How to Make a Gas Golf Cart Faster

How to Make a Gas Golf Cart Faster?

Golf carts are great mini vehicles that make the game effortless and easy. More and more golfers like to use golf carts instead of walking through the course. Golf carts are so popular therefore modern people use golf carts on the roads and also to visit big properties.

How to Make a Gas Golf Cart Faster?

There are two types of golf carts one is gas-powered, and the other is electrically powered. Gas powered golf carts produce more speed than electric golf carts. But as the cart gets old, it seems to produce less speed. Therefore many people ask how they will make a gas golf cart faster. Also, a golf cart has a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour which is very low than the random vehicles. That's why people want to increase the speed of their golf cart. Luckily, today we will discuss how one can increase their gas golf cart speed.

Steps to Make a Gas Golf Cart Faster

Making an old golf cart faster is a good idea rather than buying a new one. This will also save a lot of money and will satisfy the riders. One will be amazed to know that one can simply increase the golf cart speed by following the methods below.

Adjusting the Governor of the Cart

#Plan -1

Here are the steps on how one will be able to increase the speed of a 4-stroke engine gas golf cart by adjusting the governor of the cart.

Step 1:  Basically, most of the golf cart contains spring that limits the engine speed. Simply find the spring and tighten the spring a little bit with the help of a wrench. However, if one is not able to find the spring, then follow the next step. The newer models are slightly difficult to adjust.

Step 2: To expose the spring one has to remove the seat and the seat cushion that hides the engine of the cart. Sometimes it seems that one has to unscrew the seat to expose the engine. There will be 5 screws in most of the newer model golf carts. Simply remove the screws from the plastic cover at the rear end of the seat. The engine is situated under this cover. Remove the cover and put it aside with the seat. Make sure that the screws are in a safe place and can be found at the right time.

Step 3: After removing the plastic cover then follow the thickest cable that comes from the gas paddle. Then follow the cable and you will be able to find a small spring that will be wrapped around a rod. Congratulation you found the governor. This spring is known as the governor.

Step 4: There will be two nuts, one small and one large. These nuts are holding the spring with the metal rod. This is known as the carburetor of the cart. After finding the nuts one has to tighten the larger nut. To tighten the larger nut one must loosen the small nuts first. Use two wrenches, one to hold the small nut and the other is to tighten the big nut. The more tight the big nut is, the faster the cart will go.

Step 5: Tighten the big nut a quarter. Then try to run the engine. Do not rush while trying to run the engine too quickly this can burn out. Then tighten up the small nut to keep the governor in the right place.

Step 6: After tightening the big nut test the speed of the cart. While testing, check that if there any whining noise or clunking movement coming out from the engine. If this one is able to hear these types of sounds, then this means the person has tightened the governor too tight and one has to loosen up the large nut a little bit. After getting fully satisfied with the speed, tighten the small nut perfectly and make sure the governor will be at the right place.

Step 7: Now simply put back the plastic cover and then screw the cover back. Then put the seat as it was before and enjoy the ride.

#Plan - 2

Some of the golf carts do not have any central governor spring. Adjusting the speed of these carts will need a little bit of effort. However, here are the steps to adjust the speed of these types of carts:

Step 1: To adjust the speed of these types of carts, first remove the seat and the plastic cover over the engine. In some models, one will have to unscrew the seat. This will expose the engine for adjustment.

Step 2: Then, one has to locate the clutch paddle in line. The clutch paddle is that paddle that allows one to put the cart reverse and also to change speed. One can adjust the clutch paddle to send more gas to the engine to move the cart a little bit faster than normal speed.

Step 3: After that, search for a metal rod next to the clutch in the attached cable. It is a small rod that determines how much gas will flow to the engine. Then simply look for the nuts that attached this metal cable to the metal extension. Simply loosen up the nut to lengthen the cable a little bit. This will increase the gas flow a little bit.

Step 4: Check the speed of the cart if the cart produces any sound, then it means that you have loosened the cable too much. Therefore simply tighten the nut to decrease the length of the cable

Step 5: After getting satisfied with the speed, make sure to put the seat back at how it was.

Warning- However, speeding up a cart from the normal speed by adjusting the governor or by lengthening the metal rod cable next to the clutch can also cause harm to the engine and the parts. The engine will wear faster than before, and one has to repair the parts or even replace the parts often of the cart. These things can cost a lot of money. Also, for the adjusted governor, the cart will produce more than 19 miles per hour speed which makes the golf cart legally a motor vehicle which means one has to use seatbelts. Also, one has to make sure that the cart break is consistent with the speed of the cart after adjusting the speed. If you want to know Which is Better Gas or Electric Golf Cart?

How to Make a Gas Golf Cart Faster

How to Make a Gas Golf Cart Faster

Changing the Gear Ratio

Chang in the gear ratio will also increase the speed performance of the cart. Almost all the carts come with a gear ratio of 12.5:1. That means for each 12.5 input shaft revolution the cart tires will turn one revolution. But this gear ratio can be reduced. One can reduce the gear ratio of the carts to 6:1 which means the tires will complete one rotation for 6 input shaft revolutions. This input shaft revolution is far fewer than 12.5 input shaft revolutions.

If the cart owner decreases the gear ratio from 12.5:1 to 6:1 then the cart will produce more than 12 miles per hour than its previous speed. That means one will get a very higher speed golf cart by changing the gear ratio of the cart.

Drawback of changing the gear ratio- There is a big drawback if one increases the speed of the golf cart by changing the gear ratio. The drawback is one will sacrifice the torque of the cart. This can be very uncomfortable for lifting the cart in the higher area on the golf course. However, this problem is not noticeable in the flatter area of the course. That means the cart may be able to work on the flat area perfectly but will face a lot of strain to work in the bumpy and high area. If the cart is loaded with golfers or people that it would not be able to go through the higher area at all. Therefore proper inspection must be needed before changing the gear ratio of the cart.

Increasing the Tire Size

If anyone wants a slight amount of improvement in the speed of the cart then they should replace their small tires with the new and big ones. The increase in tire size will increase the speed of the cart a little bit.

Increasing the tire size is like a modification of the cart. Increasing the size would not cause any damage to the cart or would not cause any injuries.

But there is a drawback of using big tires to the cart. Manufacturers use tires to the cart depending on the cart power. If anyone uses big tires to a cart that is manufactured to run with small tires, then the engine has to produce more power to rotate the tires. Because rotating big diameter tires are very effective than rotating small tires for a golf cart. Therefore it will be hard to go through higher areas in the golf course as the torque of the cart will be reduced.

Final Words

Increasing the speed of the golf cart is very interesting. It reduces the game session and makes a game of golf round more stress free. There are many ways to improve the speed of a golf cart. From all of the ways, today we have discussed some of the easy and effective ways in this article. With the help of these methods, one will be able to increase the amount of speed significantly. But there are also drawbacks for each of the methods. We have also discussed about the drawbacks to make you concern.

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