How to Store Golf Cart Batteries for Summer

How to Store Golf Cart Batteries for Summer?

Golf carts run with the type of energy the most. An electric golf cart is operated by using batteries. A golf cart contains 4 or 6 pieces of batteries. Each of the batteries contains either 6 or 8 volts in them. In this topic, the storing method for the golf cart batteries will be explained briefly.

How to Store Golf Cart Batteries for Summer?

It is a very common operation of the golf carts. They are widely seen in golf courses. As they contain the golf carts in most numbers, sometimes they have to remove the batteries from some of the golf carts. This is because the golf cart may save some technical issues in the staring or wheels. Fixing them will take time. Besides, the major weight of the golf cart is the batteries. So they get removed for making the work easier.

Why the Batteries Get Removed in Summer?

The golf game is more popular in the winter season. As the game has to play under direct sunlight, most of the golfers don't prefer to play in summer. That is why; most golf courses store the batteries during the season. They are not get used for a long period and if the batteries remain in the same position inside of the carts, it may create trouble or damage to the batteries. That is why the batteries are get removed in summer.

Process of Removing the Batteries

Before removing the batteries, make sure to follow some important steps.

First, choose a suitable place to store the batteries. Make sure that the place is

Perfectly sealed and safe: There are such places or rooms which are perfectly sealed by cement and concrete. There is no chance of having water leakages or any kind of problem in the place

Normal temperature: Normal atmosphere is the perfect choice for storing the batteries. The moderate level atmosphere will keep the batteries safe

Distance from people: As the batteries are enough dangerous, make sure that the place you have chosen is in a little distance from local people

Avoid direct sunlight: Sunlight can make damage to the batteries. Choose a place that stays away from the direct sunlight

Easy access to electricity: Storing the batteries is enough. They have to charge in time. Otherwise, the batteries will be damaged. The place should have easy electricity access in it so that the batteries can be charged.

After choosing the suitable place to store the batteries, now it’s time to bring out the batteries from the cart.

How to Store Golf Cart Batteries for Summer

How to Store Golf Cart Batteries for Summer

Removing the Batteries

First of all

Pull out the batteries from the golf cart. Use safety goggles and gloves to remove the batteries. As the batteries contain harmful acid in them, don't make any hurry while removing.

After removing the batteries, it is time to clean them. As the batteries stay in the cart for a long time, there is a good chance of getting the batteries dirty. Sometimes, the batteries don't work because of getting huge dust. That is why it is good to clean them whenever the battery section of a cart gets opened.

For cleaning the batteries, the best thing to use is the battery cleaner. They are available in some of the areas. But if it is hard to find, it can be made manually. Bring a pot and add a half liter of water. Add 5 tablespoons of baking soda and mix it up perfectly. The battery cleaner is ready to use

Apply the cleaner to the surface of the battery and brush it perfectly. Use big teeth brushes because they can clean more effectively. There might some good stain in the batteries. Brush them perfectly so that all the stains can remove perfectly. For cleaning the side walls of the battery, try to use heavy fabric with battery cleaner. Scrub them perfectly so that no stain is left on the batteries.

After washing the batteries perfectly, now it's time to check them. As they will be stored for a long them, it is essential thing to check all the batteries properly. Make sure that the lines and wires are perfectly connected in the battery. If there is a loose connection in the lines, fix them before storing them. Check the surface of the batteries if there is any kind of stain or scratch in them. Even a simple stain or crack can be the reason for big damage.

Now, check the ground or the surface where the batteries will stay. Wipe the whole surface perfectly and clean it. Use any kind of heavy fabric like carpets or mats on the floor. It will help to secure both the floor and the batteries both. As the batteries are perfectly placed on the floor, it is time for filling up the batteries. The batteries contain acid water in them. Try to use the best battery waters. Because the performance of the batteries is very much dependent on the battery water. If you want to know How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries?

For Filling up the Water

Remove the upper side caps of the batteries. If there is enough water in the batteries, drain the rest of the water by using a water sucker. As the cells are small in size, use a small pipe to remove the water.

When the water is removed, now measure the water rate of the batteries. There is a user manual or a plate at the side walls of the batteries where the water level has been mentioned. Pour up the water cells as the mentioned quantity. If the water has been poured more than the required level, remove it by using a hose pipe or water sucker.

Remember that, the water is enough dangerous for the skin. So make sure to pour it into the batteries by using safety gloves. Once all is done, put the cells back again and keep the battery water near to the batteries. They may have to use in batteries during some periodic times.

As the batteries will be stored for the whole summer, check the water rate during some intervals. If the water level gets low, fill it up again. All the things are done and the batteries are ready for storing the whole summer. Now the most important part is, charging the batteries properly. As the batteries will store a minimum of 4 months, they should be charged perfectly. If they get charged before storing, they will stay perfect and provide the same performance even after the storing.

  • Put all the batteries together and connect with the charger
  • Make sure that all of the batteries are getting charged
  • It will take several hours to charge them up properly
  • After the batteries are fully charged, check each of them so that no damaged battery has to store. And if there is a damaged battery, it will be a good decision to replace the battery
  • All are done. Now just check the batteries during some days to keep them active.

The batteries will stay perfect for using a long time if they are stored perfectly with care. It is very important because those batteries have to use for the golf carts after the end of summer.

Importance of Proper Storing of the Batteries

Some people may think that they are not very much useful to store. But the fact is, the importance does vary from person to person. For those, who are related to the golf cart and the game, these activities are very much important. Batteries are one of the expensive parts of a golf cart. If they are not perfectly charged, they can't be used next time. Besides, putting the batteries in the carts for the whole summer can occur major or minor problems. So they are very much important to remove charge up and store in summer.

Electric golf carts are useless without batteries. If they are not properly charged and stored, they may not possible to use next time. But storing the batteries is not easy work at all. Without having a good idea, storing the batteries may become difficult and even dangerous. Therefore, follow safety equipment and oblige by all the methods for the perfect storing.

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