How to lift a golf cart without a kit_

How to Lift a Golf Cart Without a Kit?

Golf carts are built to use in the golf course but some people like to use golf carts on the off-road or on rough terrain. Also, some people like to modify their golf carts with big tires to give their carts an ATV type look. But the problem with the cart is that it would not reach the right height to provide ATV type feelings.

How to Lift a Golf Cart Without a Kit?

It seems that after modifying the cart with big tires, the tires rub with the frame of the cart as the cart axels and shackles are not built to consistent with big tires. Therefore one needs to use a golf cart lift kit to create space between the cart body and tires. However, a lift kit is expensive. For the cost people often found asking that how they can lift a golf cart without a kit. Luckily, today we will tell you how to do the job without a lift kit.

Lifting a Golf Cart Without a Kit

It is impossible to lift a golf cart without a kit. If one does not want to waste any money on a lift kit then the person needs to build their own lift kit. That’s why we are here today. With the help of our today’s method, one can easily lift their golf cart without wasting any money with the help of their home scrap metal. This method will help one to raise the body of their golf kit for at least 4 to 5 inches high. Come let’s start with the process.


  • Scrap metal tube
  • Driller
  • Bolts

Step 1: First, lift the whole cart above in the air from where one will be able to access every part underneath the cart. Make sure that the cart is stable up in the air and is not moving. Then with the help of an impact wrench remove the tires and keep the bolts with the tires so that it can be easy to find them.

Step 2: On the front side of the cart there will be spring mounted to the cart frame. All you have to do is to build space between the frame and the spring with the help of the metal tube you have. To build a spacer measure the length of the metal tube that will be consistent both with the cart frame and with the spring. Make a hole in the center of the tube. Then in the hole attach a bolt so that it can center on the frame. On the other side of the tube, make a hole to adjust the spring pin there.

Step 3: After building the spacer, simply adjust the spacer between the frame and the spring. Make sure that the spring pin goes to the hole of the frame. After mounting the spacer adjust the tire rod ends of each side for right alignment. Make sure to align perfectly. The more width scrap metal you have the more space you will get.

Step 4: Now it is time to lift the back of the cart. To lift the back of the cart one will have to build new stock shackles with metal rods to replace the old shackles. Also, one has to measure how long the shock extensions will be. If the shocks do not reach the proper length one has to also make shock extensions for each shock with the help of a metal tube.

Step 5: Remove the shackles from the back of the cart and measure the length. Then take the metal plate you have and cut the piece with extra two inches of each. Cut four pieces for shackles. Make holes in each end side of the shackles and attach two shackles with the exact same bolt as the old shackle. Make sure to pain the shackles so that they do not get rust often. Let the shackles paint to get dry out.

Step 6: While the shackles are drying build the shock extensions. To build the shock extensions one has to remove the nut that attaches the shock with the shackles via a metal plate. After removing it there one will see that the shock is not able to reach the metal plate. Therefore one has to build shock extensions so that the shock can easily reach the metal plate.

To make the shock extension bracket simply use a piece of the square metal tube. Cut the metal tube one and a half inches long. After that one has to make holes in both sides of the tube so that the shock can be simply attached to the metal tube. Also, make sure to paint the shock extensions so that they do not get rust often.

Step 7: Then attach the stock shackles to the frame and attach the shock extensions under the shock. Screw them up and make sure that the screws are tightened up quite well. Here the shocks do not carry any weight of the cart frame. They just obstruct the movement of the spring. Make sure all the lift kit you made is tightened up well.

Step 8: After finishing with the process put back the tires as they were before. Get down the cart in the ground and see how long the cart has been lifted. Hope you get satisfied with the space you get. If you want to know How to Make a Gas Golf Cart Faster?


Lifting the cart is kind of interesting as one will be able to use the cart on the off-road also. However, one must take time to understand how they should attach their lift kit. If they make any mistake then several problems can occur. Here are some of the problems that can occur if the cart lift kit is not installed properly.

  • If one has knowledge of their golf cart they will be able to lift the cart with ease with the help of a lift kit. But those persons who do not have proper knowledge of their cart and want to do the lifting with some basic DIY knowledge can ruin the cart frame. People who are new to DIY should not engage with the process above. They can damage the cart parts that can cost them a lot. Because they have to replace or repair the parts.
  • If the person is not able to adjust the homemade lifting kit properly then the appearance of the cart will get ruined and the cart will seem to be ugly.
  • Also, improper adjustment of the frame or the tires can cause serious injuries.

So be cautious and if you do not have proper knowledge of your cart and a new DIY person then it would be wise to not engage with the lifting process. If you are very eager to change your golf cart look or want to add big tires then it would be wise to call a mechanic to do the work for you.

 Is it Easy to Lift a Golf Cart?

To be straight forward lifting a golf cart is not as easy as one thinks. However, if one buys a lift kit from a shop then the process can be a lot easier. But that does not mean that the attaching process is very easy.

On the other hand, if one does not want to buy a lift kit and wants to make a lift kit by himself then the process can be a lot more effortful and time consuming.

Final Thoughts

People want to modify their golf cart so that they can use the cart on the off road and also on the course. They use a lift kit to make their golf cart appearance the same as ATV. But the lift kit can be expensive. For this reason today we have shown you a way that you can follow to build your own lift kit to lift your golf cart without any cost. But make sure you have proper knowledge of your golf cart.

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