How to make an electric club car go fast

How to make an electric club car go fast Instantly

A golf cart is one of the most favorite games all over the world. There are a lot of golfers in the world from different countries. For golfing, they must need some necessary accessories such as golf clubs, golf balls, golf cart, etc. A golf cart is necessary to carry the golfer and their instruments on the green from one place to another quickly. So it is also an important component in golf courses.

Usually, the golfer uses a golf cart in the courses. Most of the time it can be driven on the course only. But some of the times it may need to drive a golf cart on the busy public roads. Often they need to load heavy weight something. So for this case, their golf cart needs more speed as well as power.

But, Basically, There is a medium range speed on a golf cart. So people should know how to make an electric club car go fast properly. Then they can get more speed and power from the golf cart.

In this article, we try to focus on this topic to make the golf cart speed faster.

How to make an electric club car go fast

There are several ways to make the speed fast of a golf cart. Generally, a golf cart's top speed is 20 miles per hour. People can get this top speed when the golf cart is brand new. After using and driving their speed limit may decrease. So there are some major ways to improve the speed of golf carts. In the below, we talk about making an electric club car speed.

We briefly explain five ways that can make a golf cart faster than previous.

  • Add Torque:

The majority percentage of people should know about the speed. The speed mainly focuses on the golf carts. But some people don’t know about the toque. The torque is a system of pulling power of the motor and is also a function of current. So it is an important fact of the golf cart which affects their speed. So we can say,

Voltage = Speed;

Amp = Torque

If people want to speed up their golf cart, they must need to increase the RPM of the golf cart. It is the most needed part for increasing the speed of any golf cart. But there are also some techniques to increase the motor RPM. People also know this.

  • People must use a high power motor that RPM must be highly rated. It is helpful to leave the voltage alone. So it is obviously good for fast speed with RPM.
  • They can provide more voltage to the current motor. It allows the current motor with more voltage thus the result will be so good. The motor can get more voltage than it can give the top end speed of the golf cart.

People should also keep in mind something important that as a law of electricity we can define, voltage and amp are inversely proportional. While going up the voltage, the other amp is going down simultaneously. They are always vice versa. If people modify or upgrade the one for increasing speed, then the other one may lose some performance because it is vice versa. But, this is not always happened. Sometimes in some emergency cases, they can do this the same way.

So for upgrading the power and torque they should remember the system perfectly. They should upgrade all necessary functions like both the power and torque of the golf cart. So try to keep balancing the power and torque. So more torque added they can more fast speed from their golf cart.

Proper Upgrade of the Golf Cart Motor

People should know that torque motors are usually made with a larger field coil inside the cart. It is good enough having a larger field coil inside the cart. Allowing larger magnetic field generation there must have a larger field coil inside it. It can produce more torques which helps a lot for increasing the top speed. Undoubtedly, this is a super excellent way to increase more torques in their Club Car DS golf cart, Yamaha golf cart, and also EZ GO golf cart. But most of the time it is not a proper way to get the high speed because of motor torques.

Series DC speedo motors are great than these torque motors. They have a smaller field coil than the series wound DC torque motors. Without any large field coil, this must produce a weaker magnetic field. But it is very good and necessary to increase the RPM. It allows the armature to spin at a much higher RPM. So, people can easily top end speed of golf cart with higher rated RPM. So, if people want to increase their golf cart speed, they can choose this option. It will be a perfect way.

Remember, if you install the higher rated torque motor then you will get more power from the golf cart. Yet this is vice versa, so you should sacrifice a bit of speed then. Inversely, if you install the speed motor, the result will be very good for getting top end speed. As vice versa, you cannot get more power. You should sacrifice a little bit of torque.

Install Perfect Tires on the Golf Cart

If people are looking for the easiest way to increase more speed of their golf cart, then they should do this step properly. Increasing the tire size is always better to improve the high speed than the small motorized vehicle. They can do this way both in an electric golf cart and also a gas-powered golf cart. This is the best economical and easiest way to get more speed.

Adding a larger size diameter of tires on your golf cart, you will get more top speed on your golf cart surely. Obviously, a larger diameter of size tires can give more speed than the small one.

But people should know the exact larger size tires. Usually, standard golf cart tires size come with 8 inches. People can upgrade this tire size up to 20-24 inches. Without adding more expensive other features, this can increase the speed of the golf cart by around 2 – 4 miles per hour. So, undoubtedly this solution is less time consuming and also cost effective than others.

Upgrade Golf Cart Speed Controller and Solenoid

In the motor, there are also some different components too. So when people upgrade the motor they should also upgrade these components inside the motor. Installing torque motors or speed motors is not the proper solution only. They should keep in mind these two components especially while upgrading the motors. These two electrical components are mainly found in the electric golf cart motor.

So, keep in mind that while improving these motor, it is essential to upgrade also these two components because it plays an important role in the golf cart system.

The solenoid contactor and controller are located between the motor and the battery bank. There may be a big problem if you will not upgrade these two components while upgrading the motor. They may run the risk of creating a "bottleneck" situation which is very bad for a golf cart. Nobody wants to face this problem. So they should also upgrade properly the solenoid and controller while upgrading the torque motor and Speedometer motor.

For example, your golf cart motor has 400 amp powers to draw the highest attempt to run the golf cart so speedily. But your solenoid and controller are not as high as the motor torques. They are only rated at 275 amps. Though having 400 amp power of the motor, the motor cannot function at its highest potential because of the lowest rate solenoid and controller.

So it is most important to upgrade all components while upgrading the speed motors or torques. We highly suggested upgrading the solenoid and controller when you are going to improve the cart motor. People should follow the list:

  • First, upgrade the motor.
  • Along with solenoid contactor
  • Speed controller.
  • Use High Powered Battery: 

People should use the high-powered battery to get more speed. Increasing the golf cart battery voltage can easily boost the power of the battery. This is really an easy and super way to increase the golf cart speed as well as the overall power of the cart. But, people should know the current voltage rate on the battery. Then they should take the step to improve it. They will need to know the battery voltage rate. Some people do not know the system of checking the voltage of the battery. It is also a too easy task. They can follow the steps put in below to find the voltage.

  • If there have any battery on the golf cart currently, they should simply find the voltage. They should look at the battery, there is printed the voltage power. If the voltage sticker is worn off, then there are some systems to check the voltage too. They can also follow these.
  • Sometimes, there is also printed voltage on the motor. People should check the motor too to find the voltage rate.
  • If those two ways do not work properly, then they should check the seller list. There must be written all specifications of the golf cart as well as the voltage also.

Final Thoughts

People always want to get the top speed of their golf cart. Usually, there are limits to the default speed of the golf cart. If they want, they can upgrade the top speed of the golf cart. For this, they should follow some important steps and factors which we already discussed in the above section deeply. They should read this article again and very carefully to know  how to make an electric club cargo fast properly.

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