits that can be very helpful for a golfer. GPS shows the information of from, middle and back distance. Also, with a GPS a golfer can see all of the seen and unseen hazards that help them to make a better shot. Also, a GPS comes in many forms. One of the popular GPS forms is the watch type. But there are many problems with GPS.

 One of the big problems is that GPS doesn't provide the actual information of the distance. Also, one has to buy a preprogrammed GPS. By preprogrammed we mean that the GPS has to have the information about the course where the player wants to use it. And the player has to charge the GPS after some time.

But there are no such issues with a rangefinder. The rangefinder shows the accurate distance. Also, rangefinders are very easy to hold. There is no need to charge a rangefinder. There is no need to preprogram a rangefinder. But there are some limitations of a rangefinder. It doesn't provide any information about back or front distance. They only show the seen hazard. The biggest problem with a rangefinder is that it shouldn't move at all.

That means the holder must hold the rangefinder steadily. However, after few days this problem can be overcome. The good news for a golfer is that now you can find a rangefinder with GPS. Which means you will have all the information that you need. But the problem is a rangefinder with GPS is very costly.

Features of a Rangefinder for Both Hunting and Golf

To get a rangefinder that will work for both golf and hunting purposes a person must consider and search for many important features. The features are:

Distance- As a rangefinder's first priority is to measure the distance so it is the first consideration for a buyer. The golf rangefinders are designed to measure a limited distance. Because there will be no need to measure distance more than 500 yards in a golf course.

So there is no need to go for a higher distance measuring rangefinder if anyone wants to use a rangefinder for golf. One can buy a rangefinder that can cover 600 yards for their golf course. But a hunting rangefinder has to cover far more than 600 yards as a hunting target can be far away from the hunter.

That means one can use a hunting rangefinder for golf but can't use a golf rangefinder for hunting.

Priority mode- Basically, there are two types of modes of rangefinders. A golf rangefinder is made based on the first target priority mood. It means the golf rangefinder detects the target in the nearest position. Which is enough for a golf course. But the problem is it won't work on a hunting area as a hunting area is full of obstacles like trees and branches.

Therefore a rangefinder for hunting is made based on the second target priority mood. For this mode, the rangefinder ignores all the obstacles in the way and shows the distance of the target. However, there are some rangefinders that have both of the modes like the Nikon COOLSHOT 40i. These rangefinders work perfectly for both golf and hunting.

User friendly- The size and the weight of a rangefinder make it users friendly. For both hunting and golf purposes, the rangefinder must be light in weight and compact in size. Almost all the rangefinders of today’s are very easy to use. Rangefinders are very easy to hold in the hand and easy to carry.

Weatherproof- Some people may ignore this feature but we highly recommend you to check the weatherproofing feature of a rangefinder. Both for hunting and golfing this feature is necessary. A weatherproof rangefinder is UV resistant and waterproof. These two things make a rangefinder durable. As a rangefinder is costly so it is needed to be checked.

Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

Hunting Rangefinder for Golf

Can I Use a Golf Rangefinder for Hunting?

Golf rangefinders are not suitable for hunting. As a golf rangefinder is capable of measuring some fewer yards, therefore, it won’t be a good decision to use the golf rangefinder for hunting.

However, you can use a hunting rangefinder for golf. Because the hunting rangefinder will cover all the distance of a golf course target.

Final Thoughts

After reading this article we hope that you have understood the work of a rangefinder for a golfer. In simple words, a rangefinder helps a golfer to improve in the game and play the game easily. We have also discussed the features of a rangefinder that will help a beginner or an advanced level golfer to find the best golf rangefinder for improving their game.

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