How to paint a golf cart roof

How to Paint a Golf Cart Roof?

Sometimes it seems that the paint on the golf cart roof is very plain and does not go with the taste of the owner. Also, sometimes the roof paint seems to be wearing off because of natural causes. Therefore, the owner has to provide a good paint touch on the roof of the cart.

How to Paint a Golf Cart Roof?

Though people like to call professional painters to do the task for them one can do the task by themselves. It is not a challenging process. One just needs some basic knowledge of paint. For a DIY person, the task is as easy as a pie. If you do not have any basic knowledge of paint and do not know how to paint a golf cart roof then read the steps below to know about the process and necessary things.

Steps of How to Paint a Golf Cart Roof

From a beginner to an expert DIY person can paint a golf cart roof with some very simple steps. But before beginning with the steps one has to do some pre-work for the process like gathering the necessary equipment for the process and selecting a place for painting. Let us describe all these things step by step.

Step 1: The first step is to collect all the necessary equipment to start the process. The equipment of process depends on the roof type and how one likes to paint their golf cart. However, here are the basic things that one must have.

  • Sandpaper
  • Tarp or drop cloth
  • Spray paint
  • Safety gear
  • Tools

Here tools mean the necessary elements to remove the roof of the cart from the cart like the screwdriver and other small objects.

Step 2: The next step is to select an area where one can paint the roof of their golf cart easily. The best place to select for painting the golf cart roof is in an enough ventilated area.

One may like to paint their golf cart roof inside their garage but they need to make sure that the area has enough sunlight and is ventilated. Also, as the roof of the cart needs to be spray painted, therefore, one must choose a suitable area where they can finish the task with ease. However, one must protect the area with the help of the tarp or drop cloth.

Step 3: You cannot paint the roof of the cart while it is attached to the cart. If one tries to paint the roof of their golf cart while it is attached to the cart then they will not only able to do the task perfectly but also will ruin other parts of the cart. That is why the next step is to remove the roof of the cart.

We mentioned about some tools like the screwdriver in the first step. This will help one to remove the screws that keep the roof attached to the cart. Removing the cart roof is a very easy process. If one faces difficulties while removing the roof then they can ask for help from one of their friends or family members.

Step 4: After removing the roof of the cart, now simply place the roof over the selected area where you like to paint the roof. In this step, one needs to sand the roof with the help of sandpaper. One may think of using the electric sander for this process however it would be wise to use handheld sandpaper. Rub all the areas of the roof. Do not miss a single corner. One needs to make sure to rub the handles of the roof perfectly. Because the handles are the most used areas of a cart roof. If the handles are not sanded well enough then the paint will come off very fast from the area.

While sanding the roof putting scratch over the roof is quite normal. There is nothing to worry about. One does not have to repeat the sanding process which will save a lot of time.

Step 5: After finishing the sanding process one needs to clean the roof to make sure that there is no dirt or dust on the roof. To clean the roof one can use microfiber cloths or one can use water. However, if one uses water to clean the roof the person must make sure to dry the roof properly. Both the dust and water will lay a great impact on the painting process. So make sure to clean the roof with extra care.

Step 6: Now it is time to paint the roof of the cart. One has to use heavy duty outdoor spray paint to paint their golf cart roof. There is some heavy duty thick spray paint to paint the bed of a pickup truck in the market. These paints would be a great choice to paint the roof of a golf cart. For painting, one will need a minimum number of 4 spray paint cans to paint the whole roof.

Use the paint all over the roof and do not miss a corner of the roof area. Make sure to use the paint over the handles quite well.

Step 7: After finishing with the painting process now one needs to dry out the paint. To dry the paint of the roof one has to put the roof in enough ventilated area. It can take about 4 to 5 hours to dry up. A beginner may think that drying the paint is the end of the process. But that is completely wrong because the paint needs to get set. The paint can take at least 3 days to get set. So keep the roof in enough ventilated area and let the paint get set.

Warning: One should not use the painted roof of the cart within three days while the paint is setting. Also, make sure not to install the roof to the cart within the 3 days.

Step 8: After the paint gets set one can reinstall the roof to the cart. However, do not attempt to reinstall the roof while the paint is setting or else you will end up ruining the paint. If you do then all the efforts and the times will be wasted.

Safety: The task is very easy but can be very dangerous as one will work with spray paint which can get into their eyes or they can inhale the paint. Also, while sanding the roof dust can get into the eyes and one can inhale the dust which can cause breathing problems. So that is why one must wear safety goggles, hand gloves, a mask, and also a helmet to protect their hairs from the paint and dust.

How to Paint a Golf Cart Roof

How to Paint a Golf Cart Roof

What kind of paint do you use on a golf cart?

One needs to use those types of paints that will stick to the roof of the golf cart for a very long time and would not comes off easily. The best spray paint to spray a golf cart roof is acrylic spray paint. This paint will last for a very long time and stick well to the plastic. Also, this paint is available in various colors and one can find them very easily in the local market. Also, the plastic fusion spray paint can be also a great choice for painting the roof of a golf cart.

What are Golf Cart Roofs Made of?

Basically, the golf cart's roof is made of plastic material. The regular size golf cart roof is made of hard, sturdy, and durable polyethylene. However, on the other hand, the large golf cart roofs are made of ABS plastic. The plastic material is reinforced with a weatherproof coating so that the roof can protect the cart from UV rays and other natural problems.


In this article, we have discussed about how one will be able to paint their golf cart roof easily. If one follows this article the person would not need any basic knowledge on painting and do the task perfectly. One can paint their golf cart roof smoothly with the help of this article.

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