How to maintain golf cart batteries?

How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries?

An electric golf cart is very suitable and environment friendly. Electric golf carts help the golfers to move through the whole course while having different facilities. But the duration of the facilities will be cut down if the owner does not maintain the batteries properly.

Without proper maintenance, the durability of the battery life will be reduced. And if the duration time of the battery cycle gets reduce then the cart would not able to provide full service to a whole game. Also, the owner has to change the batteries often if the batteries are not properly maintained. Therefore proper maintenance is needed. Some people often ask how to maintain the batteries of the golf cart properly. For those people, our today's article will be a big help.

How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries?

Golf cart Batteries Maintenance Tips

We will discuss how to keep the batteries in excellent form and how to get the best performance out of the batteries. By following the process below one will be able to keep their golf cart batteries in the best possible condition.

1. Proper charging

The first thing to keep the cart always in good condition is to charging the cart properly. A golf cart typically needs 8 to 10 hours to get fully charged. So one must fully charge the golf cart before using the cart. Those golfers go to the golf course once or twice a week. They seem to leave the golf course in their garage. If you are one of those players you must always keep in mind that you have charged the cart fully before leaving the cart into the garage. Also, always recharge the golf cart fully after each and every use. Though it is not that necessary to charge the golf cart after each and every use, but it will help a golfer for the next golf session. Some golfers seem to forget to remove the charger and leave the charger attached to the cart for a very long time. If you are one of them then leave this habit. Overcharging also can hamper the battery components.

Without proper charging, the life of the golf cart batteries will be reduced and the cart will not cover the exact distance that it is used to be.

But before charging the cart one must follow some safety measurements. Here are the safety measurements one must follow before charging the golf cart batteries.

  • First of all, one must check whether the batteries have any loose terminals or any dry cells. Do not attempt to charge a golf cart with these issues.
  • Check that the charger is working properly or not.
  • Make sure to charge the batteries in well air circulated area.
  • Do not charge the batteries more than the approximate charging time that the batteries need to get fully charged.
  • Make sure to use the proper charger that comes with the cart.

2. Watering the Batteries

Always keep track of the water level of the batteries. One has to always make sure that the water level of their cart batteries is at the most favorable level. The level of the water should one inch down from the top of the battery. One should check the water level of the batteries once a month. Lower water levels will be a big risk for battery health. The battery will get ruined for the reason of lower water level. If the level of the water is too low in the batteries the plates inside the batteries will get dry. This can cause the batteries to spark while riding. From the sparking, the batteries will get overheated and ultimately the batteries can even catch on fire which is very dangerous for both the golfers and the cart. If you want to know Best Golf Cart Battery.

Here is the way how one can fill the batteries with water.

  • Basically, the batteries of a golf cart are situated under the seat. So first thing is to remove the seat of the golf cart which is very easy and does not need any instructions. Because you do not want to hold the seat open while filling the batteries.
  • After that one should get distilled water. Because this is the best water to fill the batteries with. Normal tap water will contain chemicals that can damage the battery. Therefore the distilled water is best. One can get the distilled water from any grocery shop. But if you are not able to find any then you can proceed with the normal tap water. Because having water is better than no water. But as said before the tap water will damage the batteries a little bit.
  • After that remove the cap over the tap. Some batteries will contain a particular cap for each hole over the batteries and some will have one piece cap. Then put the caps or cap in a safe place. Because putting the cap on the surface of the paint can be dangerous for the surface paint. Also, do not let the cap water touch your clothes or skin as it can be dangerous for your skin and clothes.
  • Then use a torch or mobile flash to see the water level. There will be a built-in gauge in each hole. The proper water level will be at the bottom of the gauge. If the water level seems far below the gauge then it must be filled. Check all the holes of a battery.
  • You have to fill each of the holes with water individually. Do not think that you just need to fill only one hole and left others. Fill the holes with the proper amount of water. Check the water level to confirm the proper level.
  • After filling the batteries with water, simply attach the cap back to the batteries. If there is any water on the surface of the batteries, make sure to clean the surface and dry the surface up properly.

These are the steps one should follow to fill the batteries. But make sure to fill the batteries after fully charging the batteries.

3. Cleaning the Battery Properly

Always make sure to check the batteries once or twice a week to ensure that the batteries are clean. If it seems that the terminals of the batteries are facing rust or corrosion or corrosion is building up around the battery terminals then you must clean the batteries properly.


  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Bristle brush or toothbrush.

Steps to clean the batteries properly:

  • First, one needs to prepare formula. To prepare the formula one has to mix one cup of baking soda per gallon of water. Take the formula in a spray bottle.
  • After preparing the formula one has to spray the mixture over the corrosion terminals. Make sure to provide the proper amount of the formula over the corrosion.
  • Then use the bristle brush or toothbrush over the area where you see the corrosion. Make sure to brush up on each and every corner of the terminals.
  • Then use water to clean the batteries. Make sure to clean every corner where you have used the formula.
  • After cleaning with water, use dry cloths to rinse the water over the surface of the batteries.
  • After cleaning one can use terminal protecting spray to save the terminals of the batteries from corrosion.

Before using the cart make sure the surface of the batteries is dry enough and there is no drop of water over the surface.

How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries

How to Maintain Golf Cart Batteries

4. Record the Voltage of the Batteries after Use

After using the golf cart each and every time one has to track the voltage of the batteries. It will help the cart owner to determine the time to replace the batteries.

Should I Leave my Golf Cart Plugged in all the Time?

One should not leave the golf cart plugged in all the time. This can lead the battery to overcharge. Overcharging will damage the batteries and will reduce the life cycle of the batteries. Also, overcharging batteries will die before their estimated durability. One must charge the batteries fully after each and every use.

How can I Make my Golf Cart Batteries Last Longer?

The one and only answer to this question is to maintain the batteries properly. Batteries tend to typically last for at least 3 to 5 years. However, the lifecycle of the batteries can be increased with proper maintenance. One should clean the batteries properly, charge the batteries properly and fill the batteries with water. To know how to maintain the golf cart batteries one can see the tips above in this article.

How Often do you Add Water to Golf Cart Batteries?

There is no approximate time to add water to the golf cart batteries. However, one must check the water level of the batteries once a month. If the water level is below the plates or near the plates make sure to add water immediately. While watering the batteries one must make sure the batteries are fully charged. To know more about the watering process scroll above.

Final Words

This article contains all the relevant information on how to maintain golf cart batteries. This article will be a big help for both new and old electric golf cart owners. We have shown many tips and many ways how one will be able to maintain the batteries in proper ways.

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