How to Throw Disc Golf

How to Throw Disc Golf?

Golf is one of the most favorites all over the world. There are so many people who love to play golf. There are different kinds of golf sector. Many types of golf games are available. A golfer must have a golf club and a golf ball for playing this game. But there is also a kind of golf playing without any golf club and circle golf ball. This is disc golf. This golf game is played the same as the normal traditional golf ball. But there has no normal circle golf ball and no golf clubs. Disc golf is played with a flying disc instead of a normal round golf ball. This is also played by throwing disc not like hitting the golf ball with any golf club. So one should know that how to throw disc golf perfectly to score well.

We are here for the beginners as well as the pro levels players also. In this article, we will discuss throwing disc golf. We put some major points serially that can be helpful for any readers.

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is one kind of golf game playing almost similar to normal golf. But in this game here usually should not use any golf club or Bridgestone golf ball. Just need a flying disc to play disc golf. This disc golf has the same rules which are used in regular golf. 9 holes or 18 holes of golf are available for this disc golf also. It is not so much costly as the regular golf game.

How to Throw Disc Golf

How to Throw Disc Golf

How to Throw Disc Golf?

Disc golf is played with so much fun. It is also called "Frisbee Golf". People can do exercise while playing this game. This is a very great way to do exercise regularly. There are many types of throwing techniques in disc golf. Backhand and Forehand throws are very popular. People can learn both types of techniques easily. We will explain clearly below:

Backhand Throw: There are some steps to throw the disc golf with the backhand.

First people should stand sideways to the targets. They should keep their face towards the main target and must be kept their weight on their back foot. They can keep their shoulder to the final target as like as they can be kept when the baseballs play. In this way, they can fly the disc straightly. Remember that they should keep their foot into the target so that they can form a 90-degree angle with the target of their body.

Sometimes there may be a few mistakes that happened. So try to avoid it. This backhand disc throw is the common and popular way which is used 90% time of the game. When people are ready to throw the disc they should not facing the in front of their body side toward the target. If this will happen they cannot fly the disc properly towards the target.

Now people should grip the disc with their thump on the front side of the disc golf and keep their fingers underneath of the disc. If they don't keep the disc into their thumb properly then it will affect to throw the disc. People should keep the disc with their thumb of their dominant hand so that the disc will secure in their hand. Now move their all fingers for setting comfortably and secure it in their hand.

Placing their fingers in the side of the disc is decreased the long distance flying capability. So they should avoid that mistake. They should research for the best position of their hand thumb and also fingers until they find the final, comfortable best position that really works well for them.

In this step, they should hold their arm fully straight for more energy and pull the hand behind them with more power. They should fix their position with the disc. They can put the disc behind the shoulder when they are ready to pull it. They should outstretch their arm. It helps to improve flexibility and increase the maximum amount of power while throwing the disc. 

Something can be done wrong when setting the position. People should hold the disc above their waist height. They can practice a lot for their better position to throw the disc perfectly and comfortably.

This is the most important step before the final throwing. People should hold the golf disk flat. This is the best way to increase the distance of their throwing. If they hold their disc to the upward angle then when they throw it, the disc will lose its momentum while flying in the air and finally fall into the ground. Another side if they hold this disc downward, it will automatically fall to the ground. It cannot get the momentum to fly properly for a longer distance.

So they should hold the golf disc flat. If they mistake, it will affect the momentum of flying. So everybody should try to maintain this flat position while throwing disc golf.

At this stage, people can throw the golf disc in the wind. They can now swing their arm to the final target and release the disc from their hand properly with maximum level of power. They should turn their elbow quickly towards the final target and when their elbow reaches their belly position they should leave the disc. Make sure that their carpus towards the target when they release the golf disc from their hand. And must be kept the disc above the waist height while throwing the disc.

Some key points that they should move their elbow super fast towards the target so that they can fly the disc longer distance with a proper speed. They should also keep their eye on the target while throwing disc. Needless to say, this will increase their throwing accuracy and performance.

Finally, when they released the disc completely from their hand they should increase their hand fully towards the target. Sometimes they cannot balance their weight properly. Then they should keep their weight onto the front foot. That will protect them from any kinds of injuries.

Forehand Throw: There is also some step to make a proper forehand throws. It is not a more popular method than the Backhand method.

For this type of throwing people should hold the ball with their thumb and the middle finger. It will help to grab the disc properly with the middle finger on the flat side.

People should stand sideways. Then towards their body into the target before throwing the disc. They should keep their non-throwing shoulder toward the target. It gives them an extra solid basement for throwing.

Then they should hold the disk towards the target with their forearm. Pull it horizontally behind in their back comfortably.

Finally, they should keep their forearm into the forward while flicking the wrist and leave the golf disc perfectly in the air.

At the end of this article, we like to say that people can now throw the golf disc easily by reading this article. Here we try to discuss a lot about the main throwing method. Anyone can throw disc golf perfectly by following some steps are written above.

Follow some best rules for throwing disc golf better and comfortably.

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