12 Volts From 48-volt

How to Get 12 Volts From a 48-Volt Golf Cart?

Golf is an expensive game. All the accessories in golf will cost a lot of money. From the club to the cart, everything is expensive in this game. The most expensive accessory in golf is the golf carts. But some golf carts do not seem to be worthy of the money. These carts are pretty boring. They just carry the golfers from one place to another.

But we golfers like to have some extra features to make the game more enjoyable and relaxing. Therefore golfer can modify their golf carts with a little bit of creativity. One can add extra accessories to the cart like lights, fans, speakers, and many more by DIY. To access other accessories, one must reduce the voltage of the battery. Therefore many people ask how to get 12 volts from a 48-volt golf cart. Today we will discuss a way that will help a golfer to reduce the 48 voltage to 12, which can be used for many purposes.

How to Get 12 Volts From a 48-Volt Golf Cart?

Type of Golf Carts

Basically, there are two types of golf carts. One is gas produced, and the other one is electricity produced. Both of the types need batteries to start the motor, to power up the light, and for the horn. But the difference between these carts is the number of batteries. A gas-produced golf cart needs only one battery to access the motor and to access all other accessories. On the other hand, an electric cart needs 6 batteries to process.

The voltage of a gas produce golf cart battery is 12 volts, where the electric-powered golf carts need 48 volts to process. As the voltage of a gas-powered cart battery is already 12 therefore we will not talk about the gas-powered cart battery here. We will tell you how you will get 12 volts from a 48 volt electric golf cart.

Two Ways to Get 12 Volts From a 48 Volt Golf Cart

For those persons who are familiar with DIY, the process will be very simple. However, a regular person also can do the task pretty easily. To complete this process one will need some accessories and a little bit of electric knowledge. Basically, a 48 volt golf cart 6 batteries golf cart voltage is divided into 6 parts. Each battery will contain 8 volts. One has to keep in mind this term while engaging with the process.

Here we will show you two ways to get 12 volts from 48 volt golf cart. Both the ways are very easy. So without wasting any more, let us start with the process.

With the Help of a Terminal Connector

To have 12 volts from a 48 volt cart with the help of a terminal connector one will need some accessories. These accessories are:

  • Voltmeter.
  • 2 core insulated wire.
  • Terminal connectors.
  • Wrench and Screwdriver.
  • A single-pole switch.

Step 1- Before starting with the process, first of all, open the cover where the battery is situated. Then look for the number of batteries. As we said before, typically electric golf cart contains 6 batteries. However, if the number of the battery is less than 6, then do not worry.

Step 2- After knowing the number of the batteries then one has to know the voltage of the batteries. Basically, the details of the voltage will be written on the body of the battery. However, if you fail to find the number of the voltage then use the voltmeter. A voltmeter is also known as a multimeter.

Step 3- As we said before, if there are 6 batteries, then each of the batteries will contain 8 volts. But there can be more or less than 6. For both situations, one has to find which two batteries are capable to produce 12 volts together. After finding the suitable two batteries mark those batteries or remember them simply.

Step 4- Now it is time to connect the batteries with the terminal connector with the help of the 2 core insulated wires. Simply connect one wire to the terminals. But while connecting one must make sure that the terminal is not used at the end of the battery chain. Then connect the other core to the opposite polarity terminal of the battery. Then use the wrench or screwdriver to tighten the connection.

Step 5- After step 4, connect the output wire to the accessories where you want the voltage to be used and then install the switch with the positive wire and attach the ends to the sides of the single pole.

Following these steps, one will be able to get 12 volts out of the 48 volt golf cart with ease.

With the Help of a Voltage Reducer

With the help of a voltage reducer, one will be able to do the process pretty easily and effortlessly.

Here are the accessories one will need for this process.

  • Voltmeter
  • Eyelet connectors
  • Wrench and screwdriver
  • Wirecutter.

Step 1: We mentioned above that a typical golf cart contains 6 batteries. If the 48 volt golf cart contains 6 batteries, that means each of the batteries will contain 8 voltages of each. Therefore one does not have to use the voltmeter to count the voltage. Just simply choose two of the suitable batteries to connect the voltage reducer. On the other hand, if the cart contains more or less than 6 batteries, then one must use the voltmeter to get two batteries that can produce 16 voltages.

Here we mentioned getting 16 voltages because almost all the voltage reducers are designed to convert 16 voltages to 12. So it is obvious to check.

Step 2: After finding two of the suitable batteries in step 1, now in the next step, one has to disconnect one of the battery interconnection cables from the terminal. This will disable the interconnection between the batteries by breaking the battery circuit. By doing this, one will reduce the fear of electric shock. While breaking the circuit by disconnecting the cable, make sure not to touch the battery components with a bare hand.

Step 3: Then clean the location where you want to attach the voltage reducer. To clean the location, one can use an alcohol prep pad. Also, make sure to clean the voltage reducer as well. Then simply use a double side adhesive to mount the voltage reducer on the location.

Step 4: There will be a total number of 4 wires in a voltage reducer. Two wires are for input voltage and two for output. The input wires are red and black in color, and the output wire will be yellow and black. This step is to recognize the wires to connect with the input wires to the batteries and to connect the output wires to the accessories properly.

Step 5- Now it is time for the connection between the batteries and the voltage reducer.

To connect the reducer to the batteries first attach two eyelets connector to the input wires. Tight the eyelets up perfectly so that they do not get off from minimal movements. Then with the help of a wrench, remove the bolt from the positive battery terminal and mount the red eyelets there. Do the same thing to connect the black wire to the negative battery terminal. Attach the bolts with the help of the wrench. There goes the input connection.

For connecting the voltage reducer to the accessories like lights, attach the yellow output wire of the reducer to the red wire of the light kit or other accessory kits. Then attach the black wire of the reducer to the black wire of the accessory kit.

Step 6- After that bind all the wires with the help of a plastic or rubber band to secure the wires.

Both the above described methods are very easy. But while applying any of the methods, make sure to take safety first. Batteries contain chemicals inside them. This chemical is harmful to the skin and to the eyes. So make sure to wear safety goggles and to wear safety clothes. Also, do not touch any exposed wires bare hands as one can get shocked from the open wires. Also, do not use any metallic accessories to touch the battery wires. Always break the circuit first.

How do you Hook Up a 12 Volt Radio to a 48 Volt Golf Cart?

To hook up a 12 volt radio to a 48 volt golf cart, one has to first open the cover of the cart to find the golf cart 12 volt battery. After finding the 12 volt battery, simply connect the negative wire of the converter to the negative wire of the battery and connect the positive wire of the converter to the positive wire of the battery terminal. This process is easy as a pie.

However, if your cart does not contain any 12 volt battery, then follow any of the above methods to connect the radio with ease.


Having a radio or a speaker in the golf cart is pretty amusing. But the affordable battery produce carts do not come with any of these. Therefore, today we have come with this article. This article will help one to attach any accessories to the cart by reducing voltage. The process needs to be followed carefully. Also, one can add lighting to the road permit battery-powered golf carts.

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