How to grip a golf club Hank Haney

How to Grip a Golf Club Hank Haney?

To have a perfect swing the first thing one must know I how to hold the club properly. It is called that knowing the basics of holding the club perfectly is the key to have a perfect swing as the hands are the only body parts that contact the club.

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How to Grip a Golf Club Hank Haney?

Different players hold the club in different ways. But one of the best grips to grab the golf club perfectly is the Hank Haney grip. According to Hank Haney, if one gets the grip correctly then they will have a better chance of hitting the ball more straight. We can see that many players mostly newbie golfers cannot control their golf ball flight. Therefore today we will discuss about how one will be able to grip a golf club Hank Haney.

Steps to Grip a Golf Club Hank Haney

As we know that the clubface is the only thing that gets into contact with the golf ball and it is the only area of the club that determines the direction of the ball and also which direction the ball will swing. If the clubface is off a slight then it will make a huge difference in the ball direction and in the ball swing. So one must make sure that the clubface is in the right position to hit the ball correctly to have a perfectly straight shot. Here are the steps that Hank Haney uses to have a perfect grip over the club.

Step 1- First thing is, always check the grip before heading to the course to play. Always make sure that the grip is the same as the previous day. To check the grip is the same, one can check the grip formation in the mirror each time before heading to the course. Because the grip is the main thing that will make sure the clubface is pointing in the right direction. Therefore always feel the grip to make sure the grip is perfect as the previous day.

Step 2- To have a perfect grip, the first one has to place the club diagonally over left hand palm. Then close the left hand grip and make sure that the thumb and the index finger of the left hand are pinched close together. One will see that there is a V shape between the index finger and the thumb.

Step 3- In this step, one has to position their right hand perfectly so that they will have a perfect grip. To place the right hand perfectly, simply make a crease between the middle of the right hand palm over the left hand thumb. Again, make sure that the thumb and the index finger of the right hand are pressed close together so that there is no gap between the fingers and also between the hands.

Step 4- The consistency of the hands is very important for having a perfect grip over the club. It can be seen that most players hold their golf club by grabbing their right hand too further to the grip underneath of the club. It can be the reason that their left hand is a little bit weak. But this is not a good idea. One must make sure that their hands are consistent with each other. Because if one places their right hand too much underneath of the club grip then it will cause their hands to oppose each other while both the hands need to work together. That is why one must make sure that the palms of their hands are always together and the hands are consistent with each other to form a perfect grip.

Step 5- The last thing one must make sure of is that their right forefinger or the index finger should be formed as a triggered slightly. This will ensure that the finger will accept the hit at the time of impact.

Warning- While holding the club one must make sure that their grip is not too tight and not too loose. If the grip is very tight, then while having the swing the clubface will form close and the swing will produce a right to left hook. Also, if one grabs the club too lightly then at the time of impact the club can slip out of their hands which can be very dangerous. Therefore one must have a snug grip over the club. If you want to know Best Golf GPS Under 100$.

How to Grip a Golf Club Hank Haney

How to Grip a Golf Club Hank Haney

Six Steps Approach from Hank Haney to Fix Poor Swing

Having a poor swing in front of others is very annoying and irritating. There are many reasons behind a poor swing. Here are the six important steps by Hank Haney that will fix one’s poor swing.

Step 1- Some people tend to place their body weight on the heel while addressing the golf ball. This is a big issue. Because one must move parallel while having a swing. But placing the weight over the heel will ultimately cause a player to move diagonally at the time of the swing. For this reason, the first thing one must do is to have a perfect stance. For having a perfect stance one must bend over from the waist instead of bending from the knees.

Step 2- The next thing one must make sure of is the backswing. While hitting the ball do not lean on the back foot too much. Simply have more turn on the waist on backswing so that one does not lean on the back foot and keep the weight to the back for long.

Step 3- Having a perfect grip is most important to skip poor swing or swing flaw. To have a perfect grip should follow the grip method of Hank Haney above.

Step 4- The takeaway should be more diagonal by moving the hips and the arms at the same time.

Step 5- The next thing is that one must swing as if they are trying to hit the ball to the right field.

Step 6- One must make sure to have a perfectly positioned clubface. Some people seem to have the clubface more open which can make a big difference at the swing. Also, having an open face club can change the direction of the swing. Therefore, one must practice keeping the clubface more closed at the time of the swing.

Who is Hank Haney?

The professional instructor Hank Haney is an American. Hank Haney is a PGA professional. Also, he is known for his coaching at Tiger Woods. Hank Haney is the owner of four teaching facilities in Dallas Texas. He operates all of these 4 facilities. However, Hank is also very famous for his golf club gripping technique which is very effective to cope with poor swings and have more straight swings.

Final Words

Holding the golf club perfectly is the first thing to have perfect swings. To hold the club one must know about the fundamentals. That is why in this article, we have shown the way of grabbing a golf club in Hank Haney grabbing method. We have tried to describe the method in simple words so that one can easily understand it. Also, we have shown six steps that will help both beginners and advanced golfers to recover their poor swing.

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