How to make a Golf ball cannon

How to Make a Golf Ball Cannon?

Making a golf ball cannon by DIY is a very amazing process. Also, this enhances the innovation of one’s DIY knowledge. Making cannon out of home left out things requires many elements. But one needs to have free space to shoot a ball out of the cannon. Because this can be very dangerous if a person tries to shoot golf balls around people.

How to Make a Golf Ball Cannon?

Today in this article, we will show you how you will be able to make a Golf ball cannon out of home scrap. Here will describe what one will need to build the cannon and we will also describe about the safety process.

Steps to Make a Golf Ball Cannon

Before starting with the process one has to gather up some accessories. Basically, one will need some PVC pipes. These pipes can be found in the house storeroom. If these are not available in the house then one can get them from the local hardware store. Here are the accessories you need to build a Golf ball cannon.

  • 100 mm diameter PVC pipe for combustion chamber
  • 55 mm diameter PVC pipe for the gun neck
  • A reducer to join the pipes
  • PVC cement to add the pipes
  • End cap
  • Lighter with a long neck
  • Fuel gas or oil
  • A hand saw

Step 1- The first step is to cut the pipes to get the perfect length of the cannon. To get the perfect length of the cannon combustion chamber, one has to cut the 100 mm PVC pipe 1 feet or 1.5 feet long with the help of the hand saw. After that, rub the edge of the pipe to get a smooth finish.

Step 2- Then use the PVC cement on the surface of the circle of the combustion chamber. Mount the end cap in one circle with the help of PVC cement. Make sure to mount the end cap well enough. Also, use the PVC cement on the other side of the combustion chamber pipe. Then mount the reducer on the side and make sure that it is mounted well enough. After mounting the reducer and the end cap check that if the cap and the reducer are loose. If one of these is loose add the PVC cement again and push it inside harder.

Step 3- After finishing the 2nd step now it is time to add the neck pipe of the gun. The longer the neck pipe the more time the cannon will take to push the air in the projector. One can use two and a half to three feet long 55 mm diameter PVC pipe for the projector of the cannon. To add the cannon use the PVC cement over the hole of the reducer and then mount the neck to the hole. Make sure that the neck is well mounted over the reducer. The hole of the reducer is the only way where the combustion chamber will push the air to the neck. If the neck is not well mounted then it can come over from the pressure of the air.

Step 4- After adding all the hardware together now one has to make the trigger. Here we are using firepower to shoot the ball. So we would not use any accessories for the cannon trigger. We will use the lighter as the trigger. To use the lighter as the trigger we have to add the lighter to the combustion chamber. Therefore we will need to make a hole over the combustion chamber. The hole should as the same size as the lighter neck. Also, one has to make sure that the hole is exactly in the middle of the combustion chamber so that it can light up the gas or the fuel properly.

To make the hole, use an electric driller.

Step 5- After creating the hole in the combustion chamber, insert the neck of the lighter inside the hole. Now, use strong mounting adhesive to mount the lighter neck to the hole properly and tightly. One can add tape over the neck to make sure that the gas or the fire inside the combustion chamber is not coming over through the hole.

Step 6- Make sure to attach the body of the lighter properly to the combustion chamber surface with the help of mounting tape. Attach the lighter properly and make sure that the lighter body is not moving from the place while pushing the trigger of the lighter. Now open the end cap lid and press the lighter to see that the lighter is working properly. By ensuring that the adhesive used to mount the lighter with the combustion chamber has not stuck into the lighter to obstruct the fire.

Step 7- After finishing step 6 now it is time to decorate the cannon and make all the joints of the cannon sturdy. To make the joint strong and decorate the cannon one can use color tape over the whole body of the cannon. Or one can decorate the cannon with the help of different paint. But make sure that the joints are strong and the pipe would not come over from the joints.

Step 8- Now it is time to check whether the cannon is a success or a failure. To check the cannon one must use safety goggles and earphones as the cannon will make a sound when one light up the combustion chamber gas. After taking all safety measures now let’s try the cannon out.

To try the cannon insert a golf ball from the neck hole of the cannon. Then open the lid from the end cap and simply spray some fuel gas on the end cap. Then close the lid of the end cap. Simply hold the cannon upward in the sky diagonally and then press the trigger of the lighter. If you followed all the steps above perfectly you will be satisfied with the output. If you want to know Bridgestone Golf Ball.

How to Make a Golf Ball Cannon

How to Make a Golf Ball Cannon

Safety Measures

Before trying out the cannon whether the cannon is a success or not one has to make sure that the person has followed all the safety measures. Here are the safety measures that a person needs to follow.

  • Make sure to wear safety goggles and earphones.
  • Make sure to test the gun in free space.
  • Do not use the fuel gas too much. Just press the spray of the fuel gas for 1 second.
  • Do not try this at home.
  • Using more fuel on the combustion chamber can end up in a big and dangerous blast.

One can make a Golf ball cannon simply with some basic DIY knowledge and with the help of some PVC pipes. Basically, one will need two PVC pipes. One for the combustion chamber which should be 100 mm in diameter and one for the cannon neck which should be 55 mm in diameter. These pipes can be found easily in the hardware store.

To know about the steps and method simply scroll up and check the steps of the making process. Make sure to follow the process carefully. The process is very easy and one will be able to build a cannon within an hour by following the steps above.

Final Thoughts

Shooting a golf ball using a cannon is very interesting. Many DIYers try to make a Golf ball cannon but they fail. For those persons today in this article we have shown a method which will help them to make a Golf ball cannon with ease. We tried to describe the steps simply. One will be able to understand these steps very easily. But while building the cannon or testing the cannon, one must follow the safety measures that we have described.

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