How to Jack Up a Golf Cart

How to Jack Up a Golf Cart?

Golf carts usually use in all golf courses. Keeping perfect all parts of a golf cart need to take maintenance properly. Without taking proper care a golf cart would not give the best services. So people should need sometimes jack up a golf cart. The wheel or tires could be damaged that’s why it should replace the tires by jacking up the golf cart.

Though it is an easy process to jack up the golf cart with a jacking machine sometimes it would be difficult to do this properly. Sometimes people need to replace tires or solve the other problems underneath the golf cart. They can easily jack up the golf cart by reading our easy steps that will be written in the below. We try to put some major factors which could be done at that time and people can easily jack up a golf cart.

What is a Jack Up Golf Cart?

This is a common term always used in the vehicle garage while turning up the golf carts or other vehicles. Some people match this term with the lifting cart also. But usually, these both are not the same term. Lifting means one tire or side of the cart is just above the ground, other sides touch the ground as well. Jack up means the whole golf cart actually above the ground. They should ensure that any side does not touch the ground. This is the main difference between jack up and lifting any vehicle as well as golf carts.

So jack up is better than lifting. People can easily solve any problem underneath the golf cart by jacking up it. They can easily find out the issues which cause an error on the golf cart. But at the same time by lifting they cannot do this easily.

What Tools do you need to Jack up a Golf Cart?

Doing this job people should be more concerned while jacking up the golf cart. They just need some most necessary components for jacking up the golf cart. They usually need:-

  • Safety jacket: This is your first and foremost safety kit while jacking up any vehicles or golf carts.
  • Proper jack: This is most important to turn up the golf cart. Without a proper jack, your jack stand would not be placed perfectly. So you should ensure a proper jack you have to do this task.
  • Jack stand: This helps to rise up the golf cart exactly from the ground. Using a strong, high quality jack stand people can easily jack up the golf cart and hold it perfectly without damaging the cart.
  • A floor mate: Most of the time people need to lay down on the ground to fix the problems underneath the golf cart. So for this time, they must need a floor mate. It can increase the stability too while doing this job.
  • Chock: This is used for avoiding wheel moves while jacking up the golf cart. Using this chock you can block or fix the wheel of the golf cart easily. So you should have a chock also for blocking the wheels perfectly.
Jack Up Golf Cart

Jack Up Golf Cart

How to Jack Up a Golf Cart?

If people follow some steps that are really worked perfectly, then they can able to jack up the golf cart for replacing the tires. We put some major steps so that they can do this job easily and manually ensuring safety also.


First, you should gather all types of equipment to jack up the golf cart. We have already mentioned briefly which components you need first before starting this task. So people should gather these all components.


They must keep their golf cart on any park side or they can put their golf cart in their garage too. Now they should have engaged the parking brake. Otherwise, it will cause more injury if the wheels will roll on.

Sometimes people do not find the parking brake to lock the wheel. They can check this parking brake under the driver's seat. It should be engaged before jacking up the golf cart.


This step is one of the most important steps. People should aware of this step while jacking up the golf cart. In this step, they should turn off the power button of the golf carts. Otherwise, this will cause very serious accidents.

If the power switch is on, then people try to jack up to solve the problems of the golf cart, they can affect by the electric shots or some other serious accidents. So keep in mind this step to turn off the power button.


After jacking up the golf cart, people should ensure its wheel is blocked. So to do this they can use a chock for blocking the wheel so that it will not move. A chock helps to keep stable everything while jacking or lifting up the golf cart.

They can put the chock before the rear wheels. Then they can easily do any tasks under the golf cart without any troubles. This chock will prevent the golf cart from rolling while they are working on it.

There are so many types of chock in the market such as rubber and also other materials etc. They can also use a block of wood instead of using this chock. But to ensure safety a high quality chock is better than any kind of block of woods.


After completing the above steps properly now they should do this seriously. They just need a rail to locate the frame under the golf cart. This is also ensured their safety.

This frame rail should locate the perfect place under the golf cart Lift Kit. Sometimes they do not find the perfect place under the golf cart. So they do this job carefully. The location may vary depending on their models.

Using this rail frame can handle the weight and more pressure of the golf cart properly. They should use a strong enough rail frame.


Now, the golf cart is ready to lift off the ground. People also do this step very carefully otherwise it will cause badly damage to the golf carts.

They can slide the jack in under the golf cart to raise it above from the ground. They should do this lifting or jacking up the golf cart very slowly. They must make sure that the golf cart is not moving at all. It should be more stable while jacking up and should stay firmly in place. They should jack up to high enough.


After lifting the jack now they should put the jack stand under the golf cart perfectly. They can do it very randomly. It is a very easy step to place the jack stands at the right point. They can simply lay under the golf cart and set up the jack stand carefully to the right spot.

Now they can do their job properly as like replacing the tires or other problems underneath the golf cart.


At the final step, they should adjust the jack after replacing all tires and move it to the other areas if they need it. When they complete all works on their carts, they can turn the lower of the cart using a lift. They should remove the jack stand also from the underneath of the golf carts.

Now remove the chocks also while placing the tires on the ground. Finally, turn on the power again and check with a test drive.

Final Thoughts

If people do not know how to jack up a golf cart, it will affect their costs while doing this job by another mechanical person. So people should learn the process and major steps to do this manually. Sometimes they need to jack up a golf cart in any deep alone roads. So they should follow this article for learning some key points to jack up a golf cart perfectly. It is not quite difficult to do manually if anyone follows these steps properly. They should concern about their safety first while jacking up any golf cart.

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