How to Test a Golf Cart Motor_

How to Test a Golf Cart Motor?

There are many kinds of the golf cart. It is very essential for any golf course. Some golfer has their own golf cart. They should take proper maintenances of it. But it is sometimes hard to test a golf cart motor manually. The motor is the most important part of any golf cart. So it should be always fit for running the cart efficiently. People should take proper care of the golf cart motor. It is easy for someone to test a golf cart motor manually. But few times it seems to be hard to test manually.

There are many kinds of methods to test a golf cart motor. People should test different types of methods that they can get the best result. In this article, we will show some different methods serially that really work for you.

How to Test a Golf Cart Motor?

Sometimes there will have some errors while testing the golf cart motor. So before testing the golf cart motor, people should check some essential steps to prevent any major errors later. We should discuss first these steps earlier. Then we will show that how to test a golf cart motor below.

Power Source Checking

For testing, a golf cart motor there may need to give a lot of charge to the motor. So first and foremost people should check the power source of the golf cart that it is fully okay and strong enough to handle the extra charges if it's needed. They also should ensure that the power source is operating properly when extra charges need for their golf cart. These are the most important steps for some major reasons.

  • Some golf cart motor is multifunctioning. If their golf cart is also multifunctioning and there have some problem with the charging stations, then it will be easier to resolve itself before replacing that motor. So this step really helpful.
  • A motor can create some problems by itself usually. Sometimes it happens. So this is not a good fact at all. This decreases the run efficiency of the golf cart than it normally would. So golf cart speed will become slower. This problem can be caused by overcharging the cart battery. Absolutely it causes a lot of damage. People can charge more times repeatedly because the battery is not working properly or cannot give more power. But it is a bad idea. Overall the battery lost its power day by day and can damage the golf cart motor further. So, people should check this issue and it will not so tough. We will make it easy for the people so that they can test this manually.
  • People may need a 120 volt tester for doing this job. They can rent it or buy it from any electrical shops. They must clean the probes to protect them from any kinds of unexpected electric shocks. They can wipe these areas with a clean cloth easily.
  • Now they can insert the probes into the electrical socket. They should press the test button from the 12- volt tester. If they get a steady charge from the socket then it is all perfect. They should not get worried about the electric socket.

Now people can charge the golf cart from a different socket to compare the result they have gotten from this current socket. If they get a good result from this current socket they can charge their golf cart from this socket while ongoing the test process.

Other Necessary Steps

People are now standing just one step behind to start their cart's motor test. They should ensure some primary steps before starting the main testing process. They should ensure that they did not miss any easy factors that may be affecting their golf cart motor. They should find out that's easy factors to prevent a bad situation.

  • First, they should find the 'Reset' button inside the motor. It is essential for preventing happened anything worse. This type of button can be found on the outside of the motor. Some electrical golf cart motor has this button somewhere on their exterior. Sometimes there may have a sticker as "Reset" on the button or sometimes it may be not there. They can press this reset button after they find it. And they should try to start the golf cart motor engine again.
  • This move is as often as possible satisfactory to reactivate the golf cart. Presently people should evaluate the battery pack to ensure that it is as yet in incredible working request. To begin, they can use a multi-meter to check the voltage of every battery inside the crate. It improves testing efficiency. Associate the fitting if it shows black that means it is negative and if it is the red color that indicates the positive one – and checks for a persistent and basic charge.

Your charger might be separating or the battery might be fricasseed if it isn't totally charged. At last, survey the battery terminals for rust or the total of particular kinds of soil or stains. Sometimes the terminal may affect a lot of the motor. In the event that the terminals are hurt in a couple of ways, they won't hold a cost and will remove the cart in a terrible working condition. If you want to know How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries?

How to Test a Golf Cart Motor

How to Test a Golf Cart Motor

Open the Motor for Testing

If people do the above steps properly following our guidelines, then still the motor cannot be operating highly as they expect. This is high time to open the motor fully and test further more deeply. We are going to show some important easy steps to test the motor completely. These steps are very easy to perform. Just people should follow our process.

  • People should check the backside of the cart. Maybe there is a panel which is covered the golf cart's motor. This board is customarily square or rectangular fit as a fiddle, with four, tightens holding its place. There are a lot of golf carts which models are different from each other. In light of the golf cart show you have, the shape and gauge of screws change. Undoubtedly the screw size varies depending on their model designs.

To begin ousting the essential screw, see through a collection of screwdrivers or drills for the right digit, by then implanting it into the top of the essential screw. To keep it got, remove the essential screw and put it in a safe spot. To end lost your screws; there a few assorted ways you'll put them decorate. They should avoid keeping these screws in their shirt or pants pockets. It is a high chance to get lost. Then they will face more problems with it.

Some people also keep these in the towel. In case you put them on the beat of a towel, exactly the same thing occurs. We recommend a little plastic knock with a locking top that won't spill if it is pounded over. People should take the board off and set it to the side subsequent to removing both of the screws.

They can as of now dispatch your plan of tests and you have fast got to your motor.

  • In this final step, people should test the cart's motor deeply. You're as of now ready to begin checking the terminals subsequent to taking a set of the golf cart's engine's wiring. Fortunately, this technique isn't unreasonably muddled, and it shouldn't be also problematic for people to add up to with a little exertion. To begin, cautiously confine the entirety of the wires from the motor. They should pay close to thought to the situation of the wires to ensure that they are not grounded to the motor or a concise will happen. They should by and by survey every one of their golf cart terminals to ensure that they are completely practical. These terminals help inside the spread of imperativeness inside the cart, ensuring that it runs easily. People should have the option to think about various unmistakable kinds of terminals.

Now people should start testing the F1 terminal. They can use a 12 volt tester. Start by interfacing one of the tests to the terminal and the other to the engine's casing.

Is the terminal giving you a solid perusing? In the event that generally the case, their F1 terminal is in fine working request. Their terminal isn't running great whether it contains a terrible charge or one that shifts much of the time. It'll have the opportunity to be supplanted. Presently they should interface the terminals to F1 and F2 to ensure that they work appropriately.

Before they start testing, see at the shade of every terminal and make without question they are using the correct test. It isn't on a very basic level the case that the F1 is positive and the F2 is negative. Now check the motor. They should on the motor; if they get a steady electricity flow then it is completely perfect. The terminal is operating very well.

Now, at the last, they should check also the A1 and A2 terminals. They can use a multi-meter for this testing. It has also the same process as above. Hope this article will be more helpful for any reader to test a golf cart motor. We try to describe details as we can. We make this article so easy that anybody can understand properly.

Finally, everybody should take care of their golf cart's motor. They can test the cart's motor manually easily by following the major steps which are written in the upper section. So follow the rules and steps properly and test a golf cart motor perfectly.

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