How to make golf club covers

How to Make Golf Club Covers?

The golf club cover is the protector of the golf club. They also can be called the head covers. They keep the club safe and free from any kind of obstacles and dust all the time. Sometimes, the golf course may have bumpy areas. When the golf cart goes through those roads, golf clubs get hit with each other. Sometimes it can make major or minor type damage to the golf clubs. Therefore, the golf club covers are used. In our topic, we will learn about the golf club covers and how they are made. So let's go.

How to Make Golf Club Covers?

Most of the golf club covers are made from high quality leather. As leather is a heavy material, it can easily absorb any kind of impact and keep the club safe all the time. Some of the clubs are made from high quality plastic and fabrics. Those who make the club covers or the headcovers by themselves contain a lower level of the main material. Some renowned companies make the club covers for the golfers. The process of making the golf club covers have been described below:

First of all,

Selecting the material: As the main theme of a club cover is to protect the club, the material is the first priority. So many types of materials are used for making the club cover. Some of them are very expensive, some are very durable and some contain all the essential facilities. The more durable and long lasting material will be perfect to use for making the club cover. In that case, a perfect cover will be possible to get if it is made from high quality PUV plastic or leather. The cover should contain enough ability to avoid any kind of water splash or drops during the rain.

Sizing: After selecting the material, cut it as the size of the club. Make sure to cut the fabric in 3 or 4 square feet for the club.  As the club has a round and big shape at the end of it, the club cover also has to contain the same shape with a little bit large size. For cutting and making the size, put the fabric or the leather on the floor. Mark the fabric by using colorful pens so that the design on the fabric stays visible enough. Now cut the fabric according to the lines by using fabric scissors.

Adding the pieces: After cutting the pieces perfectly. Add them with each other by using the fabric glue on them. Standard quality of club cover contains 3 pieces of fabric in it. Therefore, make sure to have three pieces of fabric attached to the club cover for protecting the club. But in terms of leather, two part of the leather is enough to add for the club cover. As leather is a heavy material, it will protect the club from any obstacle.

Cutting the extra edges and lines: When the glue sticks with all the parts perfectly, it is time to cut the edges and the extra sides of the cover. Stitching the sides after attaching by the glue is the best thing to ensure durability and attachment of all the parts. Check the cover from the inside for better gripping. Cut the edges perfectly so that no extra part remains in the fabric or leather.

Now put the club inside of the cover and check the size of it. If the size of the cover seems a little bit bigger, then try a simple method.

Pull out the inner side of the cover and attach a shoe sock by sewing it. Sew the sock by the accurate size of the cover and attach it to the total part of the cover. Now the cover will be very easy to use as it has a larger part from the inside. The club will attach the cover perfectly if the sock is used inside of the club cover.

So this was a simple method of making the club covers at home. But there is some other technique and method can be used for making the cover at home. The best material to use instead of leather and the fabric is customized cushions. There is a lot of cushions people use at home. They contain a lot of different designs. Some of them are shaped by animals, some are insects and some are cartoon characters. For example, we can take a chameleon cushion for using as the club cover. So let's check the procedures below.

How to Make Golf Club Covers

How to Make Golf Club Covers

For Making a Club Cover by Using the Cushions, we Need

  • A medium sized cushion
  • 2 pieces of socks
  • Sewing yarn with the needle
  • A scissor
  • And a ribbon

First of all, cut the cushion from the middle part and pull out all the cotton from it. Fold the socks and put one into another so that it becomes heavier. Use the ribbon to take the measurement of the club perfectly and cut the socks using the scissor according to the size. Now add some cotton into the socks and make them fatter to attach with the cushion.

Add the socks with the cushion and press it inside perfectly. Now sew the sock with the cushion properly so that no space is left or have any chance to break down. After all the things are done, put the club on the cover and check the fitness. This is how a club cover can be made at home very easily and within a short time.

As we have talked about some methods of making the club covers at home, now let’s talk about some of the popular club covers and the material that is used for making them.

  • Callaway Golf Club Covers: This club cover is one of the most famous club covers and also popular for callaway golf ball of all. A club cover that is very much preferred by professional golf players. Perfect to use for both right and left handed golf players. It is made from high quality breathable fabric. Proper finishing and structure keep the club safe from any impact.
  • Monogram Golf Club Cover: Very beautiful in design and perfect to protect the club. The color of this club cover is a combination of white black and blue. There is a white and black mixed stripe at the upper side of the cover and a blue strap at the middle side of the cover. This cover is made from high quality polyester with marine vinyl and cotton. Cotton has been used in the inner part of the club cover. It is one of those club covers that is suitable to fit with all kinds of the club.
  • Team Golf NFL Club Cover: A club cover with a rich level of elements. This cover contains almost 85% of vinyl, 5% of PVC, and 10% of nylon. The best thing about this club cover is, it has a very beautiful and shiny navy blue and black color combination in it. The upper side of the cover makes reflection because of vinyl under the light. The best cover to protect the club from any kind of impact all the time
  • Neoprene Hybrid Golf Club cover: Those who are fancy golfers use this type of club cover in their clubs. These are one of the most expensive covers that can easily protect the club no matter what the impacts are. They are made from high quality hybrid nylons that can last for a very long time
  • TaylorMade golf club cover: TaylorMade is one of these companies that make the best golf related instruments as like golf club cover and also taylormade golf driver. Their golf club cover is very much demanding among all the golfers. High quality PU leather made club cover has a beautiful white black and red mix color in it. The inner part of the cover contains proper leather that keeps the club safe all the time. From beginners to professionals, all the golfers are fond of this club cover.

Golf club covers keep the club safe from any kind of impact or damage. They may not essential to use for the iron and the wedges one club, but they are a must needed thing to use in some of the expensive clubs like the hybrid, fairway wooden, drivers, and the putters. Some of the club covers are so durable and strong built that; they can last for more than a decade in the clubs.

While buying the club cover, make sure that it fits with the club perfectly. Some of the club covers are so loose that, it falls from the club even in a single shake. Therefore, choose the club cover with perfect fitting to the club.

The upper part of the club must have to be strong enough to protect the club from any kind of impact. If the club cover is not good enough, it will not enough helpful to protect the club even from a lower impact. High quality polyester, vinyl, leather, or rubber made club is suitable to absorb all the impacts perfectly.

The inner part of the club cover is not as much important as the upper part. Still, the inner part should contain a good amount of fabric or leather for protecting the cover from the inside. Sometimes, the inner part of a cover can make minor damages in the club. That is why judge properly both inner and outer parts before adding them to the club.

Golf club covers are the best protector of the club. A club without using the cover will last for a little bit lower time compare to the club with a cover. Therefore, all professional level players use the cover in their golf clubs and keep them safe.

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